19th century time line evan kelling


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19th century time line evan kelling

  1. 1. 19th Century Time Line Evan kelling
  2. 2. After the civil war, demand for beef rapidly grew. The first stock yards opened in 1865. 1862 1864 1865 1890Homestead act Massacre at Sand Battle of Woundedintroduced. This Creek. Cheyenne Knee Creek. Siouxgave citizens 160 Indians returned were moved to thisacres of free camp, and had to Sand Creekfederal land to their weapons Reservation, and taken, a shot wentoccupy west of were killed by off and the federalthe Mississippi federal troops. soldiers openedriver, by just filling fireout an application
  3. 3. 1866 1867 1867 1868The “cowboy” Government takes Patrons of Union pacific andbegan to grow greenbacks out of Husbandry started the Central pacificmore in popularity circulation, which to help farmers railroadand were working made the value of families with companies bothon the plains with money rise but education. were buildingcattle. lowered prices of transcontinental farmers crops, rail roads. and made debts higher.
  4. 4. 1862 1869 1885 1890Morrill act passed, Farm equipment Farms began to More than 900which gave begins to get suffer from manufactures offederal land to better and easier droughts and farm equipmentstates for to use with bigger many declared were in service byagricultural results bankruptcy, this this time.colleges lasted till about 1890
  5. 5. 1892 1893 1894 Panic of 1893,Populist Party multiple railroad By December ofhost convention to companies this year 1 fifth oflift debts for declared the Americanfarmers. bankruptcy. The population was price of gold and unemployed, with silver fell, and some starving over 15000 also. businesses and 500 banks closed
  6. 6. Christopher Sholes created the typewriter which changed the world of work. 1659 1867 1867Edwin L. Drake, Thomas Alvainvented the first Edisonsteam engine to established thedrill for oil, which first research lab,created a boom where he madefor oil refining all the firstaround. incandescent light bulb.
  7. 7. 1869 1869 1870 1873The Central Professor C. F John D. Andrew Carnegiepacific and Union Dowd proposed Rockefeller’s entered the steelpacific railroads the earths surface standard oil business to becomemeet at Utah to company was one of the richest be divided into 24finish the first started and ran men in the world by time zones, which about 3% of thetranscontinental making the steel for helped times with countries crude oil.railroad, the railroads. the railroad going He ended up beinggolden spike was coast to coast. the richest man input down to the world.symbolize this.
  8. 8. 1886 1876 1877 The Haymarket 1888 Affair; about 3000The telephone people gathered First railroad Great strike ofwas unveiled by at Chicagos statistics 1887, workers atAlexander Haymarket square published for the Baltimore andGraham Bell and to protest against casualties. 2000 Ohio railroadThomas Watson. police brutality, a employees died company went onWhich opened the bomb was thrown and 20,000 were strike for terriblyway for a new way at police, the injured. low wages, whichof worldwide police then fired spread to othercommunication. on the crowd. railroad lines.
  9. 9. 1892 1893 1894 1894Workers at Pullman companyCarnegie’s steel Panic of 1893 strike started after Scabs, or strikemill went on strike caused the they didn’t raise breakers, werebecause they Pullman steel wages, the strike hired in factoriesfound out their turned violent and for lower wages to company to lay offwages were being president Grover keep the factory more than half of Cleveland had to operating duringcut. Henry Frick its employees andhired body guards call in federal the strike. cut wages by 25- troopsto keep it open butit didn’t work 50%
  10. 10. 1870 1870 1871 1973Europeans had to Industrial Boss Tweed Led Street carsstop at Ellis strength grew the Tweed Ring introduced in SanIsland to be which led to Group. A group of Francisco foradmitted into the growth of cities corrupt betterunited states. It known as politicians, trying transportation.Ended up being urbanization. to defraud thethe chief city.immigrationstation in the US.
  11. 11. 1882 1883Congress closed Once politicaloff Chinese Political The machines machines come would get people machines hadimmigration for their candidates10 years by about, organized jobs; the workers group which would charge the in office theypassing the would graft,Chinese offered services city more for to voters and supplies than which is theExclusion Act. illegal use of business’s for usual and gave political or the profits to the political influence financial support. machines. for personal gain.
  12. 12. 1885 1890 1910Reformers began On the western By this timeto press for civil side of the US immigrantservice, gave many Asians families made upgovernment mostly Chinese more than half theadministration went through population of 18jobs to people no Angel Island in major Americanmatter what their San Francisco cities.views were and bay, to get intosimply had to be the US.qualified.
  13. 13. 1857 1870 1881 1883Frederick Law Southern states Booker T. John PulitzerOlmsted was put passed racial Washington Buys “New Yorkin charge of segregation laws heads the World” paperplanning urban Tuskegee Normal company. to separate whiteparks. Drew up a and black people and Industrialplan for in public and Institute, noGreensward to private facilities. called Tuskegeebecome central University,park. located in Alabama.
  14. 14. 1884 1886 1892 1895 Richard Sears Ida B. Wells W.E.B. Du BoisMark Twain starts his mail starting editing became the firstPublishes “The order catalog for a paper and African Americanadventures of company, by reported about to receive aHuckleberry Fin” 1910 10 million racial justice. doctorate fromwhich became people ordered Harvardfamous for from the mail. Universityportraying life onthe Mississippi.
  15. 15. 1895 1896 1902 1903William In the case of Orville and Many MexicansRandolph Hurst Plessy Vs. Wilbur Wright and Africanbuys the New Ferguson the Americans were have the firstYork Morning supreme court forced into debt successful flightJournal, him and ruled separation peonage, which with the biplane.Pulitzer end up of races in bound them to It covered 120being very public areas was slavery until their feet and flew forcompetitive. legal. debt to their 12 seconds. owner was paid off.
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