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I did it when I took the course H&CS 204.

I did it when I took the course H&CS 204.

Published in Self Improvement , Technology
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    H&CS 204
    AUTUM 2010
  • 2. GARDENS
  • 3. Château de Versailles
    Versailles, France
    Photograph by Pete Turner/Getty
    The gardens at Versailles are riddled with paths that lead to flower beds, quiet corners, ornamental lakes, and a canal that King Louis used for gondola rides.
  • 4. Japanese gardens calm Alzheimer's patients
    photo by Sam Abell
    Japanese gardens appear to relieve stress and calm people who sit in them, according to researchers who observed the effects of Japanese gardens on Alzheimer's patients.
  • 5. Todd Gipstein/National Geographic Image Collection
    People strolling among flowers of the Sunken Garden, Butchart Gardens
  • 6. Mattias Klum/National Geographic Image Collection
    High angle view of the botanical gardens in Uppsala
  • 7. Mattias Klum/National Geographic Image Collection
    Geometrically trimmed shrubs in a botanical garden.
  • 8. National Geographic Image Collection/James P. Blair
    In the Dry Garden, water is represented symbolically using gravel and sand to create a dried stream bed. The gardeners use special rakes with wide triangular tines to create the graceful designs.
  • 9. Joseph H. Bailey/National Geographic Image Collection
    View of the Rose Garden from the White House.
  • 10. Annie Griffiths Belt/National Geographic Image Collection
    A wedding party gathers for photographs in Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • 11. Taylor S. Kennedy/National Geographic Image Collection
    A garden in the Catherine Palace outside St Petersburg.
  • 12. Scott S. Warren
    Sculpted shrubbery at Longwood Gardens near Kennett Square, southeastern Pennsylvania
  • 14. By Jonathan Blair
    A South African monkey beetle burrows into a Gazania flower. After feeding on plant parts, the beetle emerged with a luxuriant coat of pollen.
  • 15. By Wolcott Henry
    Beautiful pink water lily flowers in bloom.
  • 16. By Vlad Kharitonov
    Close-up of a yellow chrysanthemum.
  • 17. By Todd Gipstein
    Close-up of flowers in a summer garden.
  • 18. By Todd Gipstein
  • 19. By Darlyne Murawski
    Carnivorous pitcher plants.
  • 20. By Richard Nowitz
    Pink Flower in jungle.
  • 21. By Richard Nowitz
    Zinnia flowerConservatory of Flowers
  • 22. By Darlyne Murawski
    Pink datura flowers.
  • 23. ByTodd Gipstein
    Close-up of yellow lily flowers in a summer garden.
  • 24. By Michael Polzia
    A backlit view of dry flowers.
  • 25. By Gina Martin
    Bougainvillea flowers on the balcony of an old building in Taxco. Taxco is an old colonial, silver-mining town. The Federal Government has declared the town a national historical monument.
  • 26. By Gordon Wiltsie
    A field of blooming gorse bushes.
  • 27. By Medford Taylor
    A close view of a pink fragrant water lily.
  • 28. By Karine Aigner
    Geographic Image Collection
  • 29. By Joel Sartore
    A skyward view of coreopsis flowers in a Texas field.
  • 30. By David Evans
    Large lily pads and flowers float in calm water.
  • 31. By Todd Gipstein
    Close-up of cactus bush with blooming white cactus flower.
  • 32. By Michael Melford
    Skunk cabbage in flower.Lysichiton americanum.
  • 33. By Annie Griffiths Belt
    Black eyed susans and gayfeather flowers in a field.
  • 35. By Taylor S. Kennedy
    A view of the Antiquarium in the Residenz Palace in Munich.
  • 36. By Richard Nowitz
    A view of the famous Pallazzo Giardino Giusti, Italys finest Renaissance garden.
  • 37. By Stephen Sharnoff
    View of a covered walkway in a Paris park.
  • 38. By Richard Nowitz
    Statue of an angel on the bridge leading to Castel Sant angelo.
  • 39. By Sisse Brimberg
    The Triton Fountain at the Peterhof. Peterhof, a series of palaces and gardens laid out on the orders of Tsar Peter the Great, is sometimes called the Russian Versailles. It is located about 20 southwest of St. Petersburg, overlooking the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea.
  • 40. By Taylor S. Kennedy
    The entrance to the Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain.Parc Guell was designed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.
  • 41. By Richard Nowitz
    Detail of relief sculpture on a building in Barcelona.
  • 42. By Justin Guariglia
    One of the temples in the Forbidden City
  • 43. By Paul Chesley
    View of Wat Phra Kaeo, Bangkoks most famous religious site. Wat Phra Kaeo is also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  • 44. Justin Guariglia/National Geographic Image Collection
    The Lotus Pool in Shanghai's Yuyuan Garden.
  • 45. Designed by R.J. Wolfe & Sons
  • 47. Designed by Long Ping
  • 48. Designed by Pubing Deng
  • 49. Designed by Weizhong Chen
  • 50. Designed by Dengpu Bing
  • 51. Designed by Pei Sha
  • 52. Designed by Pei Sha
  • 53. Designed by Gong Yang