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Battleship powerpoint

Battleship powerpoint






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    Battleship powerpoint Battleship powerpoint Presentation Transcript

    • Battleship Marketing Eve Kingston
    • “We no longer simply consume marketingcampaigns, we’ve become active participants in them, ascan be seen in the recent trend in transmedia storytelling.Today, the movie released in cinemas is just one part of awider narrative jigsaw that stretches beyond the confines of the theatre and across other forms of media.”
    • Film trailersFilm trailers are common ways of advertising a film on TV, they are 1-2 minuteglimpses of a film including a series of selected shots from the film that wouldinterest the audience, make them want to go and see the film but not give too muchaway. Usually the most funny, exciting or scary moments of the film are chosen tofeature in the film trailer so the audience are instantly drawn in and attracted to thefilm. This could be to do with occurrences in the films storyline, but it could also bebecause a certain actor they like is in the film. Trailers are one of the most importantand widely noticed methods of advertising a film as they are on TV and can be seenon YouTube, they can make even a poor film look good to an audience. A mainfeature of a trailer that attracts an audience is the music in the background as it fitsthe theme of the film and is often very dramatic and memorable so when theaudience next hear that piece of music they would instantly think of the film and bereminded of it. Film trailers for big movies are usually released between 6 monthsand a year before the film comes out at the cinema and more and more details areadded to the trailers as the months go by to add suspense and give the audiencemore cheeky hints to make them want to find out more. Trailers are also often seenbefore films are brought out on DVD for the benefit of people who haven’t seen thatfilm in the cinema like others may have.
    • These are the people that are involved in the creation of Battleship and other details about it’s release etc. Directed by Peter Berg Produced by: -Peter Berg -Brian Goldner -Duncan Henderson -Bennett Schneir -Scott Stuber Written by Jon Hoeber &Erich Hoeber Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano Music by Steve Jablonsky Cinematography Tobias A. Schliessler Editing by Colby Parker Jr. Billy Rich Studio Hasbro Bluegrass Films Film 44 Distributed by Universal Pictures Release date(s) April 11, 2012 (2012-04-11) (International) May 18, 2012 (2012-05-18) (United States,Canada) Running time: 131 minutes Country United States Language: English Budget: $200 million Box office: $58 million
    • Methods of advertisingCompanies use lots of different methods of advertising so a wide range of people ofall ages and stereotypes see the film trailers and posters. This is because any genre offilm could appeal to any person. A modern way of advertising a film is via Facebookgroups and the internet. While someone is flicking through Facebook or another socialnetwork site such as twitter then they may come across fan pages or people talkingabout a film that is due to be released. They then may go onto the page and readabout it, this would enable them to find out information such as who is in the film andwhat it is about so they would be able to make a decision about whether they wantedto go and see it. Another advertising method is the TV, while people are watching TV,they can be drawn to adverts about films due to the dramatic music and the actorsthat may star in the film. This is one of the main ways of advertising for a film. Postersand magazine adverts are also a common way of advertising for a film as a widevariety of people read magazines, go to the cinema and stand in bus stops where theyare able to take the time to look at the poster or advert and find out who is in the filmand what it is about. If an audience member sees a teaser trailer on the televisionthen they may have been attracted to the film and decide to go on YouTube and lookfor more trailers to find out some more about the film before going to the cinema towatch it. Another way of advertising via a film trailer would be during the advertsbefore another movie begins in the cinema. This would mean that current film loverswould be able to see a short glimpse of the film before watching another one.
    • These are some of the different posters to advertise the film Battleship.
    • PostersThere are many different posters that advertise films. They vary the images on the front asdifferent audience members will be interested in different aspects of the film such ascertain characters such as Rihanna in this film as a lot of males are interested in herbecause she is very attractive and females may see her as a role model. In the battleshipposters I have looked at, I have noticed the differences between them are very small. Thecolours and fonts are the same as the posters have to be consistent so the audience canrecognise them and what film they belong to. In each of the posters the font is white andthe backgrounds use colours such as black, dark blue and hints of white. Another similaritybetween each of the posters is the posture and facial expression of the actors on the frontas the all express the emotion and theme of the film with very serious looked on theirfaces. Main points such as names, dates when the film is released and producers are onthe posters as these features would appeal to people as they may take an interest in theactors starring in the film or the producer that created it. These posters would be put indifferent places such as bus stops, cinemas, train stations and sides of buses. Also, posterslike the examples I have given will be in a variety of magazines such as film magazines andgossip magazines. Advertising in a wide range of places would mean that lots of peoplehave the opportunity to see the posters and take an interest.
    • ConclusionAdvertising is a very positive thing when it comes to promoting a new film. Thecolours, fonts and music used suggests what the genre is as film companies use coloursand fonts that would appeal to the target audience of that type of film. These featuresalso suggest what the film is about, for example in advertisements for battleship, darkcolours such as black and blue are used representing army and sea. Props are oftenused in advertisements such as guns, ships and uniform which would appeal to thetarget audiences interests.