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Presentation public speaking
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Presentation public speaking


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  • 2. Colin Stokes• Colin Stokes is a proud father who has always had a passion for raising his son and daughter the morally best way possible. In his speech he questions how movies are raising our youth and what message they are sending.
  • 3. THESIS: How movies are teaching manhood throughout time.
  • 4. Capturing The Audiences AttentionColin starts his speech bydescribing how his children havealways meant so much to him. Hestarts with informing the audienceabout the first time he let hisdaughter watch The Wizard of Oz.He then describes how The Wizardof Oz uses female charactersthroughout the entire story. Thiseventually leads him to more of hisspeech to open up for theaudience.
  • 5. Keeping The Audiences AttentionHe keeps the audiencesattention by thencomparing The Wizardof Oz to Star Wars. Hetalks about how his sonsaw Star Wars and fellin love with it, but hequestioned why. Colinidentifies how similarthe two movies are, butwith a completelydifferent outlook onthe characters.
  • 6. TED COMMANDMENTS• Colin uses the TED commandments well he engages the audiences attention throughout the entire speech by keeping focused on his topic, but with a sense of humor. The commandment that he followed the best was Thou Shalt Tell A Story. He uses real life incidents with his children to show how movies are making people grow up thinking certain ways because of the examples on the big screen.
  • 7. Colin uses a great topic to get theDynamism Grade:4/5 audiences attention. Just at times it seemed as if he was a little nervous about his speech. This was more towards the beginning of the speech, but he eventually overcame his nerves and delivered a great speech.
  • 8. CREATIVITY:Colins view on creativity shows us that sometimes it can directus toward the wrong path. He emphasizes that creativity canlead us in the right direction in teaching us what is right andwhat is wrong. I don’t believe that this disagrees with KenRobinsons speech but it’s kind of a directional look towardsRobinsons speech
  • 9. - In comparison with theirtechnical side of each speechthey both use real life situationsand visual effects to stimulatethe audiences attention.-The biggest difference of thetwo speeches was how muchmore confidence in publicspeaking Robinson has overStokes.
  • 10. I’ve learned through Colin’s speech that I mustkeep it direct but add some real life situations.Keeping the audiences attention can be hardwithout any comical relief.
  • 11. Tips for my classmates My Classmates:• TED Talks has taught me some very knowledgeable things when it comes to public speaking I would recommend that every classmate try would try to use the TED commandments.TED Talks has taught me some very knowledgeablethings when it comes to public speaking I wouldrecommend that every classmate try would try to usethe TED commandments.
  • 12. Images•••• users-sschlegel-pictures-question-mark-man/• methods-of-teaching.html