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Playbutton PR Event
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Playbutton PR Event


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. PLAYBUTTON”a new way of releasing music”
    By Eva Mulek
  • 2. What is the Playbutton???
    • A digital music album that’s built into a button/badge and affixed with a pin at the back
    • 3. A wearable button that plays itself
    • 4. The front of the badge can be customised
    • 5. The record is pre-recorded therefore can`t be changed or downloaded
    • 6. Play/Pause, Skip and Volume functions
    • 7. Rechargeable lithium battery
  • The Playbutton Badge
    It's like the cover of a book you're reading - it's displaying music that you like” Nick Dangerfield
  • 8. About the company
    • Parte LLC is a small newly established New York based company
    • 9. Nick Dangerfield is the director and founder of Playbutton
    • 10. The company operates in 4 major cities : New York, Tokyo, Barcelona and now in London
  • Target audience(s)2 potential target group
    Main target audience:
    18-28 years old Males and Females
    Second target audience:
    14-18 years old Fashion/Trend follower teenagers
    • Extraordinary music lovers
    • 11. Loyal music followers
    • 12. Cool Technology followers
    • 13. Band supporters
    • 14. Groupies
    • 15. Fashion/ Trend followers
    • 16. Like to wear funky badges
    • 17. Current popular music lovers
    • 18. Not loyal music followers
  • Customers
  • 19. How to reach them
  • 20. Launch Strategy
    • Create awareness of the “playbutton” towards both target audience and the media
    • 21. Encourage support for music bands
    • 22. Build positive brand profile through the music event
    • 23. Encourage trial of products during the course of events and sell
  • Creative ApproachPlaybutton
    “ Why just Play a record
    when you can wear it too”
    “Playbutton is a Wearable Mix Tape You Can Pin on Your Sleeve”
  • 24. Programme Overview
  • 25. Playbutton Music Festival”Official launch of the playbutton”
    • A one off music festival sponsored and organised by Parte LLC London /Playbutton
    • 26. The festival will be held in Milton Keynes Bowl
    • 27. Strong distribution of free badges to visitors with this message on them
    “wouldn`t it be good if it played music too?”
    • Musician are new and upcoming artist
    • 28. Entry is free however customer must register on the playbutton website to claim ticket
  • Why Milton Keynes Bowl
    • Cheaper than Music festival places like Reading, London parks, Birmingham etc…
    • 29. Attractive to the cool young target audience
    • 30. Easy to get to
    • 31. Close to main cities in the UK
    • 32. The place is big enough to accommodate around 5000 people
  • Objectives of thePlaybutton festival
    • Collecting personal data from potential customers for future marketing
    • 33. Creating awareness of new and up coming musician artist
    • 34. Promote the new digital album (playbutton)
    • 35. Encouraging trial/purchase of the product
    • 36. Build association with new music
  • To achieve cut through and media attentionthe campaign needs to be
    • Different
    • 37. Cool/ trendy like the target audience
    • 38. Original
    • 39. Strong
    • 40. Appealing/Desirable
    • 41. Lastly need to be able to reach target audience
  • How to encourage people to come
    • By setting up a Facebook and Twitter pages for the festival/ music band competition
    • 42. Making people feel they are important part of the first official playbutton
    • 43. Distributing free playbutton look alike badges with music magazines helps: NME and Clash to the potential target audience
    • 44. The message on the badge: “wouldn`t it be good if it played music too?”
  • The campaign
    • A playbutton music festival combined with a competition: 5 new music band will attend the festival and play music for the potential customers
    • 45. Customers will be then able to vote for their favoured bands on a competition entry form
    • 46. The winner music band will be announced at the end of he festival and the winner band`s musics will be on the first official playbutton
    • 47. Those customers who voted on the band who won the competition will then receive a customised playbutton with the winning band`s music on it
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