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Web analytics masterclass Howest
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Web analytics masterclass Howest






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    Web analytics masterclass Howest Web analytics masterclass Howest Presentation Transcript

    • Web Analytics AcademyDevine Howest
    • Agenda1. Google Analytics snapshot2. How to set it up3. Visitors4. Traffic sources5. Content6. Filters7. Goals & Funnels8. E-commerce9. Setting your dashboard10. Key take-aways
    • Online en offline software Software ontwikkelingdevelopment op maat. .Net consultancy WebapplicatiesVoor grote en kleineondernemingen. Two to Tango http://www.twototango.be Letterkundestraat 69 Evelien De Mey evelien@twototango.be 2610 Wilrijk
    • 1 What is Google Analytics and why do you need it? Google Analytics snapshot
    • Google Analytics: history 2004 2005 2007-2010-20.. Urchin Google takes over Urchin Enterprise features Paid Free platform Expanding possibilities
    • Google Analytics: a marketing tool Acquisition Online marketing Retention Conversion
    • Google Analytics: How does it work? Javascript code & cookies + - • Business intelligence • No tracking code, no rather than data technical server • Javascript disabled? data No tracking • Cookies deleted? No tracking • A browser is not a person
    • Google Analytics: Pros & cons + - • Statistically • Data ownership relevant but no • Privacy absolutes • No training or • Easy to use support • Free • No data history • Enterprise features • Flash issues • Sufficient for 95% of all websites
    • Google Analytics: What do you do with it? Source: www.kaushik.net Source: www.kaushik.net
    • Source: www.all-funny.info
    • Google Analytics: A means to an endWhere and why do visitors Where do my visitorsabandon my shopping cart? come from? Is my website’s design What do people do scaring people away? on my site?Which marketing initiatives On which keywords doare the most effective? visitors find my site?
    • 2 Getting started How to set it up
    • Google Analytics setup1. Create a Google Account2. Create a Google Analytics account on http://www.google.com/analytics according to the requirements on http://www.google.com/support/analytics
    • Account website profiel w. profiel ua-xxxxx-01 ua-xxxxx-02duplicate profile duplicate profile
    • Account website blogAdWords /nl/
    • Google Analytics setup: tips1. When setting up tracking for a new website, create a new Google Analytics account, not a new profile.2. Paste the code snippet at the bottom of every page, (not necessary with asynchronous code).3. Is every page tagged? Check it on www.sitescanga.com
    • Account accessAccount access levelsStandard accessAdministrator access
    • 3 Navigating Google Analytics Visitors reports
    • VisitorsVisitor Visit Page viewIndividual person Visit or session of Loading of awho visited the a visitor pagewebsiteNumber of utma Runs out after 30 Every request tocookies minutes or when trackPageview browser is closed
    • 24 November 13.37 25 November 12u34
    • 1 visitor visit 1 visit 23 pageviews 2 pageviews
    • Average time on siteTime on siteDifference between first and last page viewCorrelation with pages per visit
    • Bounce rateBounce rateThe percentage of visitors who leave the websiteimmediately from the landing page
    • 20% 30% ≥ 40%
    • Length of visit
    • Analysing visitors from all traffic sources Source: www.kaushik.net
    • Map overlay
    • Browser capabilitiesBrowserScreen coloursScreen resolutionsFlash versionsJava supportIn-page Analytics
    • MobileNot enough? Try a specialised Mobile Analytics tool like: www.percentmobile.com http://analytics.admob.com ...
    • 4 Navigating Google Analytics Traffic sources reports
    • Traffic sources: referral trafficReferral trafficVisitors referred from other sitesOr untagged pages & untagged campaigns
    • Traffic sources: direct trafficDirect trafficVisitors who typed in the url in their browsersOr who bookmarked your site
    • Traffic sources: search enginesSearch enginesVisitors from search enginesPaid and unpaid
    • Traffic sources: mix it up Source: www.kaushik.net
    • Keywords Source: www.kaushik.net
    • Keywords: the long tail
    • 5 Navigating Google Analytics Content
    • Contenttop by contentcontent title drilldownurl based title based directory based
    • Content: top landing pagesCheck bounce rates! Source: www.kaushik.net
    • Content: in-page Analytics
    • Content: site searchSite searchDiscover what your visitors are looking forApply it in the profile settings
    • 6 Managing your data Filters
    • Filters
    • Standard filters3 standard filtersExclude all clicks from a domainExclude all clicks from an IP addressInclude only traffic from a specific subdirectory
    • Custom filtersCustom filters with endless possibilitiesInclude & exclude filtersSearch & replaceAdvanced
    • Filters: tips• ALWAYS create one unfiltered profile• Filters work in the order they were created, so be carefullwith profiles with several filters• Save time by applying existing filters to other profiles• Filters are not retroactive
    • 7 Turning visitors into customers Goals & funnels
    • Make people take action Make a purchase Download price list Subscribe to the newsletter Visit a key page Download a trial Fill out the contact form Time on site Pages per visit ...
    • Improve website succes Design Function Source: www.websitedokter.com
    • GoalsSet your goals in profile settings
    • Goals Source: www.kaushik.net
    • GoalsCompare revenue per traffic source or campaign Source: www.kaushik.net
    • Event trackingDownload of a PDF or fileInteraction with Flash or videosE-mail on-clicksFor further reference:http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/tracking/eventTrackerGuide.html
    • Conversion OR
    • Analyse funnels & eliminate bottleclecks
    • Setting goalsSet your funnel up inprofile settings
    • Google Website Optimizer www.google.com/websiteoptimizer Source: www.kaushik.net
    • 8 Monetising Google Analytics E-commerce
    • E-commerceIn profile settingsPaste code in the thank-you-for-ordering-page
    • <script type="text/javascript">var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src=" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.jstype=text/javascript%3E%3C/script%3E"));</script><script type="text/javascript">try {var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-xxxxxx-x");pageTracker._trackPageview();pageTracker._addTrans( "1234", // Bestellingnummer “website", // Affiliatie “15.00", // Totaal "1.50", // Belasting “3.50", // Verzendingskosten "San Jose", // Stad "California", // Staat "USA" // Land);pageTracker._addItem( "1234", //Bestellingnummer “14ml33t", // Productnummer “X-Factor“, // Productnaam “Herenschoenen", // Categorie "10.00", // Prijs "1" // Hoeveelheid);pageTracker._trackTrans();} catch(err) {} </script>
    • Index valueFind out which content is making you money Source: www.kaushik.net
    • 9 Using Google Analytics every day Setting your dashboard
    • Standard dashboard
    • Customise the standard report
    • Time settings
    • Annotations
    • Segmentation
    • Exporting & e-mailing reports
    • Analytics and Flashhttp://code.google.com/p/gaforflash/
    • 10 Key take aways Literature
    • 10 Key take-aways1. Check the website. Make notes on your customer experience and bottlenecks.2. Check the traffic sources to find out which marketing initiatives are making you money3. Check the visitors loyalty & recency to assess how long visitors orbit your website.4. Check the Top landing pages report and In-Page Analytics to find out where visitors go wrong.5. Check the keywords.6. Check bounce rates of important pages.7. Check goals & funnels in relation to traffic sources8. Set KPIs per website and put that data into your dashboard.9. Filter out your own IP-address.10. Keep 1 profile with raw data.
    • Some light readingWeb Analytics 2.0 (Avinash Kaushik)Web Analytics an hour a day (Avinash Kaushik)
    • Questions? Evelien De MeyReach us on evelien@twototango.bewww.twototango.be www.twitter.com/evillien evillien be.linkedin.com/in/eveliendemey eveliendemey