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Choices powerpoint

  1. 1. Supporting people with developmental disabilities Evelyn Zaya
  2. 2. C Citizens with H Handicaps having the O Opportunity to be I Involved in their C Community with E Effective S Supports
  3. 3.  The CHOICES agency has many locations in the Hamilton / flamboruogh / Dundas / Waterdown Ancaster/Brampton area.  My placement is located at 459 Ofield Rd. South Brampton  Program manager Sarah Meharg, Westfield Day Program Tel: (905) 628-1685 ext. 255  Services individuals with developmental disabilities in the Hamilton, Brampton , Dundas, Flamboruogh, Waterdowm, Ancaster, Brampton
  4. 4. CHOICES is a not-for-profit organization located in Hamilton, Ontario. they support and assist people with developmental disabilities to pursue opportunities to actively participate in their community. CHOICES offers a wide range of community supports which include assisted housing, vocational and life skills training, respite, volunteer opportunities and community integration activities
  5. 5.  Choices offers a wide range of community supports which include:  Westfield day program  Mohawk day program  8 residential homes  supported Independent home programs  Family home programs  Employment training and job opportunities  Vocational and life skills training  Volunteer opportunities  Community integration activities  Abuse training programs
  6. 6.  The Mission of CHOICES is to actively pursue a continuum of service that will enhance the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities, promote social inclusion, and the worth and self- worth of the individuals we support.
  7. 7.  CHOICES is a recognized leader in providing supports and services for people with developmental disabilities including those with behavioral challenges. They ensure that the people they support have opportunities to live and participate in their communities by providing effective individualized supports delivered in an innovative, safe and accountable manner.
  8. 8.  The Mulberry Bush provides retail life skills opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, on both a full and part time basis. The individuals we support make up ¾ of the retail staff at the store, responsible for everything from customer service to merchandising. They arrive each day to open the store, interact with customers, share their product knowledge, help customers make informed purchases, and assist in processing their sales on the point of sale system. This not only helps the four individuals expand their natural communication, social and financial skills, but allows them to learn how to apply these skills in the workforce.
  9. 9.  Expanding on the life skills program that CHOICES runs at Westfield , CHOICES envisions the Mulberry Bush as the perfect retail opportunity; first it provides adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to gain actual retail experience leading to competitive employment and second any profits from the store go back into supporting people with developmental disabilities .  “The intent is to provide educational opportunities in a learning environment that is as normal a setting as possible; and to deliver the message to the public that people with developmental disabilities can and do work productively." Visit the Mulberry Bush at 92 King Street West  Dundas, or call 905-628-7931.
  10. 10.  Westfield Day Program is located in Flamborough and provides meaningful day supports to adults with developmental disabilities who are 18 years of age or older. Westfield is a large program that focuses on skills building, pre-employment opportunities and literacy skills. This day program offers choices to each individual accessing service by highlighting and focusing on their personal and work related goals established during Person Centered Planning.  Hours of support varies for each individual depending on their needs and service options received, (i.e. shelter day program space, Passport to Community funding). Program activities can be through organized in-program activities or community based programs in nearby Waterdown, Dundas and the Hamilton area.
  11. 11.  Pre-Employment program training includes assisting individuals to identify job skills and interests, resume writing, interview skills, job search and some job coaching. Westfield Day Program is able to offer job experience through the donations program, The Mulberry Bush in Dundas, and the lawn care and maintenance program in house. Westfield is very successful with the current work program distributing paper products to other non- profit agencies. This service provides excellent exposure to the individuals we support in regards to job related skills, customer service and satisfaction. The program the HUT help individuals get prepared for employment out in the community.  Westfield Day Program provides a partnership with Hamilton Wentworth District School Board to provide Workplace Literacy. We currently have a teacher on site five days per week.
  12. 12.  Ministry of Community and Social Services  OASIS: Ontario Agencies Supporting Individuals with Special Needs
  13. 13.  CHOICES takes pride in hiring Developmental Services Workers looking for a unique and challenging role as Support Workers. forward your resume by: Email: Fax: (905) 628-6175  Current employment opportunities may also be found on Charity Village
  14. 14.  My main task at this program is to Support, Encourage and Socialize with the students helping them develop their Social skills  Empowering my clients to make their own choices in - Interaction with others - Helping set goals - Build self- confidence and self-esteem  To establish strategies for getting the message of CHOICES and its services to the community.  I support the clients when out in the community interacting  Documentation and research  Redirection
  15. 15. Having my placement at the choices agency helped me realize the much needed support in the developmental disability sector. I am proud and excited to continue with my placement at an agency that cares and assists individuals in making their own choices and give them the right tools to help them be a part of their community and participate in making their world a better place and also advocating and assisting with clients needs.
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