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Media kit eventgate

  1. 1. “We have championed the breadth of event coverage on the web to create the first and largest digital gateway that acts as an essential social media hub for event sharing.”
  2. 2. Social Media on the Rise!
  3. 3. 56% of companies are using off-site social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) 23% are using on site social media (blogs, forums, reviews and ratings) Source: MENA Digital Consultancy Report by eConsultancy Social Media has become a strong media for marketing and promotions in EGYPT
  4. 4. And while people were socializing in REAL LIFE …
  5. 5. They are now Socializing in their DIGITAL LIFE
  6. 6. Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter have paved the way for what so called “Specialized Social Networks”
  7. 7. What is
  9. 9. A complete solution to promote events, process RSVPs, post photos and videos and keep connected and networked
  10. 10. Fully integrated with the largest social networks such as facebook, twitter and google+
  11. 11. Attractive and unique push content: Photos – Videos – Articles – Reviews…
  12. 12. is the first and only Social Media hub for events.
  13. 13. Whom are we targeting?
  14. 14. They are young, Social & outgoing Active on social networks!
  15. 15. PR Agencies & Event Promoters
  16. 16. Corporates & Brands with PR activities and CSR projects that actively hold events, create brand activations and social media networking
  17. 17. +5 Mn monthly visitors 250K – 500K visitors per day Optimized Search: in top ten search results for the keyword ‘events” +300K fans on Facebook +10K followers on Twitter In six months we aim to reach…
  18. 18. Our User Acquisition Strategy Online and Offline PR Campaign Online Advertising Campaign TV Coverage and media mentions POPs in large retailers & shopping areas Big launch event; all key players invited Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Merchandise and giveaways Mobile media linkage Event sponsorships Viral teaser videos
  19. 19. Features: Events Calendar Interactive, updated and user generated My eventgate User network of friends and corporates, events sharing, events management, photo and video sharing, social interaction, messaging.. Corporate Gate An organization’s micro-site for events Buzz Gate Articles, features, reviews, editorials Don’t Miss it! Special offers
  20. 20. Features: Polls and competitions Interactive map to locate events My Photo Diary Application Monthly Newsletter Filter searches
  21. 21. Grasp the potential of for your business
  22. 22. is your Micro Social Site
  23. 23. > Corporate Page Your Page looks like this
  24. 24. You get your own corporate domain > Corporate Page
  25. 25. > Event Page Your event page looks like this
  26. 26. Users can RSVP to your event Event info goes here > Event Page
  27. 27. Event photos, videos and polls! Event attendees featured here Event description goes here > Event Page
  28. 28. Users can locate your event through Google map Users can invite friends to your event You can link users to your destination page from here > Event Page
  29. 29. Your upcoming events are highlighted on your page! > Corporate Page
  30. 30. You top events featured here! > Corporate Page
  31. 31. You can push all your latest announcements, offers and news to appear in the feeds of your followers > Corporate Page
  32. 32. > User Feeds
  33. 33. You are alerted with instant messages, notifications and new followers here > Corporate Page
  34. 34. Events Photo Albums > Corporate Page
  35. 35. Your followers can tag photos of your brand, comment on photos and link them to their social networks > Corporate Page
  36. 36. How to manage your content on 1. Create a corporate page. 2. Upload profile picture, add background, contact info..etc. 3. Create events on the page (event name, description, location, profile pic, website..). 4. Invite users to your events. 5. Add photos and videos of events. 6. Update status with latest announcements, news and offers. 7. Add upcoming events. 8. Add top events. 9. Create polls on event albums. 10. Manage followers comments, messages and inquiries.
  37. 37. You create the event and we HYPE it!
  38. 38. All your events will be added to calendar > Home
  39. 39. Your event can be featured in the slider on the homepage > Home
  40. 40. Your event can be fed to users’ through RSS and can appear on their social networks > Home
  41. 41. Your events can appear in our editor’s picks section > Home
  42. 42. Your video can be featured in all pages > right margin of all pages
  43. 43. Your offers and promotions can appear in our ‘Don’t Miss it!’ section > Home
  44. 44. You can create Activations & Competitions on your page to be shared with all your network
  45. 45. Spread your publicity & create the BUZZ
  46. 46. Your Press Releases and news can appear on our BUZZ Gate which appears on the home of all the network users > Home
  47. 47. > Home
  48. 48. Your events can be hyped in monthly newsletter
  49. 49. Your logo appears on Corporate Gate > right margin of all pages Branding on
  50. 50. Your logo appears on all your followers profiles! > User Profile
  51. 51. Your logo appears with all your announcements and events > Feeds
  52. 52. This will result in the always awaited… increased interactions CUSTOMER LOYALTY Quality encounters Deeper relationship Increased trust Increased mindshare Greater value
  53. 53. Go Social!
  54. 54. is Fully integrated with the largest social networks such as facebook, twitter and google+
  55. 55. Users can share your events on other social networks > Corporate Page
  56. 56. Users can share your photos… > Corporate Page > Photos
  57. 57. Users can share your news and Press Releases.. > BUZZ Gate
  58. 58. Users can share your announcements… > Corporate Page
  59. 59. Users can share your page > Corporate Page
  60. 60. on the go!
  61. 61. Have your events and brand promoted on the go on mobile applications for iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Androids