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Ef3e preint quicktest_04
Ef3e preint quicktest_04
Ef3e preint quicktest_04
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Ef3e preint quicktest_04


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  • 1. Name ____________________________ Class ____________________________ Quick Test 4 GRAMMAR Tick ( ) A, B, or C to complete the sentences. Example: My sister _____ Italian. A speak c B speaks c C do speak c 1 _____ you ever bought anything on that website? A Did c B Have c C Has c 2 He’s never _____ a hat in his life. A wear c B wore c C worn c 3 _____ finished their dinner yet? A Are they c B Have they c C Did they c 4 I’ve _____ played three tennis matches this week. A already c B just c C yet c 5 Alicia isn’t here. She has just _____ out. A go c B went c C gone c 6 A Did Pavel phone this afternoon? B No, _____ phoned. A anybody c B somebody c C nobody c 7 We didn’t go _____ exciting on our holiday. A anywhere c B somewhere c C nowhere c 8 I’ve bought _____ really nice for dinner. Are you hungry? A anything c B something c C nothing c 9 Listen – I have _____ important to tell you! A anything c B something c C nothing c 10 They _____ do anything at the weekend. A didn’t c B did c C doesn’t c 11 Have you ever _____ to South Africa? A been c B gone c C went c 12 My grandmother _____ never flown anywhere. A is c B has c C was c 13 I haven’t finished _____. I need two more minutes. A already c B just c C yet c 14 Don’t touch that wall. Dad’s _____ painted it. A already c B just c C yet c 15 We’ve already _____ this film three times. A saw c B see c C seen c 16 I don’t have _____ money to go out tonight. A anything c B any c C no c 17 A When _____? B In 1985. A have your parents met c B did your parents meet c C do your parents meet c 18 My husband _____ liked going clothes shopping. A hasn’t never c B has ever c C has never c 19 I’ve been to Argentina once. I _____ to Buenos Aires last year. A flew c B have flown c C fly c 20 Charlie Chaplin, who died in 1977, _____ over 80 films. A is making c B made c C has made c
  • 2. Name ____________________________ Class ____________________________ Quick Test 4 20 VOCABULARY a Tick ( ) A, B, or C to complete the sentences. Example: This book is very boring. A bored c B boring c C bore c 1 We’re going to buy a new car tomorrow! I’m really _____. A excited c B exciting c C excitement c 2 Did you have a _____ weekend? A relax c B relaxing c B relaxation c 3 You look _____. Why don’t you sit down? A tired c B tiring c C tiredness c 4 I don’t often wear black. It looks a bit _____. A depressed c B depressing c C depression c 5 I’m _____. Let’s do something this afternoon. A bore c B boring c C bored c b Tick ( ) A, B, or C to complete the sentences with words about shopping. Example: We need to buy a lot of food here. Let’s use a _____. A checkout c B trolley c C delivery c 6 The shoes on this website are cheap, but _____ costs £15! A stamp c B send c C delivery c 7 Make sure you have everything before you go to the _____ to pay for it all. A assistant c B checkout c C basket c 8 I didn’t get this coat in a shop. I bought it _____. A online c B inline c C offline c 9 I’m taking this phone _____ to the shop. It doesn’t work! A off c B back c C on c 10 If you’re not sure about your size, the _____ rooms are over there. A trying c B checking c C changing c 11 The colour of this skirt doesn’t _____ me at all. A fit c B suit c C match c 12 A I’d like to buy this shirt. Here’s £40. B Thanks. Here’s £6 change, and your _____. A receipt c B bill c C money c c Tick ( ) A, B, or C to complete the sentences. Example: I need to _____ my room; it’s a mess. A tidy c B make c C do c 13 If you want your clothes to look good, you need to do some _____! A washing up c B ironing c C tidying c 14 Can you put _____ your things in the cupboard? A off c B up c C away c 15 After dinner I _____ the table and did the washing up.
  • 3. Name ____________________________ Class ____________________________ Quick Test 4 A made c B cleared c C laid c 16 Don’t forget to _____ your bed before you go to school. A make c B do c C have c 17 It’s Monday night, so you need to _____ the rubbish out. A make c B take c C go c 18 I need to _____ a phone call. Can I use your phone? A make c B take c C ring c 19 I’m _____ a course in Spanish at the moment. A spending c B making c C doing c 20 The children _____ a lot of noise last night. A did c B were c C made c 20 PRONUNCIATION a Which word has a different sound? Tick ( ) A, B, or C. Example: A van c B tram c C lane c 1 2 3 4 5 A A A A A receipt c jumper c yet c B cinema c bridge c B click c C auction c B teenager c C young c under c C uniform c B proceed c C chemist’s c B just c C forget c b Which word has the same sound? Tick ( ) A, B, or C. Example: phone A clothes c B shopping c C customer c 6 rubbish A lunch c B put c C student c 7 already A receipt c B depressed c C teenager c 8 just A argue c B uniform c C customer c 9 yellow A young c B chose c C enjoy c 10 yet A year c B proceed c C checkout c 10 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50