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Evan Hanlon Creative Book

  1. 1. MY STUFFA selection of creative work, 2008-2011 Evan Hanlon! 204 11th St.! Brooklyn, NY 11215! #: 631.848.8125! E: evan.hanlon@gmail.com!
  2. 2. REED MIDEMReed Midem puts on the world’s largestentertainment market twice a year withMIPTV and MIPCOM. Taking place inCannes for a week, it gathers entertainmentprofessionals from around the world for aweek of business meetings.Campaign work includes print and digitalads, marketing brochures, and the creationof a new blog and social portal. Key pointsincluded the incorporation of the techindustry, both as an audience and also formarketing purposes.
  3. 3. 4 - 7 April 2011 Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France www.miptv.com Register now and save 34% Contact: elisa.aquino@reedmidem.com More than an exhibition floor. One week. Four shows. The entire international entertainment content community. Come face-to-face with the global leaders in fiction, animation, documentary, formats, new media and technology for aFresh content. New deals. new lease on entertainment. Connected Creativity Where the story begins. Your future business is here. The world’s entertainment content market
  4. 4. 4 - 7 April 2011Palais des Festivals, Cannes, Francewww.miptv.comContact: panayiota.pagoulatis@reedmidem.com Where the animation industry is all grown up. MIPTV is the only place to find 662 international youth-focused buyers and 1,450 animation companies. Fresh content. New deals. Along with MIPCOM, they are the two largest markets for children’s and animation programmes in the world. Something to be animated about. The world’s entertainment content market
  5. 5. 2 - 3 April 2011Carlton Hotel, Cannes, Francewww.mipdoc.comRegister now!Contact: deborah.carella@reedmidem.com Where real stories find their voice Screen groundbreaking new documentaries. Unearthnew co-production and financing opportunities. Where the story begins. Come face-to-face with the factual programme community. Connected Creativity Where the story begins. Tell your story to the world Your future business is here. The international showcase for documentary and factual programme screenings
  6. 6. 2 - 3 April 2011 Cannes, France www.miptv.com/mipformats Register now and save! Contact: peter.rhodes@reedmidem.com Same format. New opportunities. 2 -April 2011 3- 3 April 2011 3 2 TheApril 2011 3 April 2011gathering of the worlds leading producers, buyers, largest Martinez Hotel, Cannes, France Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France Martinez Hotel, Cannes, France and aspiring creators of breakthrough commissioners, distributors Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France www.mipdoc.com www.miptv.com/mipformats formats returns with a highly targeted new conference programme. www.mipdoc.com www.miptv.com/mipformats Save the date! Save MIPTV with a fresh focus on new content. Start the date! The new pre-MIPTV formats conference & pitching showcase The new pre-MIPTV formats conference & pitching showcase The pre-MIPTV formats conference & pitching showcasemipformats unmissable NEWS indd 2 27/09/10 19:26mipformats unmissable NEWS indd 2 27/09/10 19:26
  7. 7. The world’s greatest Connected Creativitygathering in TV and media Inspire. Connect. Transact.................... ...is the world’s leading content market where keydecision-makers in the TV/film, digital media and advertising/brand atsectors come together to create, buy, sell, finance and distributeentertainment for all platforms. 4 - 7 April 2011 Where the future New devices are creating opportunities for pushing entertainment AMONG MIPTV 2010 of content comes alive. towards full-on connectivity. Connected Creativity provides a EXHIBITORS venue that unites TV, music, movies, games, publishing and rich-media apps with the world of connected devices, tablets, smartphones and - BBC WORLDWIDE - CHINA INT’L TV emerging platforms. - DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS - ENDEMOL GROUP Device makers, network operators and content creators from every MIPTV® is a registered trademark of Reed Midem - All rights reserved. …/en Personne. - FRANCE TELEVISIONS corner of the entertainment industry will converge in Cannes to - FREMANTLEMEDIA collaborate on the future of connected entertainment. - GLOBO TV INT’L - HBO - ITV STUDIOS Fully immerse in next-generation ideation during five days of future- - KBS MEDIA defining knowledge exchanges, working sessions, experiential labs and - KOCCA face-to-face interaction with transversal peers. This combination of - MEDIASET DIST.-RTI creative firepower will expose the trends, ideas and innovations of a - MGM new connected future. - MTV NETWORKS INT’L - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - NHK ENTERPRISES - NBC UNIVERSAL - ORANGE - PROSIEBENSAT.1 MEDIA Connected Creativity - RAI TRADE New to MIPTV in partnership with GSMA, the organization - SAHARA ONE MEDIA which represents the worldwide mobile industry and produces the - SONY PICTURES TV In partnership with Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Congress events. - TELEMUNDOMIPTV gives the world its first taste of the newest content that will - TELEVISA INTERNACIONALshape the year to come for TV, Internet, Mobile and all Video-rich - TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX INT’L For more information, please contact: The new global forum uniting the world’s dominant market forces inplatforms. - TF1 GROUP - WARNER BROS. INT’L TV marina.plazzi@reedmidem.com technology, mobile media and entertainment. A place where contentFind partners, insight and productions during the busiest business - ZDF ENTERPRISES GMBH creators, devices, operators and application developers converge and - ZODIAK RIGHTS connect to define the entertainment experience of the future.week of the year for the entertainment industry: on the highly activeshowfloor, during business-defining conferences and in face-to-face Unmissable! MIPTV® 2011 The full exhibitor roster is availablenetworking sessions. The full MIP experience. A new future of content. at www.miptv.com www.connected-creativity.com www.miptv.com The world’s entertainment content market
  8. 8. Experience Hub Entertainment Hands-on with the future. content Touch, feel, watch, hear and experiment with the cutting edge at the Experience Hub. This interactive lab is equipped with the whole spectrum of today’s top connected innovations. From never before seen prototypes to launch-ready products and new entertainment experiences, a new paradigm of connectivity will form before your eyes and in your hands. The demo hall lets innovators show a full range of breaking developments, while the networking zone puts content producers face-to-face with the talent behind the technology. Immerse yourself in the connected home and connected street of the future. Watch new ideas go from concept to work-in-progress to functional application in real-time in the on-site development incubator. And seamlessly transition between the physical and virtual worlds in a truly augmented reality. Inside the Experience Hub, a new connected tomorrow is dawning.Technology and mobile media Connected Creativity Forum The launchpad for connected collaboration. Strategic collaboration comes to life at the Connected Creativity Forum, where industry leaders plan the future during visionary keynotes, experiential labs, face-to-face networking and deal-making workshops. Over three days, frontier thinkers from every content area and tech space will come together to find out just what makes each industry tick. Technologists will get a crash For the best consumer applications on today’s connected devices, entertainment is in course in Entertainment 101, including the anatomy of a deal, how a production gets the driver’s seat. And it is only going to accelerate. Mobile TV is hitting a growth spurt made and who, what and where the money comes from. Content creators will see the and expected to approach $12 billion in transactions by 2012, while music apps already inner workings of distribution and the technical possibilities of new platforms as they account for $17.5 billion annually. The strategic interest of the content and technology navigate the unmapped territory of transmedia deal-making. industries have merged. Connected Creativity at MIPTV, in partnership with GSMA, is the new connected entertainment and technology hub that unites the world’s dominant market forces in Put together a deal from scratch with Forum participants. Get inside the audience’s head with live consumer labs. And use that learning to create new transversal collaboration at Content 360 Creativity technology and entertainment content to address their combined opportunity. business-generating deal foundries. At the Connected Creativity Forum, the unknowns of the future will be transformed into the possibilities of today. Festival From content creation to aggregation & distribution to end-user consumption, Transforming engagement. Connected Creativity fosters the partnerships that will define the industry. Join TV executives, partnership directors and business development leaders from the top Music The Content 360 Creativity Festival highlights the best new concepts and solutions for mobile service providers, international studios, music labels, game developers, content Movies next-level audience engagement. This competitive platform gives digital innovators producers & distributors and device manufacturers for a share of this multi-billion dollar CONNECTED an international stage to connect with the global media industry, high-level creative Games ENTERTAINMENTInspire. Connect. Transact. alliance in connectivity. agencies and billion dollar brands to present ideas on multiplatform storytelling, casual Published Media TECHNOLOGY gaming, branded entertainment and new engagement tools. Rich Media Apps Watch the next big thing take shape in front of an audience of the top thinkers in the Connected Devices multi-platform content space.
  9. 9. Berry+Berry+ produces eco-friendly, single-uselaundry soap made from soapberries. Branddevelopment began with just the productand was developed with the founders fromthere. As a cool start-up, Berry+ was built torepresent a fresh alternative to the Procter &Gamble juggernaut, particularly for collegestudents.Campaign work includes selections frombrand identity and strategy guide as well asproposed print and digital ad campaigns.
  10. 10. By making we’re chang ing the way laundry gets done to to create healthy clothes and a healthy mental activists and everyday heroes for and our future. save your clothes and heal the planet while taking the chore out of laundry. We give you the chance to be an everyday hero for everyday life.Brand_strategy_MS_061809_FINAL_EH LAST EDIT.indd 19 9/8/09 12:43:17 AM
  11. 11. core brand values simplicity No need to beat around the bush: our greatest strength is our soapberry. A real innovation in soap technology, we’re making We make it easy to do good by making laundry one of our planet’s many issues.Brand_strategy_MS_061809_FINAL_EH LAST EDIT.indd 26 9/8/09 12:43:18 AM
  12. 12. for making choice of sake soap matter That means soap that goes beyond your expectations. - gent on the market. Which means there’s nothing getting in the way of our This is one fruit that will never be forbidden.Brand_strategy_MS_061809_FINAL_EH LAST EDIT.indd 33 9/8/09 12:43:18 AM
  13. 13. Low Hanging Fruit When we talk about low hanging fruit, we’re laundry game. The areas of the garment care sector ripe for change and more than a little innovation. No other brands have created an activeBrand_strategy_MS_061809_FINAL_EH LAST EDIT.indd 54 9/8/09 12:43:20 AM
  14. 14. brand identity
  16. 16. advertising campaign 1 TURN YOUR WASHING MACHINE INTO YOUR OWN PERSONAL PHONE BOOTH. berryplus.com
  18. 18. advertising campaign 2 WHO KNEW SOAP FORGET LAUNDRY GREW ON TREES? AS USUAL. LET’S TALK SOAP INNOVATION. INTRODUCING THE ALL-NATURAL, OFF-THE-BRANCH SOAPBERRY. YES, SOAP INNOVATION. Fully loaded with saponin, Berry+ is a real force of nature. Plain and simple. Laundry Which leads to laundry innovation. Which leads to planet-healing, habit-changing, soap free of the smells, bells, and weird gels. With nothing to get between your whole-new-way-of-thinking innovation. You’ll always have to do laundry. And you’ll clothes and our pure cleaning power, with fabric softener built right in. Botanists call always want to heal the planet. We put those two together, without anything extra the soapberry tree Sapindus mukorossi. We call it first aid for your laundry. And the from you or your washing machine. Bringing people together in the everyday planet. And then some. berryplus.com spaces they already share. Laundry. And then some. berryplus.com
  19. 19. The DebutThe Debut, a card by Extravaganza, wasdeveloped as a new credit card aimed atHong Kong’s young, affluent crowd. Meantto be a stepping stone between collegiatedebit cards and (hopefully) future AMEXblack card ownership, The Debut alsofeatures a number of social components andpublic perks.Campaign work includes proposed brandand advertising language as well asproposed product design.
  20. 20. the debut
  21. 21. MAKE A SCENEThat’s why we’d like to present for your considerationThe Debut, a card by Extravaganza.For the people who never mistake holding the world in theirhands as being too big for their britches. You’ve moved ontothe next stage of your life, the one where people finally seeeverything you have to offer.So we’re encouraging you to make a scene.With our help.
  22. 22. initial designs the debut the debut known on arrival. ex trav ag anza. MAY HAY WAN SHEK SHEK MAY HAY WAN
  23. 23. be known on arrival.
  24. 24. Forms+SurfacesForms+Surfaces specializes in premium-design architectural products for publicspaces indoor, outdoor, and in-between,most notably for the Apple stores. With itsoriginal heyday in the eighties long gone,new owners sought to revitalize the brand in2009.Campaign work includes selections frombrand identity and strategy guide as well asproposed print and digital ad campaigns.
  25. 25. shu e, linger, loiter, laugh, and occasionally cry, stop, stare, sit, sleep, worry, plan, dream, imagine. public space public space
  26. 26. toss. and on your way.
  27. 27. and on your way.
  28. 28. and on your way.
  29. 29. Nano-TexNano-Tex is a cutting edge fabric coatingthat offers permanent spill and stainresistance to the treated area. The mainfocus for the brand’s website is to educateconsumers to the benefits of nanotechnologywhile harnessing the power of this futuristicmaterial.Campaign work includes functioning pagesfrom the main Nano-Tex website,protectbeauty.com.
  30. 30. Rummage SaleThe Rummage Sale was a series ofconcepts created for the London design fair.It features a collection of random thoughtsand quotes that then inform the graphicsthat surrounded them.
  31. 31. Tin roofs rust.RUMMAGESALESOMETIMES IJUST WANT TO BEA SHOPKEEPER Ideas are negotiable.