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  1. 1. 
 thecprhero.com | 5642 E La Palma Ave Ste 201 Anaheim, CA 92807 | 213.798.4376
  2. 2. Who We Are! The CPR Hero is a leading CPR and First Aid Instruction company authorized by the American Heart Association located in Southern California. We currently certify over 3,000 individuals in BLS, CPR & First Aid. We take pride in helping all of our students achieve their goals and in knowing that they are prepared to be a hero." Our team consists of highly trained civilian/military paramedics, nurses, EMT’s, emergency volunteers, and other safety officers that provide great instruction but also have the real world experience to back up the training. This allows the class to become a fun learning experience rather than a lecture. " " Our classes follow OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance and are of the highest caliber in regards to safety education. With our experience we have partnered with hospitals, health programs, universities, school teachers, and many businesses. " " What separates the CPR Hero from the others are our:" • Energetic and knowledgeable instructors that are health professionals! • Fun and engaging classes that are backed with real experiences! • Most affordable rates in Southern California for group pricing! • Proven large class & size experience (120+ students in one day)! • Mobile team: all we need is a date, a room, and we do the rest !
  3. 3. What We Offer! BLS (Basic Life Support) Course " helps Healthcare Professionals learn to recognize several life-threatening emergencies. Once BLS certified, Healthcare Providers such as Nurses, Dentists, Doctors, Firefighters, EMT’s, and Students will be able to perform CPR with clinical expertise." " " " CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Course " for teachers, coaches, police officers, lifeguards, volunteers, babysitters, and anyone who wants to be prepared. Participants will practice and become confident in performing CPR, Choking Relief, and using an AED for Adults, Children, and Infants." " We Come To You!! Besides our training center in Anaheim, we are a mobile team and ready to take our BLS and CPR services to directly to you. We can teach various class sizes from a small private group at your home to large groups of 100+ at your business. Our staff of emergency responders will provide you with prompt, professional, and fun onsite training throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside County."
  4. 4. Testimonials! " “The CPR Hero team came to our corporate office to do a CPR and First Aid class of 20 people of us. We couldn't have been more happy with his service. The whole process was smooth - we called, talked numbers, and scheduled a date. Michael provided us with educational tools and a session that left us feeling like we could take on the world with our newfound knowledge and training.“ " " -Evan, Dealflicks Inc." “The CPR Hero Training Center teaches everyone to be a hero. Although we're not vigilantes like Spiderman and Batman, we can save lives as a hero in a different way.! Instructions were clear and straightforward. Unlike many other institutions that breeze through the course with the minimal standard training, these instructors made sure to provide the best experience to their trainees. Because of that, not only it is fun interacting with instructors and fellow trainees, everyone was made sure they could perform BLS/CPR after they step out the door. Go CPR Hero!” ! -Shelley P." “This is more than just a certification course; it's an entertaining class with real life benefits! Michael (my instructor) was more than knowledgeable; in addition he kept the class engaging the entire time. For whatever reason you may want/need CPR Certification, this is the place to do it. You won't regret it!” " " " " " -Brian D., F-1 Productions, LLC." Contact! Michael Pham! ! ! Executive Director/Lead Instructor! ! michael@thecprhero.com! ! 714.290.9783! ! ! Partners " " ! ! Evan Pham! Business Development Director! ! evan@thecprhero.com! ! ! 714.988.3826!