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Textual research 1

  1. 1. Textual research 1 Eve Kingston
  2. 2. The silent house (2012) trailerI think this trailer would be enjoyable to create as it would be simple to find locations tobe used to film in and create appropriate, effective shots. It begins by not introducing theaudience to the characters but showing them shots and giving them a glimpse into thestoryline through the voiceover that it begins with. After showing a few clips of thecomplicating action in medias-res, the equilibrium begins. We only see a short section ofequilibrium before we see clips of the complicating action and the state of disequilibriumbegins. We are unaware as to what is happening but we can see that the protagonist in ina lot of stress and is in a vulnerable position. This creates tension and makes the audienceworried and want to find out what happens next. Also the way only a small amount ofspeech is used creates a sense of worry and concern for the audience as we can only heareerie background music and sounds. In this trailer it is clear who the protagonist is, butwe are unable to see the antagonist which gives us a sense of fear of the unknown as wecannot see who and what is causing the disequilibrium. During the middle of the trailer atone point all sound stops and then suddenly begins again which would shock theaudience at the same time as the protagonist suddenly realises she is in a vulnerableposition again and panics.
  3. 3. Locations and camera shotsThe locations in this film trailer are mainly during the night or in the dark to fit the moodand genre of the film. This means in a lot of shots we are only able to see the charactersfaces or what they are looking at which can create a stereotypically ‘scary’ atmosphere andfeel for the audience. Also, a lot of the locations are very empty and lonely which maysuggest a theme in the film. When the trailer is showing the shots while in a state ofequilibrium, the shots are during the day, therefore, the audience would be unaware thatthe complicating action was about to occur. The dark, stereotypically spooky house locationscares the audience and instantly makes them aware that sometime is not right.The camera shots in this trailer are very fast pace and change very quickly to the next clip.The fast pace camera movement and fast pace action in the shots give a sense ofimportance and panic for the audience. Also sometimes the camera angles are altered sowe are not able to see exactly what is happening in the shot. This makes the audience wantto see more and know exactly what is happening. Towards the start of the trailer there is ashot of a house which is stereotypically scary and a horror movie feature.
  4. 4. Mise-en-sceneThe costumes in this trailer are very simple and normal clothes, this is because the themeof this film isn’t exaggerated and unrealistic. This makes the film a lot more horrific forsome people as it is realistic people in frightening situations. There are very few charactersin this trailer and only one main character that appears through most of the shots. I thinkthis is effective as if there were lots of characters involved it would take away some of theeffect of the silent and empty moments in the eerie clips. Blood is used as well as certainprops like lanterns as the protagonist walks round in her vulnerable state. Alsostereotypically weapons are used such as a knife for the protagonist to protect herself.
  5. 5. SoundThere is very little speech in this film trailer which has a positive effect as very littlesound gives it a scary feel and makes the audience focus more on the camera shotsand what action is going on rather than what the characters are saying. Themovement of the characters and the fast pace changes between camera shots ismuch more important than speech in this film trailer. The sound and music in thebackground changes according to whether the action is in a state of equilibrium ordisequilibrium. The music adds to the effect and lets the audience know when themood of the action is about to change. In one part of the trailer the sound completelystops for a few seconds which alarms the audience and lets them know thatsomething bad is about to happen. When the sudden burst of noise beginsunexpectedly the audience are shocked and begin to focus more deeply on thecomplicating action that is occurring.