LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Secrets


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This LinkedIn® Profile Optimisation Guide arms you with essentials for creating or improving your LinkedIn® Profile with amazing results.

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LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Secrets

  1. 1. This LinkedIn® Profile Optimisation Guide arms you with essentials for creating or improving your LinkedIn® Profile with amazing results.2 IMPORTANT! Start by launching a Word Text Editor first. Craft your profile text in a Master Document OFF LINE! Please do not try to update your profile within LinkedIn native editor. There is an innate stress involved completing your profile live on-line, therefore making mistakes is inevitable. Creating a remarkable profile takes time, so invest at least 3-4 hours writing and thinking about it. Consider this! LinkedIn® has no spell check capability; scrolling windows make data entry difficult. Firefox and Chrome browsers add some spell check capability but not enough. ♦ Take Steps to STAND OUT - copy and paste to/from Word. LinkedIn®’s formatting is limited to ALL CAPS, special keyboard characters (~ > | #) and symbols inserted using Word symbols or copy/paste (│ ▌ ◊ ► ◄↔ ♦ • ★ ☆✔ ✉ ✆ ☎ ➽➜❤ ✦ ☸) Be sure to View your profile! TEST AND REVIEW OFTEN – It’s OK to change it often Headline (120 char.) – Apart from your name field (only your name belongs in that), Headline is the most important field of your profile. Don’t accept the default “Current Title at Current Employer”. Use compelling, colourful words and formatting (♦ Keywords │ Key Phrase). Think of this as the “why” people choose you. Bear in mind what your ideal customer is looking for when then search the internet. Example: Julius Rutherfoord & Co | Contract Cleaning | Grounds Maintenance | FM Services | Fresh Thinking in Cleaning Picture – A simple, clear portrait photo will suffice. Have it professionally taken if you don’t already have a good one or need one anyway. A clean, white background is best. No group photos or logos. No alcohol! Avoid wedding pictures or couples photos with the partner cut out! The final picture is small – 80 x 80 pixels. Make it recognisable, look interesting, SMILE. Are you making the most of your profile on LinkedIn? Have you set up your own and your employee profiles with winning new business in mind? Your customers, competitors, recruiters and suppliers are researching them now. Are you happy with what they are looking at? To learn more about how to leverage your sales and business development team click here to find out more about our seminars and workshops.
  2. 2. Summary (2,000 char.) – This is a conversation between you and your reader - more FROM you than ABOUT you in tone. Avoid me,me,me and starting every sentence with I did this and I did that. More like...Who are you? How you help others. How can they help you? Include current, relevant information in a high-level overview. Be interesting, a little personal with limited historical info. Even better, take a friend to lunch or a family member you get on well with, ask them to review the content of the summary and give them free reign on writing a fitting description from their point of view. Then most importantly SLEEP ON IT and review the next day, give the text time to mature. You may feel differently about it the next day. THIS IS IMPORTANT. End with a call to action. Now that they've been introduced to you, what should they do next? About the Individual - Short, snappy, energetic sentence with a paragraph about you no more than 2 paragraphs. IMPORTANT add a call to action! Encourage the reader to read more by asking questions and referring to content further down in the text. Optimise this section for CREDIBILITY and TRUST About the Company – Example: Neopost is the European leader and number two world-wide supplier of mailing solutions. It has a direct presence in 29 countries, with 5,900 employees and annual sales of €1,070 billion in 2012. Its products and services are sold in more than 90 countries, and the Group has become a key player in the markets for mailroom equipment and logistics solutions. Neopost supplies the most technologically advanced solutions for franking, folding and inserting and addressing as well as logistics management and traceability. Neopost also offers a full range of services, including consultancy, maintenance and financing solutions. ✦ Franking Machines ✦ Document Management ✦ Folding Inserting Machines ✦ Envelope and Address Printing ✦ Bespoke Envelope Printing and Storage ✦ Letter Openers ✦ Mailing Software ✦ Digital Mail Solutions ✦ Integrated Mailing Solutions Add Specialities to your summary – A list of keywords and key phrases designed for both search engines and people. Create your keywords, variations, acronyms and then look at synonyms and variants. Group similar words together: Example: Teach, Teacher, Teaching, Executive Management, Strategic Planning, Skilled Negotiator, Negotiation Company Specific Keywords example: Use industry generic product description, jargon, phrases and acronyms. Find them using the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Franking Machines, Document Management, Folding Inserting Machines, Envelope and Address Printing, Bespoke Envelope Printing and Storage, Letter Openers, Mailing Software, Digital Mail Solutions, Output Management Software, Print Machine, Mail Preparation, Mail Accounting
  3. 3. Software, Mail Piece, Production Control, neoTrak, Satori Capture, intimus shredders, Desktop Shredders, Integrated Mailing Solutions Mail Security, Mailroom Furniture, Free Standing Mailsort Units, Internal Lockable Trolleys, Internal Mailroom Trolleys, Mailroom Benches, Office Mail Centre, R Style Mailsort Units and Accessories, SA Style Mailsort Units and Accessories, Sack Holders, Wooden Mailsort Units, Mailroom Design Service, Working Mail Showroom, Envelope Printer, mailroom efficiency, Mail Processing, Direct, Mail Marketing , Cut Mailing Costs, Cutting Postal Costs, Improve Customer Communications, Improve Mail Productivity, Postage Savings for SMB's Experience (100 Title/100 Co./2,000 Desc.) – Include all paid and volunteer positions since college or university to create connection opportunities. Important! Create multiple positions at a company explaining each product you offer: telemarketing account manager, data specialist, training and development manager, using highest title earned and explain in the description your progression. Do NOT upload CV or Resume Data. Limit statistics. List years only, listed chronologically by start date. Example: You may have started out as Sales Rep. then promoted to Sr. Sales Executive and ultimately Sales Director. Simply list Sales Director and explain your rise to prominence in the description. For each position, answer the following: 1. How does the company help their customers/clients? 2. Who are their clients? 3. Which industries do they serve? 4. How did you fit in? 5. What made you special, what did you learn that will serve your client better? OPTIMISATION SECRETS!  Add multiple job roles targeting individual sectors  Add related keyword strings using the keyword planner in Google Adwords Education (2,000 char.) – List more than just college. Include college classes, home learning, business training (management), technical training (Mercuri Urval), and professional training (Dale Carnegie, Miller Heiman). List your High School as well. Years only. Include special projects, educational activities, and professional credentials earned. Your University, College and Higher Education organisation should now come up in the list! Make sure to link it up. Web Sites – List up to 3 web sites or URL’s. Especially use best seller, data collection or contact pages. SECRET !! Rename the label. Use the drop-down menu and select “Other” rather than “My Website” and add a powerful call to action as a custom headline like Buy my Book, Unmissable Blog Tips or Business Finance Secrets
  4. 4. Interests (1,000 char.) – What you do that you truly enjoy. Show your human side, include personal interests. Proper formatting creates links so use single words or short phrases separated by commas are imperative: Example: Concerts, Fine Dining, Arsenal F.C., Sunsets, Skiing, The Beatles, Paul Weller, The Office SECRET !! Don’t waste this space by writing a sentence. It is a lost opportunity to link your profile with like-minded people Personal Information – Include enough personal contact info so 1st level connections can reach out. Others can’t see this, so include the information in Contact Settings too. Ignore birth year & marital status if you prefer. Contact Settings (1,800 char.) – Select all 8 boxes. LinkedIn Optimisation Pros identify e-mail, phone & the best way to reach out. This is the only way to encourage inbound invitations. Without an email people cannot ask you to connect. SECRET !! Create a dedicated LinkedIn email address to capture all your LinkedIn communications and save your inbox from being flooded with messages. Note – including E-Mail and phone here may be technically outside of LinkedIn®’s rules so do so at your own risk. LinkedIn® Groups (50 total) – Join large groups in your region, industry, profession, and especially your target and vertical markets and save 5 catering to your PERSONAL interests. Recommendations – If you want 5-15 recommendations, you might have to ask for 25-30. Kudos from customers and superiors are best. Ask them to describe a project and your contribution to its success. Just 3-4 sentences. TIP: Get a Recommendation by GIVING a Recommendation! SECRET !! Do this offline. Don’t send out a request to many!! Your client probably does not use LinkedIn like you and they wouldn't expect a message from your LinkedIn profile direct. Instead send it from your work email asking for the recommendation with your request formally spelled out giving the client an example of what they may want to put in writing and giving them a heads up you are going to send a request via LinkedIn. Once they have agreed to give the recommendation fire off the LinkedIn recommendation request. Your hit rate will dramatically improve! Media Uploads – LinkedIn® now allows you to upload media from other websites for your account: I particularly like Photos from Twitter or Pinterest, Case studies from Google Docs, or SlideShare, Blogs or Publications from WordPress and videos from YouTube. Be sure to show those that help your credibility on your profile! Ideally this is content you have created yourself.
  5. 5. Adding New Sections – LinkedIn® made new types of “sections” optional so explore the “Add Sections” link located just below the blue LinkedIn® Header box on Edit your Profile. You can add Projects, Publications, Organizations, Honors and Awards, Patents and Certifications. Especially projects is a powerful addition to your profile as it will include colleagues and suppliers. All these fields will link and allow syndication throughout your network. Advice for Contacting field. Adding Contact details and reason for contacting you (largely ignored) - Focus again on your target prospects and their job roles and titles. The LinkedIn search engine will put you in their sphere by adding these to your profile. I am interested in meeting business owners, company executives, sales managers, sales directors that want to fast forward their appointment setting strategy and integrate LinkedIn for their business development plans. Call me on ✆ 07528895152 ✆ ➜ Sales managers ➜ Sales directors ➜ Managing directors ➜ Social media professionals ➜ Graphic designers ➜ Web developers ➜ Marketing agency owners ➜ PR agency owners ➜ Digital marketing professionals ➜ Branding agencies ➜ Freelance marketing professionals ➜ Marketing directors ➜ Marketing managers ➜ Communications managers ➜ Internal communications managers ➜ Learning and development managers that want to know more about taking the lead in their market place and fast forward their business development plans using; ➜ LinkedIn for business development ➜ Social Media Strategy ➜ Social Media for Business ➜ Social Media ROI ➜ LinkedIn for Business to Business Leads ➜ LinkedIn Training ➜ LinkedIn Profile Building and Optimisation ➜ LinkedIn Company Profile Optimisation ➜ LinkedIn for sales appointments I am also interested in people that like playing golf, eating out, super cars especially Bentley and Porsche, and traveling to interesting places for culinary experiences.
  6. 6. ➽➽ For genuine enquiries only, send me an email to ✉ ✆ Contact me direct on 07528895152 To learn more about how LinkedIn can be used to leverage your sales and business development team we hold regular seminars. Click here to find out more.