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How Ratings + Reviews = Revenue (for plastic surgery practices)
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How Ratings + Reviews = Revenue (for plastic surgery practices)


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What is "reputation management" anyway? Like everything in online marketing, it's constantly changing. Learn how to focus on proactively protecting yourself, and convert more leads and cases with the …

What is "reputation management" anyway? Like everything in online marketing, it's constantly changing. Learn how to focus on proactively protecting yourself, and convert more leads and cases with the marketing features available to you as a member of RealPatientRatings.

Looking for revenue? We’ll show you how to do more with what you've got by using the 3 most important reports on your reporting dashboard, and how to and interpret the data to generate more revenue without spending more money.

Brought to you by the letter R with your RealPatientRatings team
Marie Olesen, April Linden, and Eva Sheie

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • MARIEWelcome everyone, thank you for joining us for today’s webinar.
  • MARIEIntroductionsThanks for joining us, today you will get to hear from two of our team members who you may or may not already know Eva’s going to cover reputation management and April will be walking through how to find revenue with your reports
  • As of today, we have collected …Before we get started we want to thank you all for being part of this amazing effort!
  • As of today, we have collected …Before we get started we want to thank you all for being part of this amazing effort!
  • MARIEHand off to Eva to talk about what the state of the union is in this very important area of marketing and SEO today
  • If you look up the definition, this is what you’ll find along with a whole bunch of ads proclaiming they can fix your reputation if it’s damaged. I do like some of the definition here, and it’s true that part of reputation management is to decrease the visibility of negative content. I want to first establish what reputation management is NOT, …
  • it is definitely not a secret method of getting bad reviews taken down from the internet. There is no shortcut in getting reviews, and there really isn’t a way to have someone else take care of it for you so you can forget about it. But if you understand which parts of the process actually work and are important, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming part of your marketing planReputation management is not: getting bad reviews taken down, writing fake reviews, having your staff write reviews, paying someone to manage your reputation for you, or getting “trolls” to write reviews. Trolls are internet slang for phony content written to make people mad.Nobody is battered by sales pitches more in this world than plastic surgeons. Knowing what’s important in this emerging territory of the internet can help you discern which services can actually help you and which ones will only cause damage or more work for you in the long term.
  • If you remember one thing from this webinar, and remember it forever, know that your own name and variations of it, will ALWAYS be your top keyword. It would be unusual for another keyword or a procedure term to be getting more traction than your own name.What does that look like? If you have access to your Google Analytics, you can easily filter by your name and see what percentage of your web visitors find you by name
  • I have two examples here, Large market, small market, solo or group, you can expect your name to be your top keyword from now until the end of time. I’ve been studying patient behavior online for over ten years… (describe exp)Side note, if you are wondering why the #1 keyword is not provided, back in October 2011, Google changed the way it harvests data from search to protect users’ privacy.If a user is logged into a Google product (such as Gmail or any Google Account) when searching, their search is conducted over SSL. As such, the referral data relating to that search is hidden. Regardless of what’s missing, you can safely assume is that if your date range is long enough to get you a lot of data, like in this example it’s set for 1 year, the other top 9 keywords will represent what’s happening accurately enough for you to know what’s going on.
  • Since Google started collecting the data in 2006, you can see the demand for reviews grow like crazyThis report is from Google Trends, which shows global interest for any term you want to look at.
  • What’s so startling is the growth in interest this year over last yearThis study just came out from Bright Local, an SEO company that focuses solely on local search. They write an authoritative blog about local business SEO and have conducted this study for three years now. This year, there were 2100 respondents and 14 questions asked. I will send the link in our follow up email so you can read the whole study and it’s a good one!32% of consumers now go online to read reviews of doctors and dentists, second only to those who read others’ reviews of restaurants — and more than the other 17 categories investigated. More importantly, the percentage of people who said they read reviews of doctors and dentists was up from 21% the year before, a jump of 52%.
  • Let’s go a little deeper…Aquestion we have all asked ourselves at some point is how many reviews do people read? Is it 10? Is it 20? Is it ALL of them? Brightlocal determined that most people develop an opinion about what they are going to do in 10 or lessAnd even more interesting,
  • The number of reviews that they need to read continues to declineThe number they need to read to form their opinion has gone down every year that they have done the study, which suggests that readers are more trusting of what they are seeing onlineI believe that the other important detail here is HOW RECENTLY the reviews were written. If you have 10 reviews but they’re all from 2010, they won’t be taken as seriously as if they were posted over the last month or two.
  • And if you look specifically at the aesthetic consumer, 96% report that reviews are either important or VERY important to them when choosing a doctorSo, the Bright local study concluded from their findings that…
  • And we concur, because our data supports their findings too.
  • What should this all mean to you? Knowing that we all have limited energy, time, and dollars, relying on data to choose a path forward Is going to be the most economical and efficient way to grow your practice. Where this gets really exciting is that we now know from OUR data (that you all helped us gather) that conversions increase both on the web and in the office when experiences are managed a specific way and patients needs are met at the right time.
  • So here’s what we know… that this content is extremely powerful Share the acutal numbers
  • So, in case you missed it, Forbes printed a fantastic article last week called “Is Online Reputation Management Worth the Money?” They had 4 perfect tips and we added one more, soHere are the 5 most important things you need to do to protect your reputation. (Read the 5 steps)
  • Of course this is what it all comes down to, providing a great product and great customer service.
  • Very easy, takes a minute or two. Tell the Alerts program what you want to see and it will email you at the frequency you choose. Put your name in and any common misspellings of your name, and your business name. I recommend that you set it to Once a Day or Once a week or you’ll get too many.
  • What you need to consider here is that these profiles will be much stronger just by the nature of what they are – than some less credible site that is using your name to get traffic for itself
  • Only a handful of the review and directory websites out there will create a page specifically for your business name – Yelp and Citysearch will do this, but to our knowledge none of the medical review sites categorize you by both your name and your business name.Marie, can you tell us a little about the unique challenges of marketing a group online?
  • With all of these content marketing tools, there is so much you can do. Here are just a few ideas… (read the ideas)If you have any other creative uses for this content, please share them with us so we can add them to the list!Now I’m going to ask Marie to continue with tip 4 and tip 5, Marie can you talk about the importance of establishing accurate perceptions of your doctors prior to the consult?
  • MARIECan you talk about how you present Lori and have worked your way around some of these challengesNeed several real-world stories here about working around surgeon personalities in order to create positive patient communication tracks
  • MARIEJust like Google Analytics for your website, your SMG dashboard should be your lifeline to what’s going on with your patients. It is the RPR tool built specifically to help you deliver a great product and great customer service more often by helping you find areas of opportunity.
  • You have a surprising amount of control over what appears on the first page of Google for your name and the amount of work it takes to have an impact there is really very smallOne thing you can’t control but need to think about how to manage if it happens to you is publicity –both wanted and unwanted – MARIEcan you talk about the Lori situation with the stalker guy? Or, discuss other examples of confronting difficult patient situations head on, You are so good at resolving customer service issues. Share some anecdotes!Now if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop! Because…
  • The last thing we want to point out here --- and handling negative reviews is a topic for another webinar, but we want to take this opportunity to remind you that if something negative does appear, don’t click on it, don’t send it out for others to click on it, don’t react without a plan.All you’re doing is telling Google that it’s interesting. Anything you do to interact with negative content online will only make it stronger, so think and act very carefully if and when this happens to you.
  • Before we move in to Part Two, here are links to some very good reading on reputation management. We’ll send these out too, so don’t worry about writing them down or trying to catch them right now.Let me introduce April Linden, our director of business services, who is absolutely amazing at getting to the heart of the reports and helping practices figure out solutions
  • Are you looking for change in the sofa while wearing a sequined beret?
  • With over 1 million responses, there is huge span of data to evaluate and it can sometimes be overwhelming to look at. So we want to help you prioritize and understand how to spot the minnows from the sharks.
  • First, It’s important to know that the default date range on your dashboard will always be 90 days backward from todayOn the left column you will see the top two drivers of satisfaction at consult and surgery with your score compared to the previous 90 days, and your score compared to the entire system
  • In box #1 , you are seeing your current score compared to the last op days.In box #2, the system represents all participating physiciansSo, if you are more than 5 percentage points below the System score in the red, you need to think about what you’re doing here.**April, What kind of questions would you ask a practice if their score was 10 below the system scoreIf you see a giant swing up or down, don’t freak out – there are several explanations for this.It could relate to the previous reporting period having very few survey responses compared to the current period. Have you changed staff?
  • In the full comment report you can also download the comments and get more details about question the patient is responding to.
  • With all of the data to analyze, it is helpful to get a birds eye view of your practice and identify 1 or 2 areas that may benefit from some change. This section of the mini dashboard displays the top satisfaction and loyalty measurements. Keep in mind that even if you are even with the system or better, these scores are displaying your top box. Chances are you may still have patients that are just satisfied. In order to stay competitive and ahead of the curve, you may want to look at a full scale report. This will give you the chance to identify the 1 in 20 patients that you could move to highly satisfied.
  • Full scale will display the breakdown from highly dissatified to highly satisfied.Crosstab will display two or more survey items.Compare will display the % of highly satisfied patients.If you would like to receive the reports via, you can schedule this on the home screen.
  • Click on the email me my favorites buttonChoose the timeframe to have the reports sent – keep in mind the activity level of the practice and our schedule for sending surveys. It is probably sufficient to look at your quick scores on a monthly basis.
  • Everyone can make a difference in the scheduling rates for the practice. It is not just 1 staff member that controls the revenue. With this in mind, I have created a staff and an MD report.
  • The old age is oh so true. You never get a second chance to a make a great first impression. The image of your practice is defined by that first call and how your staff views their responsibility.
  • Navigating the report.The criteria that are being evaluated are displayed at the top . When you are in the reporting website and you hover with your mouse you will see the question that the patient is responding to. In this example, how satisfied are you with friendliness of the staff (a satisfaction question) is being compared to did you schedule your procedure at consultation a yes/no question. There is a legend in the bottom left which indicates 1 is equal to yes and 2 is equal to no.To read and understand what you are looking, start with the overall scheduling rate – 49%. Next look at the criteria on the left. Of the patients that indicated that they were highly satisfied with the friendliness of the staff when making their consultation, 52% scheduled at the consultation. The opportunity the practice has is that when the patients are just satisfied with friendliness of the staff, they are only scheduling at 34%
  • Remember when this is a valuable opportunity to define the impression the patient has of your office.
  • So you have made some changes to the phone process and want to look at the impact this had on satisfaction. Use the easy trend tool option.First choose your date range. How many months would you like to show or choose the date range and pick a star and end date.
  • This shows that the practice over the last 4 months has improved the phone skills of the staff.
  • I generated a comment report for the criteria of reason highly satisfied at consult and surgery, how this procedure changed my life and the single best thing about the procedure. I exported the data and removed “dr.” from mix. Using Worlde, I was able to create the graph above reinforcing the imporntance of listening to your patients.
  • Here is the data to back up this finding. There is a 20% difference in approval rates for reviews when patients feel that you don’t listen. Do you want them to communicate that you listen and hear what they are saying?
  • Using this as a tool, I wanted to see what kind of impact the doctor can have on generating more reviews by improving their listening skills. The data indicates that patients put a high value on feeling as if the doctor really listened to them.
  • When you run the report, this is what the screen will look like. You can change the date range, for instance, if you had a staff change at some point and want to see if the numbers changed based on who was working in your office
  • When you run the report, this is what the screen will look like. You can change the date range, for instance, if you had a staff change at some point and want to see if the numbers changed based on who was working in your office
  • Transcript

    • 1. Reviews + Revenue Brought to you by the letter “R” Wednesday, July 31, 2013
    • 2. Who are we?  Marie Olesen (Founder & customer experience guru)  Eva Sheie (master of the online patient experience)  April Linden (master of the reporting universe)  We love to help practices grow and prosper! RPR
    • 3. Where are we?  Total surveys = 25618  Total consultation surveys = 12165  Total surgical surveys = 13453  Surveys approved for posting = 16271
    • 4. Where are we?  Over 1 million questions answered  Largest study of cosmetic surgery patients ever  2700 consult patients  7200 post-op patients
    • 5. Reputation Management: More than online reviews PART ONE Is this you??
    • 6. What IS reputation management?  “Online reputation management (or monitoring) is the practice of monitoring the Internet reputation of a person, brand or business, with the goal of suppressing negative mentions entirely, or pushing them lower on search engine results pages to decrease their visibility. [It's] the act of monitoring, addressing or mitigating SERPs (search engine result pages) or mentions in online media and Web sphere content.”
    • 7. Reputation Management is NOT  Getting bad reviews removed from the internet  Writing fake reviews for yourself  Having your staff write reviews  Paying someone to “manage” it and then forgetting about it  Encouraging or paying for “trolls”
    • 8. Two Universal Truths of the Internet A major component of good SEO strategy today includes attention to these two areas: 1. Your name will always be your #1 keyword 2. Demand for reviews is growing and will keep growing
    • 9. Truth #1 Your name is your top search term Google Analytics doesn’t track users who are logged in to a Google account 53% of this MD’s top 10 keywords are name-related
    • 10. Truth #2: Demand is exploding *Google Trends
    • 11. *
    • 12. *
    • 13. *
    • 14. And 96% of aesthetic consumers say it’s important *
    • 15. Reviews = Revenue BrightLocal concluded that:  By the time a consumer has started reading reviews they have identified an issue/need they have, worked out what service or product satisfies this need and now want to select a business to use.  The path from reading online reviews to purchasing is short which means it‟s crucial for local businesses to have a positive online reputation so they convert „searchers‟ to customers.
    • 16. We have limited time and resources How do we know that focusing energy and resources on your “reputation” will result in more revenue? Data, of course!
    • 17. Conversions  On your website: When patients read content created by other patients (reviews, thank you cards, patient stories), they complete the Contact Us form 2-8x more often  In the office: Likelihood to schedule surgery increases by 32% when prospects read reviews prior to their consult (compared to receiving no information)  And it just keeps growing! 91% of highly satisfied patients will share their comments online
    • 18. 5 simple steps (4 from Forbes +1 more from RPR) 1. Set up Google Alerts for your name 2. Complete those social media profiles 3. Create a FLOOD of positive content ** 4. Present yourself as you’d prefer to be perceived (are you a scientist? Perfectionist? Friendly? Busy? Worth waiting for?) AND from RPR, the #1 most important review tip…
    • 19. Do great work and deliver great service
    • 20. 1. How to set up a Google Alert  Go to
    • 21. 2. Set up those profiles  Required!! Google+, LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube  Also required:,, state society  Also helpful: Yelp, Citysearch, Foursquare, Pinterest*  Do not engage with sources that are not credible! (If you’ve never heard of it, don’t do it without further research)  Some cool tools that can help  (review monitoring for medicine only, $29 monthly fee)  (Use to do a quick check on all websites)
    • 22. 3. Create a flood of positive content (this is RPR’s specialty!)  Facilitate content marketing to strengthen your web presence  Basic feeds: surgery reviews & consult reviews  Exclusive ASPS integration: show your reviews on if you have an Enhanced profile  Publish directly in your TouchMD system  Display reviews on your iPad or iPhone  (NEW!) Premium feeds: Publish your reviews by procedure or small groups of procedures RPR
    • 23. Special features for Group Practices Up to 25% of your searches will be for your practice name. You need a separate strategy for the group’s reputation!  Practice profiles in the RPR directory  Practice feeds & widgets combine all members of a practice into single features
    • 24. Practice profile
    • 25. neutral neutral neutral
    • 26. What else can I do with all that content?  When confirming consult appointments by text message, include a link to read reviews  Share comments on Facebook or other social media – this is the RIGHT kind of content for social sharing  Dominate searches for reviews by creating new web pages just for specific procedures and title them with keywords, for example “Reviews of Breast Augmentation in Dallas”  Use them in print marketing  Print them out and include them in your photo books
    • 27. 4. Present yourself as you’d prefer to be perceived  Are you a scientist? Artist? Perfectionist? Friend? Let your marketing work with your personality and not against it  Why this can be more difficult for female surgeons  If you share your personality online, or get your staff to prepare patients for your personality, patients will be prepared when they meet you and will not create unrealistic expectations about you
    • 28. 5. Provide a great product and great customer service  Why service systems are valuable and necessary in our practices  Your dashboard reports provide critical patient experience data that you can use to improve service, which helps you find revenue
    • 29. But wait, there’s more!  Your customer service and keeping promises  Having a service recovery plan  Accepting that 100% of patients will not be happy, and that some blemishes actually help you
    • 30. If negatives do arise… Don’t throw fuel on the fire!  Do not click on it  Do not respond  Do not overreact  WAIT!
    • 31. More resources Sign up for the new RPR Premium Feeds or Group Practice Profile  Forbes: Is Online Reputation Management Worth The Money?  management-worth-the-money/ Doctors who ignore online reviews put their reputation on the line  reputations-on-the-line/ BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey 2013  2013/#reputation The Complete Guide to Yelp Reviews: Power to the People! 
    • 32. Find new revenue with your reports PART TWO Is this you??
    • 33. Agenda  Getting on the reporting website  Navigating the website  Using 2 new reports
    • 34. Step 1: How to get in  Go to  Or go to the bottom of any page on Click on MEMBER INFO Click on SMG DASHBOARD LOGIN
    • 35. Step 2: How to read the Dashboard
    • 36. Dashboard
    • 37. Dashboard: Quick overview How am I doing?  Again, the date range will always default to the last 90 days  The metrics shown are 2 of the top drivers of satisfaction in each category #1 #2 #3 #4 The top drivers are featured here to give you a quick look at the most important metrics
    • 38. Dashboard: What are patients saying?  You can see all comments, including those not approved for posting on the web  Hover your mouse over the word More to see the full comment  Click on “Go to All Comments” to enter the full comment report
    • 39. Dashboard: How do I compare?  Default date range is the last 90 days  Categories are the top 5  System Score = all MDs in the RPR system
    • 40. Dashboard: My Favorite Reports  The favorite reports were created by us as a standard set  Consult reports always start with Co- and are listed first at the top, followed by the Surgery reports, which start with Sx-  You can save your own favorites if there are specific areas you want to see  You can schedule the reports to be emailed to you  You can print reports to pdf and export to Excel Takes you into the Report Builder tool
    • 41. Email my Favorites
    • 42. Step 3: How can you make a daily difference? 1. What can the staff do? Be friendly. 2. What can the surgeon do? Listen carefully.
    • 43. Hidden Revenue Opportunity #1: Friendliness of Staff (on the phone)  When patients are highly satisfied with the friendliness of your staff at the TIME OF MAKING THEIR CONSULT APPOINTMENT, they are more likely to schedule their surgery at their consult visit.
    • 44. Co-Friendliness of Staff (System) 1 = YES (the patient scheduled their procedure AT CONSULT) Of the 8969 patients who scheduled at consult, 52% were highly satisfied with the friendliness of the staff while making their appointment Oh no! Only 34% of the patients who were JUST satisfied scheduled their procedure at consult.
    • 45. Tips for success  Remember, it doesn’t cost anything extra to be friendly  Give your staff a gentle reminder -- every time the phone rings, it’s an opportunity to do surgery on another patient.  Remind your staff of the critical importance of the first impression during these slow and difficult economic times  It’s as simple as putting a mirror on the front desk so you know you’re smiling when answering the phone.  Be engaged and be in the moment
    • 46. So How Did I do?  Trend Report allows you to look at the before and after
    • 47. Being Friendly: Trend Report Pick your timeframe
    • 48. Being Friendly: Trend Report Choose the view called “Graphs and Data”
    • 49. What’s most important to your patients?
    • 50. In the Favorites, choose SX–MD Listened Carefully and Reviews We’ll send you a “HOW TO” guide for this report after the webinar
    • 51. Hidden Revenue Report #2: Sx-MD Listened Carefully  An astounding 89% of patients who feel highly satisfied that the surgeon has listened carefully to their needs or concerns are willing to share their comments about the surgeon online  Only 71% of those who were JUST satisfied will share their comments When patients feel like we are really listening to them, they reward us with their reviews.
    • 52. Ask yourself  Are you an active listener?  What tools do you use to confirm that you really understand what the patient wants or needs?  Do you verbalize their concerns as part of a response?  Do you include it in pre-op follow-up?  Are patient concerns systematically shared with the staff so they can coordinate the care?
    • 53. Co-Friendliness of Staff Choose this report from the Favorites module
    • 54. Getting started You can change the date range Your report appears below the report builder tool
    • 55. We’re here to help  Call April – Do you need help reading and interpreting your reporting dashboard?  Call Eva – Do you need website recommendations or help with installation of the feeds?
    • 56. Questions?