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You can't plan for a future you haven't yet envisioned.

Business Planning

  1. How understanding your “Why”…<br />…can make you better at How you do <br />What you do<br />
  2. The Economy<br />You?<br />
  3. Pressure leads to more action. <br />Pressure<br />Action<br />Action<br />vv<br />Action<br />Action<br />Action<br />Action<br />Action<br />
  4. You don’t need more action.<br />
  5. You need more of the right actions. <br />
  6. Your Why statement can give you focus.<br />
  7. With personal focus, comes the power to motivate others. <br />
  8. Winning teams are focused on the same goal. <br />
  9. We learned about the “Why”<br /> from Simon Sinek* <br />on <br />*Actually, we learned about Simon’s video at a CART training class taught by Edi Osborne at She’s the visionary behind many of the tools and methods we apply. <br />
  10. There’s an 18 minute video <br />full of simple ideas…<br />…that can change the way you think. <br />And the way you act.<br />
  11. Then we read his book. “Start with Why”.<br />Now we give them to people.<br />
  12. Why?<br />Think about it. <br />
  13. Why are you doing this? <br />You could have been… <br />
  14. Why are you doing this? <br />You could have been… <br />A ballerina<br />
  15. Why are you doing this? <br />You could have been… <br />A writer<br />
  16. Why are you doing this? <br />You could have been… <br />A race car driver<br />Or anything else in the world. <br />
  17. But you’re doing this. <br />Why?<br />
  18. Basically, the Why is about understanding your core beliefs. <br />Start there, figure out Why you do what you do.<br />Then look at How and What you do. <br />
  19. Why <br />are a bunch of accountants talking about this? <br />
  20. You might think accountants are just interested in numbers. <br />Net Income $450,000.00<br />Form 1040<br />8,500 cases of 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon in inventory<br />In our case, you are partially right. <br />(Um, actually it’s closer to 32.675% right.) <br />
  21. Because numbers tell a story about your business. <br />We do care about numbers. <br />5 years of profitable growth<br />400 new wine club members added this year<br />96 points from Wine Spectator<br />
  22. But rather than serving as historians, who help you record the details of your story, after the fact…<br />
  23. … we are facilitators, helping you create the<br />future of your dreams. <br />
  24. … we are facilitators, helping you create the<br />future of your dreams. <br />Increase your total profits by selling one more bottle of $60 cab per day.<br />If you discount your wines by 10% you must sell 25% more units at a 50% margin to break even.<br />You can improve your cash flow by $100,000 if you collect one day sooner on each of your outstanding customer accounts.<br />
  25. We can’t<br /> help you create a future …<br />
  26. … you haven’t yet<br />envisioned. <br />
  27. How to get started<br />Watch the Simon Sinek video<br />Share the video with your team<br />Answer the question Why? As a group<br />Capture the company Why<br />Review your marketing message – look out for excessive copy related to your How and What. <br />
  28. Our Why<br />We believe customers have the best answers. So we listen to them.<br />We believe employees have the best ideas. So we trust them.<br />We believe Napa Valley is the best place to work, live and visit. So we work to protect it. We live to enjoy it. We savor the company.<br />
  29. What do you believe?<br />
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