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Welcome to 5th
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Welcome to 5th


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  • 1. Welcome to 5 th Grade Mrs. Morgan Mr. Exner Mrs. Evans
  • 2. Reading with Mrs. Morgan
    • Nightly homework is 20 minutes of independent reading
    • Students will keep a reading log of books read (5 th grade standard requires that students read 25 books or 1 million words)
    • Approximately 6 book reports will be completed throughout the year-requirements will be reviewed in class
    • AR information will follow once the program is up and running
    • Students need a composition notebook for vocabulary work
  • 3. Spelling with Mrs. Morgan
    • 5 th grade uses the Wordly Wise vocabulary program.
    • Words and assignments are given out on Fridays. Students may work ahead if they choose-section A is due and will be graded in class on Tuesday, section B on Wednesday, and section C on Thursday. Packets will be collected on Thursdays for recording.
    • Spelling tests will be given every Thursday
  • 4. Writing with Mrs. Evans
    • Keep a writer’s notebook
    • Students will use the writing process to develop well developed writing including:
      • Personal narratives
      • How to essays
      • Persuasive essays
      • Responses to literature
      • Poetry
      • Informational texts
  • 5. Daily Language Practice with Mrs. Evans
    • Provides a 5-10 minute daily review of grammar skills.
    • Weekly grade on practice sheet should be a 100 (corrected together in class)
    • Daily Language Quiz on Fridays (comes directly from practice sheet)
  • 6. Math with Mr. Exner
    • Students should already know their times tables
    • Math Practice sheet each week
    • Math test every Friday-questions come from the practice sheet
    • Students need to keep their math tests with corrections and math practice sheets for a notebook grade
  • 7. After School Tutoring
    • Math study group every Thursday-no need to sign up-just make sure students have a ride home at 3:15
    • Extra help will be available in the computer lab after school for students needing CRCT practice (information will be sent as soon as the program details are worked out)
  • 8. Social Studies
    • Map Skills
    • Civil War/Reconstruction
    • Life on the Great Plains
    • Big Business/Immigration
    • World War I/Great Depression
    • World War II
    • Civil Rights
  • 9. Science
    • Earth’s Changing Surface
    • Matter and Electricity
    • Classifying Organisms
    • Animals
    • Body Systems
  • 10. Computer Projects completed at school in the lab
    • Photostories
    • Brochures
    • PowerPoint Presentations
    • Creative Writing
    • Blogging
    • **A flashdrive would be helpful for students
  • 11. 4H
    • All 5 th graders participate
    • It is done during the school day as part of the language arts and science curriculum
    • All students will complete a 4H demonstration as part of the language arts class
    • Students may participate in other outside clubs and activities if they choose (a newsletter will be given at each meeting describing the various opportunities available)
  • 12. Donations Needed
    • Microwave Popcorn
    • Can Drinks
    • Individually wrapped candies
    • Box Tops for Education
    • Zip-lock Bags for Science
  • 13. Bubble Gum Science is Fun!
  • 14. Games make 5 th grade learning fun
  • 15. Thanks for coming!!
    • If you send me an email that says you viewed this online, I will give your student a coupon for 10 points on any test!!!!