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Lab equipbio Lab equipbio Presentation Transcript

  • Apron
    • To prevent any spilling of chemicals on clothing.
  • Beaker
    • Used to measure liquids (100ml, 250ml, 400ml)
  • Bunsen Burner
    • Used as a heating source
  • Medicine dropper
    • Transfer small amounts of liquid
  • Evaporating Dish
    • Used to separate gas from a liquid
  • Filter Paper
    • Used to separate mixtures
  • Forceps
    • To handle small objects
  • Funnel
    • Transfer liquids from large container to a small container
  • Graduated Cylinder
    • Used to measure liquids (10ml and 100ml)
  • Hot Plate
    • Used as a heating source
  • Mortar & Pestle
    • Used to crush up compounds
  • Petri Dish
    • Used to grow cultures
  • Pipette
    • Transfers amounts of liquids
  • Ring Stand, Clamp and Ring
    • Used to hold lab equipment steady
  • Ruler (metric)
    • Used to measure length, width, height and depth.
  • Safety Goggles
    • To prevent injuries to eyes
  • Test Tube
    • Holds liquids for heating, transferring, or other procedures.
  • Test Tube Rack
    • Holds test tubes
  • Thermometer
    • Measures temperature
  • Tongs
    • Used to hold materials being heated
  • Triple-Beam Balance
    • Used for weighing
  • Wire Gauze
    • Used to hold materials as they heat
  • Test Tube Holder
    • Holds one test tube
  • Chemical Scoop
    • Used to get chemicals out of the bottle
  • Test Tube Brush
    • Used to clean test tubes
  • Inoculating Loop
    • Used to transfer chemicals
  • Triangle
    • Used to hold the crucible
  • Crucible
    • Used to heat chemicals
  • Stopper
    • Used to secure test tubes & thermometers
  • Microplate-Wells
    • Used to place small amounts of liquids
  • Microscope
    • Instrument consisting
    • of a lens or combination
    • of lenses to magnify
    • very small objects.
  • Microscope Slide
    • Holds objects for examination with the microscope.
  • Cover Slip
    • Covers materials on a glass slide.
  • Hand Lens
    • A lens that magnify small objects.
  • Dissecting Pan
    • Used to lay dead organism on to dissect.
  • Dissecting Scissors
    • Used to cut through flesh of the dissecting organism.
  • Scalpel
    • Small knife with a sharp blade used in dissection.
  • Dissecting Pins
    • Used to pin down parts of the organism for dissection.
  • Probe
    • Used to examine organism while dissecting.
  • Needle Probe
    • Used to examine organism
    • while dissecting.