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5 Internet Marketing Strategies that really work!
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5 Internet Marketing Strategies that really work!


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  • Thanks for being here – My name is Eva Sheie and I am the vice president of internet marketing for Strategic Edge based in SeattleI have been working in internet marketing within cosmetic surgery for eight years, from individual doctor websites to large national portal sites – Let me say thank you, that I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here and share with you some of the things I have learned this year in internet marketing and hopefully I can help all of you with some of the big mysteries of the internet affecting us right now.
  • Let’s start out by defining what SEO is, I still have this feeling that a lot of people think SEO is like secret sauce and the more you pay for it, the higher your website will rank in the search enginesBut the truth is that it’s a methodology that has many many factors, some of which are within your control and some which are not(Read the definition)In reality, SEO has many definitions and no one web company is “right”CLICK UP THE NEXT SENTENCEThe definition that I like better is this one: SEO or search engine optimization work encompasses any and all of the activities designed to improve your conversion rateAnd most of it happens out on the greater internet, NOT on directly your website.
  • These are the five main topics that we are going to go through, links, local search, email marketing, social media, and reviews – dealing with reviews is one of the most challenging issues you are all facing right now I’m going to go through five of the most practical, real, and effective strategies for improving your web presence, no matter where you are located or how far along your website presence is, all of these strategies can help you.I hope that you’re all past the point where you think that being #1 in Google is the answer – it’s about growing your traffic and connecting with peopleBut first links
  • Links are like “votes”A vote from a high quality source has more power than a whole bunch of low quality linksThis is sometimes called “link juice” You can tell how good the “link juice” will be by the Page Rank of the website you are hoping to get a link from – I will get to Page Rank in a momentBest kind of link is the one your competitors can’t getIt’s a myth that linking to other websites can hurt youLinking out to others is also a signal that you’re “real”Basically, the thinking on Google’s end is that if you link to spam, you’re a spammer too But if you link to good stuff, you must be trying to be a good resourceHow do you identify a “quality” link?
  • There are a few other ways to find out how many links you haveTwo of the more scientific ways are through Google Webmaster Tools or Yahoo Site Explorer, both are free programs designed to help webmasters improve websitesThe easiest way to get a list of the links to you is to use the 3rd tool on the list – open site explorer – Will let you sort by strength of link and compare your site to your competitors’ siteHow many links SHOULD you have? Depends on where you are and what you’re trying to achieve… different everywhere
  • Best way to get links is to ask for them! Help each other by linking to your friends and colleaguesFor your SEO company, link building is complicated and you should try to work together to identify other websites where you can get linksThis is also where a lot of shortcuts have been taken in the past, with things like link farms and spam. It is only a matter of time before Google catches up and those tactics lead to a penalty[Conclude link section] While you’re here at the meeting, talking with colleagues and friends, it might be a good idea to ask each other about trading links. It will have a meaningful impact on your SEO and it’s not the kind of thing you’ll remember to do when you get home.If you’re not familiar with this cat photo, this is from a website called I can – which has a Page Rank of 7It’s a fun and slightly ridiculous example of the power of links because the whole website is made up of goofy cat photos and people just link to them like crazyAnd the site makes money by running lots and lots of ads next to the cats[On to the next SEO factor – Local Search]
  • Fastest growing, changing area of search engine marketing – probably making a lot of you crazy right now – hopefully I can break some of this down for you and help I have recently written a complete Guide to Google Places and we are happy to share it with you if you come talk to me or anyone from our team after we are done, So don’t feel like you have to write all of this down, we will share it with youthat’s the group sitting in the back, lots of you know Dana and Susan and we also have the rest of our SEO team here to see the sunshine - Mary, Jason, Stephanie
  • TO a lot of you this may be old hat but it’s worth pointing out again – On every google search results page, there are two or three different systems running that are completely independent of each other At the top is paid search… (NEXT)
  • These ads are paid for and the price varies based on who else is bidding for ads and how much they are willing to payYou still can get value here but you have to be very careful not to throw money awayThat means scrubbing the keywords lists and removing anything that a real live patient would not search forAlso means monitoring and calculating the cost per lead And being able to put them on a page on your website where they have a good chance of converting or filling out a contact form or calling your officeThere are a lot of companies who want you to spend money here (NEXT)
  • Until 3 months ago, this search result did not existWas the largest change to Google search results in the last ten years or soAnyway, until October, the map was free standing at the top of the page. But they combined the two and turned everything upside downFor a lot of the people who had been # organically, if they had not been paying attention to the Map, they may not even be appearing on page one anymoreWithin this local search area, there are also additional ways to promote your businessThe program known as Google Tags is part of this system and is a great bargain (NEXT)
  • Within the Google Places system there are some extra tools like Google Tags I know they are teeny tiny – but when you’re looking at a live search result, the tags expand when you roll over them a great valueHave to stay on top of them thoughCan promote specials, your website, photos, directions, If you need help, you can actually CALL google for help with this process – they have a team of people. You may have even gotten a call from them recently, they are really trying to sell these tagsHow will they try to get your money next?
  • Google Boost is the next product that is coming… is still in Beta. Will allow paid ads within map results. But regular PPC is also appearing in these places, so I’m not sure yet how they will be different. Boost is only available in these areas, and I tried to sign up a few weeks ago, but the Cosmetic Surgery category still wasn’t availalble, even in the geographic areas listed above.So what do you need to know about optimizing yourself for Google Places results?
  • First of all, your main office phone number has all of a sudden gained a critical level of importanceAll of these local search indexes are using your phone number as your primary identifierThis means if you’ve moved or changed phone numbers, if you have multiple doctors using the same phone number but aren’t necessarily all working together, Having conflicting phone numbers attached to your name can damage your rankings in that hybrid local search result and on the mapsTo find out if you’ve got any bad results out there, just Google your phone number and see what comes up. Be careful what you sign up for while you are cleaning these things up though, maybe set up a gmail account or something separate to manage all of these. Avoid giving your real info to any site that looks scary and don’t pay, there is almost always a way to correct info for freeHorror story about Ringler splitting up from partnership and playing whack a mole with the data
  • Before you go crazy trying to update your info on hundreds of websites, let me share a secret with youThere are three data providers that feed information to all of the search engines and many other sourcesLocaleze provides Places data to FacebookIf you have seen bad data online, it may be coming from one of these providers. Log in and correct all of them – don’t pay! Takes a while for bad info to go away but these 3 updates will give you a major head startonly 2 million business have claimed Places page in Googlerest is coming from data aggregators
  • So how do you move up in the hybrid results or the map? Google determines who shows up in the 7 pack by a number of different factors.1 – Number of Citations with correct NAP data2) Number of reviews and star rating3) Completed profile including youtube videos and photos4) Authoritative google account – same account as your analytics, webmaster tools, and uses a business email address
  • This is the public view of a Places page The first step is to claim your profile! – at the top of the page above the photo there is a link that says Claim this page, or Owner verified listing, if someone has already claimed itIf you can find yourself on the map, then you can claim your page. You can also google Google Places and follow the steps– you can see Dr. Richard Kimball here has uploaded his own photo to his profile page
  • What you do when you complete your profile is very important! Here are a few Dos and Don’tsDo’s:Link directly to your Contact page or Location page on your website if you have one Use your official office phone numberComplete all of the fields, add photos and videos Don’ts:1) Do not use extra keywords in your business name – just your real business name2) Do not use the same phone number if you have multiple locations3) Do not keyword stuff your business description4) Choose categories wisely and do not keyword stuff here – meaning don’t use city name in your category and don’t go overboard!Complete your full profileUse your business Google account for all of your Google propertiesYou must verify with Google that you are real
  • Top half of the Places page reportImpressions at the top, Actions below itThis practice had 6484 impressions in this 30 day period and 416 actions – 36 clicks for more info on Maps, 199 clicks for driving directions, and 183 clicks to the websiteThe TAG also has a report on this page – in this case we changed the Tag and you can see where the traffic spiked way up
  • Bottom half of Places page reportBreaks down the most popular searches that resulted in a map viewSee over on the right, that funny bad code thing? Anyone in the room know what this is?Maybe you have seen these in the mall, around town… or you’ve seen on Facebook where “Joe checked in at “People with Android phones or Iphones can scan this code in a store window and it tells their social network where they are. I don’t see a lot of people checking in at a plastic surgery office this way…I would think a spa or medical spa would have better luck using QR codes for promotions, but don’t ignore this idea because..
  • This is a QR code poster for the Best of Western Washington contest –They can print this and put it on the front desk, so anyone with a smart phone can scan and vote on the spot in the office. We will be seeing many more uses for these codes as more people upgrade to phones with this capability
  • “Every hour, our users make over 10,000 corrections or additions to Google Maps, like updating the position of markers or correcting other small errors, and for the most part people are being really helpful to other users.”
  • Bing? Definitely claim your Bing and Yahoo listings too Much slower and less important but still worth doingNEXT STRATEGY – EMAIL MARKETING
  • If you’re not reaching out to your patients with email yet, you need to start
  • Email marketing serves the patients who aren’t ready for or interested in surgery yet and keeps your botox and injectables and any non-surgical sales movingThe goal of email marketing is to connect with your patients regularly to keep their attentionThis is not just a list of people who you think will have surgery in the next 3 months Are you asking for email addresses in the office and on your website?Not everyone wants to request a consult right now, but they might want to hear about your specials and events in the futureA couple of rulesMust have permission, illegal to buy listsBuild and segment your list over time
  • Recent example A different kind of special for everyoneCute and fun and not too much informationBiggest special is $1500 off mommy makeover – a TON of value to this email And an Invitation to see before and after photosSo in the report,
  • 649 people on the list -- Cost was less than $10 to send this125 people opened it, 39 clicked through to the website for more info or to look at before and after photosThings to knowYou can drill down in the reporting to find out WHO clicked on the gallery, so your patient coordinator can take that information and maybe pick up the phone?You can also suppress names from the list if you’re sending a special for surgery and don’t want patients who have already scheduled surgery to get the special I will warn you though, if they find out about the email some other way, just give them the special and avoid any conflictNow why not a newsletter?
  • This newsletter came from the same office –same exact specials, but longer newsletter format with some additional information and content from the officeNewsletters are good – but they have a different impact – I think articles and content belongs in places where it can last forever – on your website or blog – The report for me showed that the graphic blast performed better in terms of driving people to the website
  • 168 opened it, only 19 clicked on it, and of those 19 only 5 clicked through to the website. To me this wasn’t a failure, but it didn’t have the effect I try to achieve – I want conversions
  • This client needed to fill her nurse injectors and estheticians empty schedules and came up with this idea – we have been working this angle for almost two years now.Started as a 20th anniversary promotion for this dermatology practice in the Minneapolis areaUsed it to fill her estheticians schedules in a slow week, so we’d do $20 microderm and we used it to sell injectables in danger of expiringSome specials flopped and some were incredibly successfulWe are currently on #17 and will finish by the end of this year, then start over with 20 new ones This is a perfect example of “fail cheaply and fail often”The list grows by about 200 names per monththis concept can dramatically increase the number of contacts you have to market to
  • The emails aren’t fancy, but they have a ton of valueFor the first year they were called Spectacular2nd year we wanted to keep going so we changed it to SpontaneousWe never send anything with no value in it – so they rarely unsubscribeRadio example – 400000 names, not a blip on the reports
  • Typical response rate for these emails is about a 30-35% open rate – The office tells me the phone rings off the hook for the rest of the day when these go out – They also tell me that if they haven’t done one in a while, people call and ask if they are missing them or
  • Email marketing is so inexpensive The cost is pennies per emailI will warn you not to ever use Outlook or your regular email to do this though – that is the quickest way for your ISP to flag you as a spammer and disable your mail altogetherMy preference is Vertical Response because it’s so easy to usebut there are plenty of equally good programs to do this, like Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and others
  • Keep it short, sweet, and interestingTry to place the hook in the top half of the designIf you need to give a lot of information, put it on your website and link the eblast to that pageBest time to send is Tuesday morning between 10-12Send 2-3 weeks before an event and again a few days beforeDon’t abuse your list
  • Groupon shares the fee with the advertiser – 60% goes to Groupon and 40% to the advertiserSo with 1837 purchasers at 60 bucks per treatment this office made $110,000 in revenueBut you can see the problems with this scenario right away… now they have to DO 1837 laser hair removal treatments and pay employees, and cover wear and tear on the laser, and just HOPE that these people purchase other services. I have been hearing that Living Social seems to be a little easier to work with and takes less $ from the clientFor this plastic surgeon, it was a simple promotion and a safe way to get 18 new patients, and also – probably more importantly- introduce her practice to thousands of people. I have participated in supporting a Groupon and a Living Social deal for the same officeThe Groupon sold about 450 and they’ve been pleased with the patients they are getting – and the LS deal sold 297 Web traffic was close to 2000 visitors on the day of the deal for the Groupon and 1000 for the LSBest side effect - Conversions to the 20 spontaneous specials mailing list was through the roof for both, adding hundreds of new people to their master mailing list
  • Let’s start off with a quick quiz, get a piece of paper and a pen or count on your fingers This is anInformal survey of your social media presenceGive yourself a point for each question that you can answer YES to
  • Then, beyond the basics, Let’s do a short exercise to get a baseline – where are you today….Write down Yes or No to 10 items we’ll show youSource: Modified from Ogilvy -
  • Explain scoresIf you’re in the 1-3 range, you need to do some work to get in front of this – you are missing a lot of eyeballsIn the 4-6, you’re doing alright, figure out what is the next step for you and move forwardIn the 7-10 range, nice work, keep it up.QUESTION TO GROUP: What kinds of activities do you do to engage with your existing patient base?
  • Participating in social media, whether you do a little or a lotYour participation benefits the entire online community because your perspective is the one that a lot of them are looking for No cost to you except for you time More informed consumers You are able to reache the consumer who is engaged and active in process Looking for a conversation with someone, and it should be YOU Less likely to come back to your website over and over than follow your updates Devices have an easier time with Facebook and Twitter than an entire website – that is to say, if someone is following you on facebook or twitter, they may see it on their phone regularly and that’s some pretty valuable exposure So where are these people?
  • Rule number 1, don’t try to fake it - you won’t be effective if you aren’t yourself.Rule number 2 – don’t just talk, go find a conversation and participate. Where are patients asking questions that you can answer? How can you start or continue a conversation that is already going on?Rule 3 - MeasureThere is no magic recipe of which websites or what order to do things in, but we should try to go to the online communities where your prospective patients are too
  • FacebookHow many people in this room use Facebook every day?More than 500 million active users 50% of active users log in to Facebook on any given day There are more than 150 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
  • First thing to know about Facebook is that you can separate your personal page from your business and you should. You can set the privacy settings so that only people who you allow to see your profile can see it.Don’t try to build a personal profile for your business. Facebook will shut down pages set up for businesses in the personal sectionIt is important to know that if you do not control your Facebook experience in a way that makes sense to you, you will not enjoy it and that means you won’t benefit from itAt the beginning, I recommend only being friends on your personal Facebook page with people who you know in the real worldWhen you allow people you don’t know to be your Facebook friend, you start to feel self-conscious about what you post and how you interact. That is not a good social media experience and you want to avoid that. When you reach a comfortable place with your personal page, you can go ahead and build a business page. The place on Facebook to set up a business page is hard to find but the link is up here on the screen. Facebook allows you to make other people administrators of the business page.I’m sure the idea of your staff going on Facebook in the office is uncomfortable for some of you, but it has to be done and should be the job of your most Facebook savvy staff memberHere are some examples of plastic surgeons using Facebook
  • Facebook’s advertising
  • Why is Twitter important?Most of the time I hear people complaining that Twitter seems worthless and no one cares what mundane activity you’re doing right nowBut there are some benefits and it will be fascinating to see how we’re using Twitter a year from nowFirst, Twitter is the fastest news source we have. Iran to construct the narrative of events happening there.Consider that if you don’t get your name, someone else may grab it and pretend to be you.Get your name, even if you never send a single TweetWho is using Twitter??
  • Don’t do this please…if nothing else you get from this class!The COCKTAIL PARTYIf you’re looking at this as a social interaction you would never say this to a person at a party or to their face
  • David Robinson – What is the population of Munster? 21,500 people Very shy, private person, has a 50/50 practice Has been there for about eight years and their chief complaint was that people still didn’t know who they wereThe GOAL was to create more awareness of the practice within the communityAfter pushing them to go to chamber of commerce meetings and networking groups with little success, it was time we give social media a try My philosophy is that if I were to do it FOR them it wouldn’t be authentic and therefore FAIL, so I give them the tools and ideas and it’s up to them to go forward
  • Before/After of Facebook 31 days of tips,
  • Well then Dr Robinson called to let us know he was going to Haiti to do volunteer surgery with a team from his local hospital and could I do a press release?Press releases have value but in this situation I knew it would be more interesting to everyone in Munster to follow his tripI asked him if he’d like to blog from the road and so we set him up to email blog posts from his iphone Initially I was not sure he would even do it
  • Here is part of a blog and a photo he took with his iphone of a girl he did surgery on
  • Comments were pouring in and the local paper picked up the feed and published his blog posts on the Northwest Indiana Times blog
  • By the end of the week, he was video bloggingSo he went from completely unwilling to participate in social media to video blogging from his iphone in a matter of one week
  • And his patients began to speak not just about Haiti but about their own surgeries on his Facebook page – now they are engaged!
  • A lot of you know Dr James Koehler from Tulsa, if you want to see the most amazing example of how to use Facebook you should follow what he’s doing here. He really gets it right And he has 2631 fans as of today, which took a little over a year to accomplish but he can tell you what kind of impact this has had on his practice
  • Do you think this review might be affecting this doctor’s business? I don’t know him and I don’t know if this is true or false but it’s been there for months. This is scary not just for you but for all businesses!
  • Name some things you’ve purchased online by reading a review latelyRecommendations by personal acquaintances and opinions posted by consumers online are the most trusted forms of advertising globally.The 2009 Nielsen survey shows that 90% of online consumers worldwide trust recommendations from people they know, while 70% trust consumer opinions posted online.”Not a static number, it is climbing
  • And when it comes to making decisions amongst all the choices , reviews are turning out to be the core deciderSocial media is filling the need for trusted advice and recommendations—for feeling in control, for knowing the facts, for avoiding mistakes and disappointments—in order to make that perfect purchase
  • This fact is not lost one bit with major manufacturers or retailers. Here is rubbermaid’s official website. You can actually see terrible rated products that they want you to buy!
  • Nobody ever likes the solution to this problem. But really, the only answer is this. Produce more speech than the negative posters. This is actually Google’s official recommendation for how to combat negative content.Cutts also advises the public on how to get better website visibility in Google.[4]
  • Not everyone let’s negative reviews get them downHis shirt says The pizza was sgoooo greasy, I am assuming this was in part due to the pig fat.The other shirts say THIS PLACE SUCKSPizzeria Delfina
  • Reviews are here. Already on Angie’s List And a lot of unscrupulous websites If you have a well developed social media presence, a bad review will just look like a drop in the bucket,
  • you are paying attention to the issue; the issue is important to you; and that you are sorry the reviewer had a problem. something has changed and this issue will not happen to them.  This is a golden opportunity to market your business.  For example, writing that ‘we have put a new process in place…’ tells your prospects that your company is good and is getting better.Offer to fix the issue-   Although you can’t always fix every issue (sometimes you don’t want to), your offer to fix a reviewer’s problem is a great marketing investment.   In the response, suggest that they contact you directly so you can try to resolve the issue.
  • How do you get more reviews?Ask for them! Make this part of your everyday office process. Make it easy for users to write reviews – give them instructions and ask them to focus on their PROCEDURE, not on you personallyAvoid Yelp because
  • An example of a page where the doctor provides brief direction on how to post a review This page is hidden from the main menu so the office only uses it to send people they choose there to write reviews
  • By big advertisers are changing their strategy due to social mediaWhere do you start? With making your activities more about the consumer/patient, then you.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Advanced Internet Marketing: Five Strategies (That Actually Work)AACSJanuary 15, 2011
    • 2. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic"
      or "algorithmic") search results.
      A better definition…
      Any and all activities designed to
      improve your conversion rate
    • 3. 5 SEO/SEM Strategies That Work
      Local Search
      Email marketing
      Social media
    • 4. STRATEGY #1:Number of quality links – to AND from you
      • Links are like “votes”
      • 5. Quality more powerful than quantity
      • 6. Best kind of link is the one your competitors can’t get
      • 7. Linking out to others is also a signal that you’re “real”
      • 8. It’s a myth that linking to other websites can hurt you
    • How many links do I have?
      Google Webmaster Tools
      Yahoo Search
      type link:
      Best tool: Open Site Explorer
    • 9. How do I get more links?
      ASK for them!
      Link out and you’ll find others linking back in to you
      Build great pages as resources to patients/others and they will naturally link to you
      Press releases
    • 10. Strategy #2Local Search
    • 11. 2 Independent Google Systems
    • 12. PPC or Sponsored Search
    • 13. Hybrid Organic/Local
    • 14. Google Tags ($25/mo)
    • 15. Coming soon… Google Boost
    • 16. Phone number = Thumbprint
      Business phone number is #1 authenticity signal, like your social security number
      Avoid tracking numbers!
      Hide web tracking phone numbers in images or un-indexablejavascript
    • 17. 3 most important places to submit your NAP data
      These data providers fuel wide variety of local search websites, business directories, GPS, map software
      Localeze -
      Axciom -
    • 18. Moving up in the maps
      NAP data = Name, address, phone
      Number of reviews & star rating
      Link YouTube videos
      Use your contact page as the website link
      Distance from the centroid
      Authoritative Google account
    • 19. Places Profile Tips
    • 20.
    • 21.
    • 22.
    • 23. What are QR Codes?
    • 24. 2 Great Local Search Blogs
      David Mihm (
      Mike Blumenthal
    • 25. Don’t forgetBing & Yahoo Local
      Bing = only other local search engine
      Bing Local Listing Center
      Yahoo Local
    • 26. Strategy #3
      Email Marketing
      The “Attention” Economy
    • 27. Reaching out with email
      Connect with your patients regularly to keep their attention
      Are you asking for email addresses in the office and on your website?
      Not everyone wants to request a consult right now, but they might want to hear about your specials and events in the future
      Must have permission, illegal to buy lists
      Build and segment your list over time
    • 28. Case Study #1 – Why not a newsletter?
    • 29.
    • 30.
    • 31.
    • 32. Most successful email collection campaign
      Sept 2008 = 1314 email addresses
      Jan 2011 = 3751 email addresses
      Case Study #2
    • 33. The “Attention” Economy
    • 34.
    • 35. Cost is minimal
      Cost of sending is low, $15 per 1000 emails or monthly subscription fee
      Must use a 3rd party system like Vertical Response, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor
      Do not use your office email system!
    • 36. 7 Rules of Email Marketing
      Keep it short, sweet, and interesting
      Try to place the “hook” in the top half of the design
      If you need to provide a lot of information, put it on your website and link the eblast to that page
      Best time to send is Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday morning. Make sure someone is there to answer the phone!
      Send 2-3 weeks before an event and again a few days before (don’t send too early)
      Don’t abuse your list
      Always send something with value
    • 37. Groupon & Living Social
    • 38. Strategy #4
      Social Media
      The “Attention” Economy
    • 39. 1. Does anyone within your practice regularly blog in some way about any aesthetics-related topics?
      2. Does your practice have a Facebook business page (or any other social network)?
      3. Give yourself another point if you or a staff member posts every day on the Facebook page, or if you have designated a staff member to be responsible for posting.
      4. Do you know how many reviews Google has aggregated under your profile?
      5. Is Web publishing available to many in your organization?
      6. Are you aware of your engagement statistics, such as conversion rate and time on site?
      7. Does your practice reward patient social media involvement?
      8. Has anyone recently checked on the accuracy of your local listings in Google, Bing, Yahoo?
      9. Do you regularly ask your patients to write reviews?
      10. Do you have a Google Alert set up on your own name to notify you when something is
      published on the internet about you?
    • 40. 7-10 “yes” = consumers are top-of-mind
    • 41. Benefits of social media
      No monetary cost to you, just time
      More informed consumers
      More engaged consumers, active in process
      Looking for a conversation with someone, and it should be YOU
      Less likely to come back to your website over and over than follow your updates
      Mobile devices have an easier time with Facebook and Twitter
    • 42. Rules of Social Media
      Don’t try to fake it. Everyone can tell.
      2. Listen, don’t just talk
      3. Measure
    • 43. Facebook
      More than 500 million active users
      50% of active users log in to Facebook on any given day
      There are more than 150 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
      People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
    • 44. Use Facebook wisely
      You can and should separate business and personal
      Start with your personal profile, get the hang of it, then build a business page
      Don’t communicate with patients from your personal account
      Share business page admin with your staff
      Don’t try to do a personal page for the business – Facebook will kick you out
      Can’t do ads with a personal page or a group
    • 45. Facebook advertising
      Most targeted PPC you can find
      Still relatively inexpensive
      Example: women ages 38-50, ten mile radius around the office, with the keyword “wrinkles” on their profile
      Click is approx $1.50-$2 vs. $5-15 on Google, and higher quality
    • 46. Twitter
      Fastest news source
      Real time communication in large groups
      Get your name!
      Consumer barometer
    • 47.
    • 48. Social media case study
      David Robinson, MD
    • 49.
    • 50.
    • 51.
    • 52.
    • 53.
    • 54.
    • 55.
    • 56. Strategy #5Reviews
    • 57. 70% trust
      online opinions
      -Nielsen, July 2009
      Source: Nielsen
    • 58. “Reviewing is the new advertising.”
    • 59.
    • 60. “The answer to bad speech is
      more speech”
      --Matt Cutts, Google
    • 61.
    • 62. Bad and fake reviews happen
      What do you do when a negative review or comment surfaces?
      See bad reviews as an opportunity, monitor and respond politely ONCE
      Two ways to go – surround it with real positive reviews, or try to force it down in the results
    • 63. How to Respond
      Step 1:  Own the issue.
      Step 2:  Describe how future patients will not have this issue.
      Step 3:  Offer to fix the issue.
    • 64. Avoid
      Overreacting to a bad review
      Paying too much attention to it online
      Taking legal action against a patient
    • 65. #1 Review tip
      Offer a good product
      and offer astonishingly good service
    • 66. Tips for getting more reviews
      • Ask for them - make solicitation part of an everyday office process. “I’ll be looking for your review tonight!”
      • 67. Make it easy for users to write reviews
      • 68. Ask in Email campaigns – but don’t fish with dynamite!
      • 69. Avoid sending people to Yelp
    • 70. Buying awareness/traffic is so 2009
      Trade off reach for deeper, direct engagement
      Invest where there are the richest prospects
      Spend more on activating advocates vs. buying attention
      Accept that money can’t change the fact that a brand or service is defined by actual customer opinions (shared via social media)
    • 71. Questions?
    • 72.