Outstanding CrossFit Workout of the Day and The Wide Range of Benefits


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CrossFit is definitely an intense exercise program presenting dynamic exercises like plyometric advances, and also Olympic lifts while using non-traditional weight training equipment such as kettlbells, sand-bags, suspension systems or perhaps water-filled implements. The program is organised in such a way which participants are questioned to do a particular quantity of repetitions in a workout within a specific time period; the greater innovative CrossFit participants may actually compete against each other to find out how fast they can total the daily exercise and post their own results around the CrossFit internet site.

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Outstanding CrossFit Workout of the Day and The Wide Range of Benefits

  1. 1. In less than two years, Scott Stare learned about CrossFit through his personal trainer, MattIlharreguy, became a CrossFit enthusiast, lost an astounding 158.5 pounds and recently had hisbody fat hydrostatically measured at 12%. Scott is fit, healthy and quickly becoming a fierceCrossFit competitor. Scott’s journey is far from over because he is “only getting started”. I wasencouraged to write this article by Matt and Vanessa, owners of Resolution CrossFit in YorbaLinda. They are both proud of Scott and his accomplishments and hope that Scott’s story willinspire other athletes the way Scott has inspired those of us who know him.The winter months of 2009 were well under way and Christmas was quickly approaching whenScott’s girlfriend, Eunice, was contemplating a Christmas gift for Scott. She hoped her decisionto buy him personal training would secure their relationship by setting their future on the rightcourse. Eunice loved Scott “just the way he was” but her parents and his parents wanted him tobe healthy before considering marriage. It’s not that the families cared about the visual image of26-year-old Scott’s 333-pounds on a 5’9” frame, but they were understandably worried thatEunice would be widowed at a young age and their potential children would be raised fatherless.On Christmas Eve of 2009, Scott received Eunice’s Christmas gift and began a journey that haspeople talking. Whether you believe in destiny or coincidence, being in the right place at the right time is what set Scott’s journey into motion. Worried that Scott might feel uncomfortable in a large gym, Eunice found a small neighborhood gym that offered packages for personal training. She was waiting at the front desk for someone to talk while personal trainer, Matt Ilharreguy, who worked at the gym but was off that day, was doing his own workout. Matt noticed Eunicewaiting for help and realized that nobody else was around to help her so he took a short break,approached Eunice, and ultimately sold her a one-month personal training certificate.Scott began training with Matt immediately and enjoyed the personal instruction enough toresign for a second month. It was during this second month of training that Matt told Scott thathe and his girlfriend, Vanessa Chanez, were opening Resolution CrossFit in Yorba Linda, aspecialty gym for CrossFit Workout of the Day enthusiasts. Matt explained that CrossFit wasnot Boot Camp, not P90X and not Cross Training. Matt encouraged Scott to “try it out”. At thenew BOX, they could work on functional movements with the help of conventional equipment.Unfortunately, Scott had already convinced himself that after two months of training he “knowsit all now and can do it on his own” and that he no longer needs a personal trainer or anyone else
  2. 2. for that matter. Scott declined Matt’s offer to follow him until Eunice persuaded Scott tocontinue with the personal training by trying out a few classes at Resolution CrossFit. Scottagreed to try it and has never looked back.It was in the group classes that I first met Scott. Classes were small when RCF first opened,making it easy to get to know each other on an intimate level. Scott was quiet and I could see hehad a lot of work to do go get in shape. While most of us ran 400 meters as a warm up, Scottwalked 200 meters. He struggled to do push-ups on his knees and it hurt to watch him dojumping pull-ups but he was always 100% driven and always a hard worker. I was inspired wayback then. On one 400-meter run, I was passing Scott and sincerely said, “Way to keep pushingScott”. He said thanks and continued to push day after day. There was determination in his eyesand I couldn’t wait to see what he could do. I was pulling for him and quietly hoping hewouldn’t quit. It didn’t take long for me and everyone at RCF to understand that Scott was not aquitter. What none of us knew at the time was that Scott would shrink drastically in physicalsize while growing abudantly in his ability to inspire all of us, and those to come.When I recently asked Scott what motivated him to stay and battle it out in the early days, he toldme, “Matt and Vanessa. As my trainers they encouraged me to push harder when I worked out.They saw what I could be and encouraged me to see it too”. This wasn’t the first time I stared atScott with my mouth open and had nothing to say. That’s because Scott is on a mission and hasno doubt about where he’s going or where he came from. He’s quietly matter of fact andconfident in his quick and precise answers. When I asked if it bothered him if I asked him morequestions, he simple smiled and said, “No”. I knew he meant what he said and that quiet isn’tthe same as shy.The rest of Scott’s story reads more like an interview. I wanted to know what inspired Scott toget fit, how he changed his lifestyle and what he would say to inquiring minds about how he didit. I couldn’t help but notice how many questions Scott was fielding on a regular basis fromother athletes, so with Matt and Vanessa’s encouragement and Scott’s willingness to open up, weall hope that Scott’s story will inspire you too.M: “How much did you weigh when you came to Resolution CrossFit”?S: “333 pounds”.M: “ How tall are you”?S: “5’9”.M: “In a few months, you’ll have hit your 2-year mark as a CrossFit convert. How much do youcurrently weight”? (Scott recently participated in a hydrostatic body fat weigh in at RCF).S: “174.5 pounds and I’m down to 14.4% body fat” (-158.5 pounds).M: “What was on your mind when you chose CrossFit as your fitness routine”?
  3. 3. S: “I could visualize myself being who I wanted to be but I couldn’t do it on my own. I neededencouragement and accountability. While Eunice encouraged me, she didn’t always hold meaccountable. (Now smiling) If I didn’t want to work out, Eunice wanted me to be happy andwould tell me not to go. At RCF, I felt like part of a family and stopped looking at working outas a chore. I knew that if I didn’t show up or didn’t push hard, someone would ask me where Iwas, ask me if I was okay and even track me down on Facebook”.M: “Scott, if we can agree that your previous weight was in direct correlation with your previouslifestyle, what is it that’s different about your new lifestyle in direct correlation to your newweight?S: “When I was heavy, my friends accepted me the way I was. While it felt good to know that,looking back I feel like that enabled my unhealthy lifestyle. My CrossFit friends also accept methe way I am but always encourage me to do better, accept but not enable. When it comes tofood, I wouldn’t say that I’ve transformed into a “Food Nazi” but use portion control as myguide. I used to think that I was done eating when I was stuffed and that was the only way to eat.Changing a lifetime of binge eating to portion controlled meals, was “hard as hell”, for the firstsix months because I was constantly hungry. I still like to reward myself with dark chocolatepeanut M & M’s, in moderation”.M: “What about body image? How did you see yourself then compared to now”?“I didn’t like the way I looked and I didn’t like seeing the large numbers on my clothing tags. Iused to think, ‘Nice, I get to put these gigantic pants on again today’. The final straw came theday they moved my office at work to an upstairs space. I climbed the small staircase to get tomy desk and when I got to the top I was out of breath. I discovered that I was now about to startevery workday out of breath at the top of the stairs. That realization forced me to start thinkingabout other things that bothered me about my size like knowing my only option for clothes wasshopping at the Big and Tall stores. Sometimes I forget how much weight I’ve lost, until I walkpast a glass door or window and I’m thinking big but seeing small”.M: “You look fantastic. Not only have you lost an incredible amount of weight and body fat,you are fit and look happy. In what ways has getting healthy benefited you the most and whatlifestyle changes have you made”?S: (smiling) “I get to wear popular brands of clothes that never fit me before, like Quicksilverand Vans and I can shop at normal everyday stores. Big and Tall shops are now a thing of thepast. I have learned enjoy healthier foods that I used to try and avoid such as salads, veggies,fish and Korean food. I made the choice to cut soda completely from my diet. As a result of thechanges I made I’m happier and I don’t have trouble climbing the stairs at work. Eunice has eventold me that her family is very impressed with both my health and my ability to preserverthrough a very trying time. I feel good about myself and feel motivated to work out and eathealthy every day.M: “I know that people ask you how you did it and compliment you all the time. What do youtell them?
  4. 4. S: “When people say, ‘Wow, you’ve lost so much weight!’ I feel happy but at the same time Ifeel a little awkward, I don’t know how to handle it. I’m somewhat socially awkward and I amnot a huge fan of being the center of attention. I didn’t set out to do this for the praise; I justwanted to be a better me. Don’t get me wrong, the compliments are nice and do make me feelgood.”**I have had the pleasure of knowing Scott since he joined Resolution CrossFit. Although helooks entirely different physically and is happier and more outgoing, he hasn’t changed at allwhen it comes to being humble and kind.M: “You are often told that you’re an inspiration and asked how you did it. Many people aremoved emotionally when they talk about you, myself included. What advice do you have forthose who have tried “everything” and are still searching for ways to get fit and healthy”?S: “When people tell me that I am their inspiration I feel nervous and responsible for theirsuccess. I feel like if they fail I will somehow be responsible. Maybe I didn’t inspire themenough. I never set out to go this far, I just started on a journey and I’m enjoying the sceneryand benefits along the way. I guess I would say that everyone needs to begin their own journey,for themselves, and nobody else. I began my journey to lose weight so I could marry Eunice butthat’s not what kept me going. I was lucky that I found CrossFit. It changed everything for me.I found coaches who encouraged me every day but held me accountable too. I found otherathletes who cared that I showed up and were happy for me. If I ate poorly, my workoutssuffered. My journey became one where one hand fed the other. In order to have a goodworkout, I had to eat responsibly. CrossFit led me to the right path and I like where it has takenme. I think I’ll stay here”.**Matt and Vanessa and all of us at Resolution CrossFit remind Scott that he made the choice tochange his lifestyle through his hard work and discipline; he is healthy and looks great!M: “Any other words of wisdom”?S: “Don’t get discouraged. There are days, even weeks when I don’t want to go in. SometimesI weigh in heavier than I want and I don’t want people to see it. But, those are the days whenyou have to go in. When the WOD is difficult, when there’s something you can’t do, when it’stough, those are the most important times to show up. Transformations don’t happen overnight.It never gets easy but it does get less difficult. I think about what Matt and Vanessa told me inthe early days, “I know it sucks but push through it”.Scott is an example of how CrossFit, a good diet, and a lot of motivation can change a person’slife. Rather than comparing and contrasting Scott’s level of fitness, we want to talk about whathe is doing today. Scott Rx’s almost every WOD, he is doing handstand push-ups, chest-to-barpull-ups, and ring dips, name it and Scott is doing it! His accomplishments have not come easy,he comes to CrossFit five to six days a week, and he gives 100% effort everyday, he nevercomplains, we all get sore and have aches here and there, but with Scott you do not hear about it.