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Connecting You 2014 slides


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Slides from the 2014 Connecting You Seminars

Slides from the 2014 Connecting You Seminars

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  • 1. © 2014 IBM Corporation Connecting You an Update from
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. Agenda 8:00 Breakfast 8:30 Messaging - The IBM Messaging Story Collaboration - The Evolution of Collaboration Kenexa - Building a Smarter Workforce Digital Experience - Exceptional Digital Experiences 10:40
  • 5. © 2014 IBM Corporation Messaging Update
  • 6. IBM provides choice for client experience
  • 7. Abbreviated dates Social Theme: cleaner, more modern look, adopted across IBM product line for UI consistency Embedded Experiences Shortcuts “Group By” and “Show Beginning” Enhanced Search IBM Notes 9 Social Edition
  • 8. 8  Under development for 18+ months  Overarching goals: – Modern ● Use of current theming styles ● Simplification and de-cluttering of interfaces ● Integrated web experience – Notes Browser Plug-in® ● Extensibility using the most current and stable web technology – Easy-to-use ● Productivity feature enhancements ● Easier discovery of capabilities ● Default settings changes – Socially-enabled ● Live social capabilities in email – “Embedded Experiences” ● Social extensibility with the OpenSocial® platform ● Expanded and updated IBM Connections® integration  Leveraging the strength, commitment and clarity of the IBM brand IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition
  • 9. 9 Embedded Experiences Work without switching context...stay focused NOT this...
  • 10. 10 Embedded Experiences Work without switching context...stay focused ...THIS! Download the file directly from within mail See the latest and add additional comments
  • 11. 11 Embedded Experiences Work without switching context...stay focused ...or even THIS! Approve or Reject from within mail
  • 12. 12 My 9.0 favorites...  “Discover” page  Click on URLs in edit mode  “Quick Find”  Group by Date  “Sticky” auto-sort for Date columns  “Snippets” (Show Beginning of Message)  Single-click access to Mail, Calendar, Contacts...  “Rolling Calendar” view (additive weeks)  “Weekly Planner” view  Category colors  “Add Sender to Contacts”  “Reply to All” from Sent folder  “Paste as Plain Text”  Shortcut key (Ctrl-R / Ctrl-Shft-R)  Apple® Mac® Cocoa® support
  • 13. 13  Open mail database performance improved by 20% of first time open (>23% in 9.0.1!)  Open mail database subsequent opens improved by 5%  Subsequent Notes start-up time improved by 6%  Opening an email document is improved by 5%  Switching tabs improved by 3% IBM Notes 9 Performance improvements
  • 14. 14 Notes Application Virtualization  VMWare® ThinApp® , Micrsoft App-V® , Spoon Technology®  Encapsulates application from underlying operating system using a virtualization layer; allows local execution and integration with the OS without needing to be installed  Simplifies initial deployment and subsequent updates (e.g., FixPacks, enables easy piloting of new versions, etc.)  A number of large companies are piloting the use of Application Virtualization for their Notes and Notes Browser Plug-in deployments  IBM has announced full support for application virtualization – as part of the development process – via a white paper published in late-2013 ntation/notes/notesvirtualization/
  • 15. 15 What's ahead for Notes? “Candidates” → “Choice,” “Interop,” “Delighters”  Notes on Apple® Mac® 64-bit OS X®  Run rules on existing email messages  “IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook 2013” GA  Local archiving for SmartCloud Notes web  “Invitee can forward a meeting invitation as an invitation”  Delegate Calendar without delegating Contacts  Display Internet addresses instead of Notes addresses  Simplified archiving and mail clean-up  Simplified search user interface  Improved calendar interoperability with Microsoft Exchange®
  • 16. 16 IBM provides choice for client experience
  • 17. 17 IBM iNotes 9 Social Edition Global actions Launch Notes Browser Plug-in and Connections Enhanced search Improved cross-browser attachments area Social Theme: cleaner, modern, look, aligned with IBM portfolio Abbreviated dates Notes doc links
  • 18. 18 Color-coded left stripe Conflict indicator Double clicking open area allows easy creation of another entry at the same time IBM iNotes 9 – Calendar View updates Social Edition Invitations show by default
  • 19. 19 IBM iNotes 9.0 Social Edition Consumability:  Abbreviated dates  Quick find  Vastly improved Calendar Create, Edit and Notice forms  Calendar view improvements  NEW dynamic Scheduler widget  Import existing contacts from Microsoft® Outlook®  Return Receipt generation control  Paste images from clipboard (Firefox only)  Drag 'n Drop attachments (HTML 5 APIs)  Extensibility via Notes Widgets and Live Text (OpenSocial gadgets)  Open widget content in new sidebar panels or tabs  Secure attachment viewing (now on Greenhouse; planned for SmartCloud and on- premises)  Relocate folders Social integration:  Embedded Experiences  Activity Stream with “Updates” widget  Connections Files integration  IBM Social theme  NEW Notes links and web links, displayed together
  • 20. 20 IBM iNotes Modes: Optimized for Desktop and Mobile Full: ● Modern web experience ● Responsive Ajax client ● IBM Portfolio integration ● New accessible mode Ultra-light: ● Touch-optimized ● Default for mobile devices
  • 21. 21  iNotes 9.0.1 – Internet Explorer spell checking ~ up to 90% faster  iNotes 9.0 – Invitee opens meeting invitation from inbox ~ 50% savings – Chair creates a new calendar meeting ~ 30% savings  iNotes 8.5.x Improvements – Mail Compose form – 8.5.2 – Mail Read form – 8.5.1 – Framework, calendar views – 8.5 IBM iNotes Continued performance improvements Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlled environment. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experience will vary depending upon many factors, including considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the user's job stream, the I/O configuration, the storage configuration, and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can be given that an individual user will achieve results similar to those stated here.
  • 22. 22 What's ahead for iNotes? “Under consideration” ✔ Delegate Calendar and To-Do without delegating Contacts ✔ Update / Remove on-line meeting info ✔ Offline and Local archiving improvements ✔ System Tray Notifier for new messages and alarms ✔ Chrome: Drag attachments from message to desktop ✔ Mini-business cards when hover over names ✔ “Objectized” names within addressing input fields ✔ Simplified search user interface  Run rules on existing email messages  Invitee can forward a meeting invitation as an invitation  Contacts area modernization  Type-ahead within Starts With, Group by date  More full mode areas made accessible  Touch-friendly enhancements  Improved extensibility and customization  Customer-critical Notes feature parity  Improve group calendar area  Increased portfolio integration, symmetry and content sharing, particularly with IBM Connections  Analytics to help you focus on critical mail
  • 23. 23 IBM provides choice for client experience
  • 24. 24 ● Applications Problem: Can't access traditional Domino applications Notes Browser Plug-in: applications run in a browser with no design modification 9.0 + SmartCloud Notes Notes Browser Plug-in ● Applications ● Mail-enabled applications 9.0.1 + SmartCloud Notes Notes Browser Plug-in
  • 25. 25 IBM Notes Browser Plug-in Homepage Tips Links to most recently used applications
  • 26. 26 Notes application in the browser Notes Statusbar Notes Toolbar Notes Menus iNotes Integration Notes Application Area
  • 27. 27 IBM Notes 9.0 Browser Plug-in  Designed to easily extend applications previously available only to Notes users out to web browser users, as well  Provides a powerful compliment to existing XPages capabilities  Allows applications to run in a browser with no modification!  Lightweight install, similar to other plug-ins in size, deployment time and configuration requirements  Minimal limitations: – Windows only (for now, at least!) – Not designed to support mail template, rather, to work in conjunction with iNotes – Firefox and Internet Explorer along with Citrix, in first release  Licensing: Enterprise CAL, CEO Communications, Collaboration Express
  • 28. 28 IBM provides choice for client experience
  • 29. 29 March (9.0)  Notes Traveler 9 available on IBM i  Support for Microsoft® Windows® Phone 7.5/7.8 and 8.0  Support for Microsoft Windows RT™ /Pro™ Tablet  Support for BlackBerry® 10™ devices July (  Out-of-Office support  MDM APIs  Smart Forward/Reply  Prevent copying  Updated contact display Traveler 9 in 2013 Contacts on iOS®MobileIron® on Android® New options for securing Traveler data  Enhanced attachment security  MobileIron integration
  • 30. 30  Productivity enhancements – Sync trash folder – Response indicators in inbox – Sending S/MIME encrypted mail  Integrated collaboration suite – Sametime awareness – Integration with Connections services (Files, Communities, Activites)  Enhanced Support on Windows Phone – Calendaring, ToDos  Improving Traveler Security – MDM integration – DLP enhancements – Certificate-based authentication  Native Notes Traveler iOS! – Secure, single app – Cross-app integration – More Domino-specific features  Android “Client of the Future” Traveler 9 in 2014 NEW Android experience
  • 31. 31 IBM Notes Traveler 2014 Strategy and Priorities Traveler on iOS Full Notes Traveler iOS client Solution for those who need/want to move past current implementation limitations:  Security: Fully containerized client  Single App: No bouncing to other apps for common tasks: – Domino Encrypted Mail – Prevent Copy – Out of Office  Calendar: Address Domino incompatibilities with iOS calendar app  Domino specific features not available in on board apps: – Mail: two way draft folder sync, optimized mail search and sort – Calendar: free time search, delegation, to dos integration – Contacts: Domino specific fields & lookups  Cross app integration with Connections & Sametime (Sametime presence, direct Connections actions) Still provide integrated work & personal experience expected by iOS users  Multiple mail, calendar, contacts accounts accessible via a single app
  • 32. 32 IBM provides choice for client experience
  • 33. 33 What is IBM Mail Support for MS Outlook 2013?  Allows Domino 9.0.x and Outlook 2013 to communicate via Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) – Outlook 2013 natively offers EAS account configuration – This is a capability vs. separate solution (i.e., IMAP, POP3, etc.)  A lightweight Outlook 2013 add-in exposes additional functionality beyond what Outlook 2013 natively offers for EAS configurations – Leverages Domino REST services  Capabilities – Mail, calendar, contacts, delegation, offline, search, Notes encryption, OOO, etc.  Limitations – Outlook 2013 only (Win 7+) ● No support for prior Outlook versions possible (only Outlook 2013 supports EAS v14) ● No Mac support (EAS not supported for Mac Outlook offerings)
  • 34. 34 IBM Mail for MS Outlook - Requirements  Client – Outlook 2013 on Windows only  Server – Windows 64-bit / Domino 64-bit platform – Requires: ● Domino release 9.0.x ● HTTP protocol ● IDVault – Language: English Only  Other considerations: – Clients must use local mail files (this is a synching solution, which means there is no direct server access of mail files)
  • 35. Full calendar, free/busy time support in either client...
  • 36. In Outlook 2013, open Doclinks in Notes Browser Plug-in...
  • 37. 37 Target Milestones  Started Q2 / continues through Q3 2013 – Alpha / Code Drop 1 – Alpha will be limited to around 6 customers  Q4 2013 “Limited Availability” release in conjunction with IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.x – Release will be limited to ~100 customers – Platform/Language: Windows, English Only  Additional “Limited Availability” releases throughout 2014 – Releases to incorporate customer feedback and solidify capabilities – Delivery mechanisms to be determined (e.g., Solution Catalog delivery similar to Connections Mail) – General Availability would align with future Domino release – Cloud availability for SmartCloud Notes targeted for Q1 2014
  • 38. 38 IBM provides choice for client experience
  • 39. 39 Domino 2013  9.0 – SAML Single Sign On support – Notes Federated Login - No ID file, No Problem – Security Enhancements – TLS and SHA-2 support – OAuth Support - Open Standard for Authorization – DBMT → DataBase Management Tool – IBM Domino 9 Hypervisor Edition  9.0.1 – Quality: Notes / Domino Social edition 9.0.1 was focused at addressing important IBM customer reported defects – XPages Mobile enhancements: detect device type, orientation, event changes – New REST calendar service
  • 40. 40 IBM Domino On-boarding Manager  Migrate email, calendar, contacts from Exchange 2003/2007/2010 into Domino  Active Directory migration to automatically create users and groups in the Domino directory ● Supports Active Directory 2003 and 2008  Requires Notes 9.0+ on the migration workstation  Migrated NSF files can run on Notes/Domino 9.0.x and the latest 8.5.x version  For important PST files, can import to Exchange server then do the migration  Has been used by some customers/partners in North America, Europe, and  Asia Pacific, with the largest single user data size >30GB  Are you interested now? ● Please contact your local ISSC rep for project planning and migration. – On site migration – Migration utility setup on Softlayer cloud for PST uploads and migration – Better planning, issue isolation and savings on learning curve ● A Limited Beta is available customers/partners who have a project can be invited to get the build. Please let us know if you are interested!
  • 41. 41 Domino 2014 – Focus on Enhancing Search  We recognize this is an important area to focus on as information stored in mailfiles and application databases continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Changes to date have been incremental as the underpinning is still based on GTR – Move FullText indexes to a separate disk – Better management of index updates – Fixing bugs as they come up  Limitations solved by newer technologies like Apache Solr (  Advantages to Solr – Accessible via multiple programming languages(REST like APIs) – Highly scalable – Allows for full-text search
  • 42. 42 Simultaneous Language Ship  Currently it takes roughly 90 days from English release to complete localization, testing and shipping all of the Language releases  In the future we plan to simultaneous ship language release for Notes/Domino instead of staggered releases.  The beginnings of this work has occurred in 9.0.1 where we switched to using the IBM Translation Service Center
  • 43. 43 IBM provides choice for Cloud Deployment
  • 44. 44 August 2013 IBM SmartCloud for Social Business 44 SmartCloud Engage Advanced: Portfolio Overview Dashboard Your personal homepage, providing you with a consolidated overview of your business network People The People feature allows you to manage your contacts and connections; project your personal Profile Communities Collect resources and share among people with common interests, responsibilities or joint projects Activities Introduce new projects, track a meeting to-do list, brainstorm new solutions and more Files An online space for storing and sharing documents, presentations, bookmarks and content collections Forms Create and publish surveys and forms for your business Events Online event management – manage registration, host your event and conduct post event analysis Meetings Share your entire screen, publish select documents and even attend a meeting via your smartphone Instant Messaging Communicate in real-time – text chat instantly with business contacts and colleagues E-mail Enterprise-ready Web, Mobile and Rich Client e-mail capabilities Calendar View your colleagues' free and busy times and create and share multiple calendars IBM Docs Web-based editors for creating, sharing and collaboratively authoring word processor, spreadsheet and presentation documents
  • 45. 45 28/03/14 SmartCloud for Social Business - Open Mic - What's New in SmartCloud N45 120 IBM SmartCloud Notes Offerings
  • 46. 46
  • 47. 47
  • 48. Moving To Cloud… Simplified With the “Bridge to Cloud” Play Renew mail subscriptions ….and apply on-premises investments to seats in the cloud ……for little to no additional cost
  • 49. 49 IBM provides choice for client experience IBM MailIBM Mail NextNext
  • 50. 50 w a s te w ork tim e We a lot of a t
  • 51. 51 Organizations lose: § $1,250 per user in annual productivity because of time spent dealing with spam § $1,800 per user on unnecessary emails from co-workers Source:
  • 52. IBM Mail Next Focus on your work, not your inbox Empowered mail that helps you: § Focus on your top priorities § Find anything in your inbox or archive § Dominate your action items 52 IBM Mail Next § FAST search § TUNE-IN the important, TUNE-OUT the yammering § OPTIMIZED for mobile, web § DELIVERED in the cloud Designs Subject To Change
  • 53. IBM Mail Next 53 My calendar Things “I owe” others Things “others owe me” Dashboard My “VIPs,” or management chain, or experts, or… Designs Subject To Change
  • 54. IBM Mail Next 54 Hover and click (or gesture on mobile device) “Flip” to reveal meeting details Go to my inbox “What needs my attention?” Designs Subject To Change
  • 55. IBM Mail Next 55 Team analytics “What’s new?” “Mute” a thread or conversation Designs Subject To Change
  • 56. IBM Mail Next 56 Team analytics Designs Subject To Change
  • 57. IBM Mail Next 57 Easily share content with a community In-line attachment preview Powerful, faceted Search Designs Subject To Change
  • 58. © 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Collaboration Update Darren Belford Stuart Duguid Client Technical Professionals | IBM Collaboration Solutions
  • 59. What an IBM “Cloud First” Approach Means Marketing / Offering  Awareness Get the word out  Reach Let customers know that IBM has an extensive portfolio of cloud solutions and expertise  Offerings Provide turnkey set of public / private / hybrid solutions and guidance on how to choose Sales& Adoption  Offer range of deployment models based on customer needs  Provide licensing and contract options that make it easy to adopt Development  Single code stream with defined release cycles for all delivery models  Continuous Delivery to speed deployment and updates to public / private cloud  Cumulative On-Premises release cadence  Design Thinking: team with customers to build powerful user experience, quickly realised with our cloud services
  • 60. Announcing IBM Connections Social Networking Meetings Docs Mail Chat Content XPages IBM Connections platform IBM Connections SDK tool-kit
  • 61. 61 Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose 1 Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace, September 2013 2 Source: The Forrester Wave™: File Sync and Share, Q3 2013; Cloud Strategies for Online Collaboration Software Vendors, Q3 2012, and Enterprise Social Platforms, Q3 2011, Forrester Research, Inc. 3 Source: IDC: Number 1 position from 2009-2012, IDC Worldwide Enterprise Social Software 2013-2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares: From ESS to ESN, doc #241323, June 2013. 4 Source: Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Social Software, September 2012 IBM Social Business Leadership
  • 62. 62 IBM Connections 4.5 IBM Connections Content Manager Outlook Sidebar Plug-in Activity stream portlet Cloud: Mobile Community files, forums, bookmarks On-prem: Mobile @-mentions Mobile post to community/profile Mobile single tap to view file Mobile access Downloads from main nav J a n M a r J u n S e p t D e c IBM Docs on Mobile cloud AirPrint support (cloud/on- prem) Next Gen Theme (on-prem) Cloud: Cloud update to Connections 4.5 Next Gen Theme, Global search MS Office & Desktop plugins Mobile Community folders, Mobile contacts On-prem: IBM BPM & Connections integration Government 2.0 Template for Portal Mobile two factor authentication Mobile action required in streams Cloud: Activity Streams & Microblogging Community microblogging Social bridging (cloud/on-prem) Community Events View open questions per community Threaded comments in blogs Edit comments in blogs Email digests Wiki Table of contents Mobile microblogging & file sync Notifications in mobile open mobile app New media gallery / wikis (cloud/on-prem) On-prem: Community polls/surveys OpenOffice plug-in for Connections Quickr → CCM migration tools Mobile: Support iPad Mini/ iOS 6.1 I'm Following view now default IBM File Viewer (on-prem) IBM Connectio ns Suite 4.5.1 Cloud: File Sync on desktop Increase % of relevant info in stream Consolidated views in homepage Activity stream badging Community polls/surveys Community landing page Community soft delete @mentions in blogs/ideation Separate My Activities/Communities View forum replies sequentially Mobile Push Notifications for Action Required On-prem: Community-owned folders Mobile file sync CCM on Mobile AirPlay of Docs presentations IBM Connections Deliveries in 2013
  • 63. Collaboration outside my organisation Business Challenge ● Working on a detailed response document to a tender, involving Business Partners and Contractors ● Several members of the team, including Paul are traveling overseas & only carrying a tablet. ● Need to ensure we are all working from the same document ● The deadline for submission is non-negotiable Solution ● By utilising the Collaboration capabilities within SmartCloud for Social Business, I can effectively share and collaborate with the right people instantly Benefits ● Fast and Effective - Share files easily and effectively both inside and outside my organisation, allowing for document control ● Access from anywhere, anytime Let's look at some of these new 2013 features in action...
  • 64. 64 12  Web-based survey/poll designer  Create single question polls  Multiple questions in one page  Define which responses are required  Place questions in a logical order on a page  Control how questions flow with rules  Notifications in the stream to raise awareness and engagement Polls and Surveys Get a pulse on your team
  • 65. 65 Browse through media quickly and upload using device camera  New Media Gallery Layout  Take pictures and videos in the field and collaborate with those back in the office  Take snapshots of a whiteboard and share back meeting notes Mobile Anytime anywhere collaboration
  • 66. Announcing IBM Connections Social Networking Meetings Docs Mail Chat Content XPages IBM Connections platform IBM Connections SDK tool-kit
  • 67. IBM Sametime 9 DEVELOPMENT BETA PROGRAM LAUNCH DATES 7 Sites 3 Continents 15 Months 480+ Testers 35 Customers Cloud and On-Premises 3 Months Announcement: Sep 10 Virtual Event: Sep 18 GA: Sep 20
  • 68. 68 § A modernized user experience – A significant and very interesting makeover § Rich communications – Voice is required, video is strategic § Mobile – Primary and first for delivering innovation § Enhancing the social experience – Because social isn’t social if you can’t communicate § Platform and feature enhancements – Updates, fixes, improvements... § New packaging – Simpler and easier to sell IBM Connections Chat & Meetings (Sametime 9) Themes Delivered September 2013
  • 69. 69 One UI benefits for the Sametime 9 user experience § An improved desktop client – Fewer steps to get to a menu option – Shorter context menus – High-priority functions moved to single-click (or tap) access § Faster Web clients – Twice as fast compared to Sametime 8.5.x § Beautiful mobile apps – Intuitive, elegant and easy to use § A consistent look-and-feel – Across clients – Consistent with the greater portfolio
  • 70. 70 Mobile chat § Soft phone – Dial-out to PSTN over the data network – SUT ring-back support § Point-to-point video on tablets § Point-to-point audio for phones § Push notification support for Android – Incoming messages pushed from Google® Cloud Messaging® while in background – Improves battery life § One UI alignment for tablets – A consistent user experience with PC clients § Device and OS support updates – Apple® iOS® 7.x – Google® Android® 4.x
  • 71. 71 § Smarter Meetings concept – Scheduled meetings view • IBM Notes, Microsoft® Outlook® – One-tap join – Audio-only meetings (conference calls) – Invited-vs.-present view – Device-side annotations – Preview mode for shared documents – Continuous-presence A/V for tablets – Server-side recordings support – Remote control (device to desktop) – Integration with IBM Connections • Files, Profiles § One UI alignment (phones and tablets) § iOS 7.x and Android 4.x Mobile meetings
  • 72. 72 Social features included in this release § Integration with Connections – Meetings integration with Files • Web meetings client • Mobile meetings app – Integration with Profiles • Mobile meetings app – Community widgets • Video Chat • Persistent Chat Rooms • Meeting Rooms § Improvements to community features – One UI alignment – Improved notifications and alerts for Persistent Chat Rooms – New policies for managing screen sharing
  • 73. 73 IBM Sametime® 9 Deployment Architecture Meeting Server Community Server SIP Proxy / Registrar Conference Manager Telephony Application Server Telephony Control Server Sametime Proxy SIP Edge Server TURN Server TCSPI HTTP Reverse Proxy Sametime Unified Telephony Media Subsystem Firewall Traversal DMZ Enterprise Telephony HTTP Virtual Places (VP) SIP Media (RTP) API Voice / Video Component Sametime Dependency 3rd Party Component VMGR Cluster Video Manager Video Manager Video MCU Video MCU Site 1 Site 2 VMCU Pool Wondering why you should care about desktop video? External Access
  • 74. 7474 Studies have shown > 90% of communication is non-verbal Increased productivity is now cited as greatest benefit of video Your remote workforce wants to feel more engaged Your customers may have questions
  • 75. 75 But don’t take our word for it… hear what experts in the industry have to say Reference: Weinstein, Ira M., Nilssen, Andy 2013. “End User Survey: The “Real” Benefits of Video” Wainhouse Research, LLC
  • 76. 76 Regional Management More frequent quality engagement Business Challenge • Individual interaction with regionally dispersed site management • Infrequent visits due to distance and time Solution • Leveraging Sametime regional managers can have face to face engagement with local teams • Let's take a look – Demo time. Benefits • Dispersed teams can share solutions to similar challenges across locations • Management and local teams form a more personal bond and with adhoc real-time communication reach decisions faster and gain efficiency • High Quality & Secure User Experience – Both internally and externally • Faster time to access A/V services & meetings – Increases Productivity • Integrated Library – Ease of access to Meeting history • Meetings easily recorded and shared... - Ideal for training
  • 77. 77 Regional Management Remote Expert Customer Support Recruiting and Onboarding
  • 78. 78 Citrix® or other Virtual Desktop solutions Today Future Directions*  Citrix is supported for most Sametime features – Not including audio, video, and telephony  Testing reveals some working A/V scenarios – Especially for audio and telephony – Not supported today, but will be eventually – Operates in “compatibility mode”, via Citrix server – Not scalable, especially for video use  Enhance support to include “optimized mode” – Streams directly to/from the client – Scalable for an enterprise solution  Support H.264 SVC Thin Client VDI Server Remote Endpoint Sametime Client SIP Media Built-in Device Handlers Thin Client VDI Server Remote Endpoint Sametime Client Sametime Media Plug-in * Future directions are areas we considering for future development
  • 79. 79 The Roadmap for 2014 1Q14 2Q14 3Q14 4Q 14 CloudPre mis es  Meetings to Sametime 9  “Present In Meetings” from Files  Web chat to Sametime 9  File transfer from web chat  Chrome support 79  1:1 Audio & Video Calls, including mobile  Chat with guest users  Screen capture from web chat  Web chat file transfer from Connections files  App Share Improvements  Communities own Meeting Rooms  Communities and public groups in IM contact lists  Rich client APIs and plug-ins  Rich client Meeting Support  Multi-point AV in meetings, including mobile  Whiteboard  Java-free App Share for Windows  IBM Docs with integrated chat  Sharepoint 2013 Integration  Security Updates  Chat Logging for Persistent Chat Rooms  Security Updates  Connections Chat 9.x  Connections Meetings 9.x Mob ile  Audio & Video on Smart Phones (Chat & Meetings)  Use Audio & Video as guest in Cloud Meetings  Federated ID authentication for Cloud  MDM integration with Mobile Iron & Fiberlink  Support for Cloud Audio Conferencing  Incoming call support (Chat)  Room moderator dial out (Meetings)  Audio-only to full meeting escalation (Meetings)  Whiteboard (Meetings)  Windows phone (no av)
  • 80. 80 IBM Connections - 2014 Focus
  • 81. 8123
  • 82. 82 Employees can be designated to create an external community Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Create a community for external collaboration
  • 83. 83 Typeahead will find external people who are already registered Yellow bar remains fixed to identify the community as external Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Invite an external user into community
  • 84. 84 Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Integrates with your business control systems to allow invitation directly from within the community Invite anyone with just an email address
  • 85. 85 New user must register with the system, and then logs in Designs Subject to Change Without Notice First time experience for new users
  • 86. 86 External user only sees what they have access to (Communities or Files) Designs Subject to Change Without Notice First time experience for new users
  • 87. 87 All community content is available to the external user Designs Subject to Change Without Notice External users comes into the community
  • 88. 88 External users can see business cards but not Profiles; cannot view the directory Designs Subject to Change Without Notice External user sees basic business card for members
  • 89. 89 Easily identify external users anywhere in Connections Designs Subject to Change Without Notice External user comments in the Activity Stream
  • 90. 90 Employees can find external users in the directory & can see their profiles Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Viewing an external user
  • 91. 91 Default text can be used or a personal message from the inviter Clear actions for the recipient to take Option to learn more Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Improved email notifications
  • 92. 92  Synchronize files between your Connections files repository, your desktop file system, and your mobile devices.  Round trip editing with local changes updated automatically.  Have the latest version available at all times. Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Synchronize files to your desktop
  • 93. 93  Archive all Connections content including CCM documents with IBM Content Collector for compliance  Broad release of Quickr to CCM migration tool  Windows Explorer integration  Usage Metrics  MS Office integration  Combined Community Files & CCM Files Designs Subject toPlans are subject to change without Designs Subject to Change Without Notice CCM Enhancements
  • 94. 94  Day at a Glance to quickly scan for new and updated info  Notifications to be alerted to important info  History to find your way back  Saved Searches to focus on specific projects or people  Updated UI for iOS 7 and Android to drive engagement  Updated Blogs UX to optimize finding and reading  Personalized navigation to make it easier to get around  Search enhancements for better results 22 Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Mobile Updates and Enhancements
  • 95. 95  A new way to navigate ● Customizable to each user's needs ● Favorite your most visited areas ● Get back to recent places with History view  Tune the stream to your needs ● Search and filter the stream makes finding content easier ● Custom streams of people and communities  A fresh look at blogs ● One screen hub for all blogging needs ● An amazing reading experience ● Pin posts to read later –Search and explore content Designs Subject toDesigns Subject to Change Without Notice Mobile Updates and Enhancements
  • 96. 96 Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Instant access to the recently visited content you care about IBM Connections Homepage Quick access to the content you need
  • 97. 97 Search Activity Stream to find messages and content Designs Subject to Change Without Notice IBM Connections Homepage Search your stream and find what you need
  • 98. 98  Just type, no waiting – fast look-up  Personalized results find users by partial name matches via your extended network relationships  Find your contact even with misspellings  Combine names with tags to refine results Designs Subject to Change Without Notice People typeahead search Find who you need – now!
  • 99. 99 Designs Subject to Change Without Notice @-mentions everywhere
  • 100. 100 Organise your community files in folders. Follow a community folder to get notified of new documents. Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Community Folders
  • 101. 101 Preview file contents from within your community files Expanded detail on files shows preview or playback of content Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Create custom gallery based on community folder Consolidated file viewer in Communities
  • 102. 102 Designs Subject to Change Without Notice Ephox Rich Text Editor Paste images directly into the rich text editorQuickly and easily embed files within the rich text editor
  • 103. Kenexa - Acquisition Intent to Talent Suite August 2012………………….December 2012……………………………………………Connect 2014
  • 104. Workforce Science Understand what is unique about people and build the hiring, development and retention mechanisms to make them successful Apply Watson Foundations capabilities in big data and analytics to make evidence- based decisions Digital Experience Enhance how the workforce experiences HR solutions and easily connect to other systems with an exceptional digital experience – designed by humans, for humans Social Collaboration Connect your workforce to people and information to increase speed to productivity and innovation Use change management methodologies to ensure adoption and drive success of all talent programs What’s Different about the IBM Kenexa Talent Suite?
  • 105. IBM Smarter Workforce –Talent Suite 105 Listen to the voice of your organization and engage your workforce Make smarter decisions with Big Data insights Invest wisely in your employees Attract the very best talent get them productive Connect employees to the information they need ✔ Employment Branding ✔ Recruitment Technology ✔ Candidate Assessment ✔ Onboarding ✔ Recruitment Outsourcing ✔ Reporting ✔ Predictive Analytics ✔ Cognitive Analytics ✔ Compensation Planning ✔ Recognition and Rewards ✔ Enterprise Talent Frameworks ✔ Social Learning ✔ Learning (LMS & LCMS) ✔ Performance Management ✔ Social Collaboration (Connections) ✔ Expertise Locator ✔ Enterprise Talent Frameworks ✔ Leadership Assessment ✔ Leadership Development ✔ Engagement Surveys ✔ Succession Planning ✔ Mobile Feedback
  • 106. Smarter Workforce - 120,000 global employees 26 countries deployed 23 candidate languages deployed 10,000 global system users 1,000,000 CVs loaded annually (avg) 30,000 annual new hires (avg) • Achieve an efficient, effective and faster recruitment process • Flexibility • One consistent external employment ‘brand’ • User-friendly, unified career website for all internal and external candidates • Accommodate diverse hiring needs • Accommodate large numbers of unsolicited applications • Integration with several internal HR systems • Language support The 480,000 Glut
  • 107. Copyright Kenexa®, 20127 7 The sift (25,000 employees needed/year out of 480k) ROI Retention (25% turnover in first year) 40k/month apply X .85 sifted out @ three hours per applicant @ $35/hr = $105 X 34k sifted out = $3,570,000 in savings 31,250 people X $35,000 annual pay X 144% = $50,400. Stats say 30+% leave (due to cultural fit) 9,375 X $50,400 = $4,725,000/year
  • 108. The IBM Kenexa Talent Suite A science-based, socially integrated user experience for workforce development and employee engagement 108 • Attract and hire people like your best employees • Accelerate new hire productivity with social engagement • Align employee performance with business objectives by providing continuous feedback • Retain top employees with market-competitive pay and tailored rewards • Drive business results with an interconnected and collaborative workforce
  • 109. © 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Web Platform Update Stuart Duguid Client Technical Professional | IBM Collaboration Solutions
  • 110. 110 Components of Digital Experience  Integrated core platform  Open and robust integration  Decisions through analytics  Tailored to location, attributes, preferences, device, behaviors  Flexible to new technology
  • 111. 111 2013 Release Highlights 2013  In-line editing of web content  In-line visual content targeting  Micro-Site wizard  Adaptive/Responsive Web Design (RWD)  Social Media Publishing  Social Rendering  IBM Install Manager Support Digital Experience Offerings V8.0.0.1  Embedded Digital Asset Management  IBM WebContent Manager Rich Media Edition  IBM Customer Experience Suite RichMedia Edition New Digital Experience Rich Media Edition Offerings  Survey/Polls for IBM Connections  Integration with WebSphere Portal IBM Forms Experience Builder V8.5  Private Cloud application patterns  X86 and Power platforms Digital Experience on Power / AIX PureApplication System Continuous Stream Delivery IBM Connections 4.5 Portlets Content Template Catalog 4 Site Builder 4.1 IBM Connections Content Manager Entitlement Government Site Template IBM Unica NetInsight Integration IBM Interact Content Spot Support IBM Marketing Center Content Spot Support IBM Web Content Manager support for IBM WebSphere Commerce IBM Smarter Commerce Integrations
  • 112. 112 2014 Plans
  • 113. 113 Components of Digital Experience
  • 114. 114 Device support capabilities – detect & respond Desktop
  • 115. 115 Support Native Mobile Apps  Better leverage the theme optimization framework with Worklight – Device Classes – High Performance resources by device – Worklight only resources  Co-deploy Worklight and Portal  Better support for pre-loaded content within Worklight apps
  • 116. 116 Components of Digital Experience
  • 117. 117 Content Template Catalog 4.1.2  New templates
  • 118. 118 Fully inline edit Rich Text
  • 119. 119 CTC Site Builder  Seed content  Background tasks  Site sections
  • 120. 120 CTC Future plans*  4.Next on Portal/WCM 8.Next in 2014 Q2  Then – Full managed pages support – JQuery UI widgets – Full Multi-Lingual support – Additional templates
  • 121. 121 Vanity URLs  Stored and managed in WCM (including support for Syndication) Portal beta
  • 122. 122 WCM Content Security  Consistency with Portal Security – Roles, inheritance, propagation  Attribute Based Security (shipped v8.0.0.1) – Simple but flexible Portal beta
  • 123. 123 Project Templates  who has access to the project – versus specific items in the project  the list of reviewers/approvers  the workflow actions for project approval Portal beta
  • 124. 124 EditLive Enterprise  New entitlement features – Embed Social Media more easily – HTML5 Support – Commenting – Mobile Preview – Accessibility
  • 125. 125 WebRadar Entitlement  WCM content analytics and reporting
  • 126. 126 Cross Version Syndication  Content migration is now much simpler  Syndication between releases is supported on these versions: – From version with CF26 or higher – To version with CF09 or higher Now Available
  • 127. 127 Enhancements for Syndication  Quality, Scalability and Performance  Version Catalog Comparison ReST Service  Improved error handling  Syndication status for each item in authoring UI Portal beta
  • 128. 128 Rich Media Edition  Seamlessly integrated  Multi-channel consistency  Centralized management, search and comprehensive editing support for images, video and more  Collaborative features for creative professionals  V8.0.0.1 CF9 added – DB2 support, – support of all portal LDAPs, – UI improvements – Install improvements
  • 129. 129 Deliver and Stream HD Videos  Automatically detects device and bandwidth – Use best rendition for highest quality playback  Customize player branding  CDN integration for fast and secure delivery across the globe Portal beta
  • 130. 130 Components of Digital Experience
  • 131. 131 Components of Digital Experience
  • 132. 132 Enhanced inline targeting  Hide portlet by segment/device  Exclude segments in targeting rule. Portal beta
  • 133. 133 Content Targeting with external Marketing Tools  IBM Interact and IBM Marketing Center Available Now on Catalog
  • 134. 134 Components of Digital Experience
  • 135. 135 Commerce with WCM Content  Add WCM content to items in store  Pick from WCM within e-marketing spots  Link, preview, and publish from Commerce Now Available
  • 136. 136 Components of Digital Experience
  • 137. 137 WCM Social Rendering  Use WCM templates to show Connections content  Full control over appearance  Select relevant content with filters Now Available
  • 138. 138 Further Social Integration  Discuss web content items – Connections discussion forum automatic link to WCM content – Read and post  WCM presentation templates – include responsive design Portal beta
  • 139. 139 Even More Social Integration  More update actions –like/unlike, join/leave, create/delete...  Dynamic lists update filters from portlet events  Link social list instances to page trees Portal beta
  • 140. 140
  • 141. 141 Components of Digital Experience
  • 142. 142 Digital Data Connector  WCM presentation templates used to render any external content  Dynamic filtering using public render parameters  No custom coding – Rendering profiles transform external data into lists  Being used extensively within IBM for integrating IBM solutions  Presentations and designs use workflow, projects, preview, versioning, syndication  Generic and shared caching and data retrieval infrastructure Portal beta infuse Query markup
  • 143. 143 Integrating remote XML Data without coding WebSphere Portal XML Web Content Viewer Portlet Markup Portal Page WCM Presentation Template Generic Bean List Data Structure DDC XML Plugin
  • 144. 144 Script Portlets  Create portlets from HTML, JavaScript, and CSS only  Stored and managed in WCM  Access to – Shared render parms – Portlet preferences – Portal AJAX proxy – Script snippets – Portal Styles – etc Portal beta
  • 145. 145  Create portlets from HTML, JavaScript, and CSS only
  • 146. 146 Components of Digital Experience
  • 147. 147 Operational improvements  Search quality improvement  Lightweight tagging and rating  HTTP Outbound Integration – Single Reverse Proxy  WAS 8.5 Support –JSR 286 and WSRP on Liberty profile  Updated tools – WEF, RAD v9.0.1 Now Available
  • 148. 148 Portal UX Screen Flow Manager  Screenflows are defined declaratively and connect reusable UI components Now Available
  • 149. 149 Theme Improvements  Simplification  More useful errors  Analysis tool for theme components  Theme packaging for staging to production  Reduced Dojo consumption  Tool Bar Isolation
  • 150. 150 IBM's Exceptional Digital Experience Strategy
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