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Love2 read appsv4

  1. 1. Love2Read Apps A New and Revolutionary, Multilingual, Digital Bookstore Go to Market Strategy Venture Lab 2012
  2. 2. Love2Read • A new revolutionary bookstore aimed at teaching children (2 – 9 year old) new languages. • Provides publishers the opportunity to publish their books multilingually, giving children all over the world the opportunity to experience the book in the original language while learning more languages or just learning the original language of the book.
  3. 3. Who We Are • Created by a group of learn through reading enthusiast from around the world: – Mpho Begin – [please add small bio] – Eva Elorietta – [please add small bio] – Tracy Gao – [please add small bio] – John Jenkinson – [please add small bio] – Sanida Bratt – Geek girl, avid reader, with enthusiasm for creating products people will love to use.
  4. 4. Value Proposition • Makes learning a foreign language fun and easy – Prepare next generation for the global workplace – Many colleges and high schools in the USA require foreign language class to graduate (Source: • Unlike existing products, Love2Read provides the capability to learn multiple languages at the same time • Makes it easy for special needs children to learn to read and continue reading
  5. 5. Market Positioning • Users of Tablets and Smartphones • 3 Core Customer Segments – Parents with children 2-9 years old – Content providers such as authors and publishers – Educational institution (school, libraries, etc.) Approximate market size for North America ~ $150M
  6. 6. Marketing • Online sales model (membership fee, monthly, seasonally ,yearly , free trial to attract users ) • Hold Love2Read product release ceremony on a regular basis to advocate broadly as possible • Creat a Love2Go Google+ , Love2Go Facebook page, Love2GoTwitter Account, etc... • Publish the app on the Google Play, iCloud, and/or Amazon Marketplace -- make it available to anyone to download on their compatible devices. • Establish a social network group of Love2Read enthusiast who will use, spread the word, and evangelize Love2Read apps -- support reward point system for evangelists (get a book free, etc.) • Establish scoring, level system for the they challenge themselves against other players but also their previous score. Provide certain level of reward points systems for readers (get a book free, etc.) • Co-op with possible parternership bodies all above for widespreading our business • Referral mechanism to getting new customers • Education materials recommendation engines • School and pre-school recommendation to children reading materials. • Contract with wireless product manufactures and providers offering customers certain discount plans or phones/tablets
  7. 7. Partnerships • Publishing Companies. Currently I may have at least two big national publishers so far that I can easily connected with and discuss for parternership • Books Authors • Schools (daycares, kidgardens, primiray schools) • Libraries • Children educational institutions and organizations • Children Training agencies • Advertising companies • Language Translation Service Companies • Online children parents/education circles, groups, clubs,etc Wireless product manufactures and providers • Software and/or hardware/platform companies • Amazon – Most of us spend lots of $ on Amazon (Kindle books) every month. .Partnerships and distribution through Amazon channel would make wonders.
  8. 8. Risks Barriers to Entry • Other free websites for children books/animation etc .attract more customers easily and become our rivals making our marketing more difficult. International internet publishing law may enforce charges to our business Content Sensitivity • Inappropriate content can create user backlash We need to think more marketing Strategies to adapt the cases. .i.e we could offer certain ranges of free stuff.,; add more attactive stuffs (games,etc) to attract childrens to come to our sites, while making free stuffs, putting paying ads to the pages to get income supporting free service. Published content on our sites has to be censored and copy edited carefully to avoid unexpected criticism for contents.
  9. 9. Risks Regional Security, Privacy and DRM Laws • Security , privacy and digital rights distribution laws from different countries increases complexity to our business. Market Demand and Market Changes • As the user bases increased , our sites need to be robust enough to adapt the huge population. • As the market needs change (new devices and new device form factors), our solution will need to evolve appropriately Usage Sensibility • Continuously playing mobile or watching animation(wireless or continuous motion) is harmful to young kids's eyes and may cause reduction of kids' social activities。 We will pay specific attention to the security, privacy and DRM to avoid any regional breaches. Provide users with friendly messages if content cannot be displayed due to Our business, to certain degree, need to be adapt quickly enough to the market changes. Our solution will add certain control capabilities to allow parents and educators to control amount of time kids can spend on Love2Read apps within specific time period (e.g., day, week, etc.) .