2011 Fall Illuminate


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2011 Fall Illuminate

  1. 1. illuminateilluminate your spirit Fall 2011Transformyour life and homewith PartyLite! Why soHoliday many peopleDecorating LOVEmade simple PartyLite
  2. 2. Innovative and luminous… contents FALL 2011 GloLite by PartyLite Regular Features ™ illuminate your Spirit Running a successful business 4-5 There’s so much to Love about PartyLite! 14-15 illuminate your Home Exclusive to PartyLite, the GloLite Pillar is like no other candle on the market! Be Enchanted 6-7 Give your creativity free rein! 8-9 From the moment one is lit, the beautifully hand-crafted, textured wax radiates Pretty, Playful…Pinks & Purples 12 soft light from top to bottom while lightly fragrancing the air. Beautiful, Brilliant…Blues 13 As the winter solstice approaches, most of us have turned our thoughts towards planning for the approaching holiday illuminate your Mind season. In this issue of illuminate we’ve got everything you need to prepare your business, your home and your spirit for Creating a smart business with PartyLite’s social 18 the festivities. Now available media plan in PartyLite’s #1 On page 4, internationally known interior designer Kimberley Special Features Seldon and PartyLite Senior Regional Vice President, Louise Fall/Holiday Let love, peace and hope rule! 10-11 Adrian, share their experiences as successful entrepreneurs. fragrance, Wedding Décor with Amaretto Swirl 16-17 In our article ‘Let peace, hope and love rule’, we present great spiritual, traditional or just plain fun gift ideas at every Iced price point. So, this year you can spare yourself the crush of Snowberries™! the malls and opt for a relaxing PartyLite Show to get your shopping done. Plus, our generous Consultant, Host and Customer specials mean lots of Savings for everyone! Those looking for decorating inspiration will want to check out our new Clearly Creative Collection on page 8 and non-traditional décor pieces on page 12. The versatile, clear hand-blown vessels of the Clearly Creative Collection let you decorate your way – all year round. Or, perhaps you’re looking for fun and whimsy. Read ‘Pretty, Playful…Pinks and Purples’ for tips on creating an over-the-top romantic and whimsical scene. If pink isn’t your thing, check out ‘Beautiful, Brilliant…Blues’ for hints on creating a winter wonderland theme with enough glamour to help you ring in 2012! If you or anyone you know is planning a fall or winter wedding, you’ll want to check out Heather Jenkin’s Amaretto spread. All we can say is ‘wow!’ We all know that the Amaretto Swirl Collection is great for everyday and holiday decorating, but when you see it gracing the tables of a wedding banquet – the look and feel is just illuminate breathtaking. illuminate your spirit this fall! Capture the magic of the season. Vice President, Marketing Sharon Muncey Senior Manager, Marketing Tracey MacKenzie Marketing Manager, Communications Stephanie Randolph Tracie Graham Sharon Muncey Harry Voutsinas Marketing Manager, Vice President, Vice President, Vice President, Merchandising & Promotions Alana Gormley Sales Marketing Finance & Graphic Designers Evan Hountalas Administration Stephanie Chandler See it to believe it! French Translator Amy Pineault Download the free code reader at getscanlife.com then scan this code to discover the alluring Marketing Communications Specialist Marie Clarke2 illuminate Fall 2011 ambiance of GloLite! No smartphone? See it at at partylite.ca, keyword: GloLite. www.partylite.ca • 3
  3. 3. illuminate your spirit Louise - Here are five tips: PartyLite sits down with two businesswomen to get their advice Running a successful business 1. Consistency. This is one of the most important tips - stopping and starting makes this business harder than it is. 2. Do something income generating each day. Passing out your business card/tealight, making calls either booking, hostess coaching, sponsoring or customer service. K 3. Follow up! This is often neglected. Keep a file folder of warm leads that you refer back to on a bi-monthly basis – one for bookings and one for sponsoring. imberley Seldon is a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. In her case, that means being an interior designer, editor, TV 4. Attend all the trainings. The more training you have the more successful you will be personality, author and lecturer. No matter what hat she wears, it’s all about her brand. And the 5. Smile - no one wants to do business with someone that doesn’t look happy. Connect with your woman behind the brand. We customers at your shows and you will have them for life! had an opportunity to work with Kimberley earlier this year when she taped a video introducing PartyLite’s Fall/Holiday 2011 collections, and appeared in our Enchanted Collection video as Louise Adrian Q What motivates you in your business? a special guest alongside Senior Regional Vice President of the Champion Region, Louise Adrian. We Kimberley - Getting started on a new project always excites me. And finishing a job for a client is the best thought the two of them would be perfect to interview about running a feeling in the world. Kimberley Seldon successful business. Louise - Helping everyone get what they want. I love helping a Consultant set a goal and achieve it Q How did you get started? whether it is income, personal growth, more flexibility in their life or the love of the product, you can have it all with a PartyLite business. Kimberley - I fell into design by default. My first career in Los Angeles was television. After moving to Toronto I decided to try something new, and design always held an appeal. Turns out I loved the classes, the drafting, Q What continues to inspire you as a businesswoman and entrepreneur? the space planning and everything involved in the process. I was not initially thinking I would combine television and design – that happened accidentally. Kimberley - I like to try new things. However, I never want to lose sight of my core business, which is interior design. I also am inspired by travel. Taking architectural classes in different cities is one of my favourite things Louise - I got started for the income opportunity. I had corporate burn out and needed a change. I was to do. looking for a great income, something fun and flexible, plus who doesn’t love our product! I started my business by booking 6 Shows and it took off from there. Louise - Seeing the potential in others and I love working with women! Q Can you offer some tips for running a successful business? Q Any tips for growing your business? Kimberley - Here are four tips: Kimberley - I have a business coach, and she keeps me on track and moving forward with goals, from short- to long-term. Here are some important lessons I’ve learned: 1. Define and understand the value you bring to your clients. If you don’t understand it, your client never will. A business that runs without systems is ineffective. I now have them in place for running my day-to-day 2. Run your business like a bank. In other words, have systems, procedures, protocols and routines in place. procedures. Now everyone knows what to expect. This will give you and your clients a sense of security. The experience of working with me has to be better than the experience of working with my competitors. 3. Take time off regularly. The point of being a business owner is to support the lifestyle you want. It’s no good to work morning, noon and night. It’s about using your time wisely. Louise - Talk to everyone, have energy, market yourself everywhere you go – always have catalogues in your car and tealights/business cards in your purse or bag. Load up at the beginning of the week and make it 4. Build an A team of people you work with. It will make your job more of a pleasure. YOUR goal to have them all given out by the end of the week!4 illuminate Fall 2011 www.partylite.ca • 5
  4. 4. illuminate your home Enchanted Gingerbread Village Votive Holder Enchanted Silver Add some magic and wonder to your fireplace mantel with our Enchanted Gingerbread Village Votive Holder. Votive Lamp When illuminated by three votives, candlelight shines through the finely cut details of the photo-etched row of houses. The result is a look reminiscent of a quaint European village at nightfall. For added whimsy, consider placing multiples of the Enchanted Gingerbread Village Votive Holder together or placing pieces from the Clearly Creative Collection nearby with silver ornaments. The Enchanted Woodland Votive Hurricane casts a haunting shadow when illuminated by a votive. Place this special piece on your side table, turn down the lights and enjoy the ambiance of a forest at midnight. Create a magical snow shower with our glistening Enchanted Winter Snow Votive Holder. Mingle this metallic votive holder with your favourite winter or holiday decorating accessories for an enchanting effect. It looks great with our popular Clear Lines Stemmed Trio. Visit the PartyLite Blog to check out Kimberley Seldon’s other PartyLite Picks. Partyliteblog.ca Decorating with silver is one of the best ways to add sophistication to a room. Whether your décor is traditional or ultra modern, silver accessories are guaranteed to add simple elegance. That’s why we’re sure decorating mavens are going to love our Enchanted Collection. Each of the four pieces features silvertone metal skillfully photo-etched and backed with a special light diffusing mesh. The result is a dazzling sparkle that’s guaranteed to add a beautiful glow to your holiday décor. Internationally known interior designer Kimberley Seldon has named this collection one of her favourite PartyLite Enchanted creations for the fall/holiday season. She is a fan of the Enchanted Silver Votive Lamp – it made it on her Top Winter Snow Votive Holder Five PartyLite Picks! The Enchanted Silver Votive Lamp is one of the most versatile pieces in the collection. The retro-style, intricately- Enchanted etched shade casts a stunning glow when lit by votives or tealights making it perfect for welcoming guests on a Woodland console table during the holidays. Come January, place a bouquet of white or pink roses or a few of our Guest Votive Table Display Large Tealight Holders nearby and you’ve got romantic sophistication. Hurricane6 illuminate Fall 2011 www.partylite.ca • 7
  5. 5. illuminate your home D ecorating for the holidays can be a challenge for even the most Clearly Creative Sconces Give your seasoned decorator. The difficulty comes from trying to add festive charm to everyday décor without compromising the ambiance you’ve worked so hard to create. creativity PartyLite’s Clearly Creative Collection is a must-have for the savvy decorator. The versatile, clear hand-blown glass vessels can take you through the holidays, into spring free rein! and straight through to the fall with a few quick and easy updates to the filler items you choose to display. During the holidays, add the festive colours and shapes that mean the most to you. For a traditional look, fill the Clearly Creative Votive Trio Clearly with faux fruits, berries and foliage Creative or seasonal ornaments, nuts and Pillar ribbons. When it’s time to convert Hurricane back to your everyday décor, no need to pack these shapely holders away! Fill them with marbles, stones and shells, or remove the candle insert and use the clear glass vessels to display fresh flowers. To make a dramatic statement, use two Clearly Creative Sconces to flank a mantel or seasonal wreath. When illuminated by Clearly your favourite PartyLite round pillar candle, Creative ball candle or tealight the effect is Votive Trio delightful. The ultra modern Clearly Creative Pillar Hurricane is the perfect statement piece for your entryway or hallway table. Clearly Creative A unique design that employs a metal Tealight Holder hanger to suspend your PartyLite pillar candle within the hand-blown glass vessel guarantees this urban piece will garner the approval of all your guests! EXCLUSIVE Mealtime with family and friends is an HOST OffEr! intimate occasion when illuminated by your favourite PartyLite pillars displayed The Clearly Creative Pillar Garden Holder is yours on a personalized Clearly Creative for JUST $18 with a $250 show and two or more Pillar Garden Holder. Use Cleary Creative bookings held within 30 days of your show. Tealight Holders to display place cards for added sophistication. Plan now to Host a Show; this fabulous offer ends December 31, 2011! Clearly Creative Pillar Garden Holder The Clearly Creative Collection includes a Hurricane, Votive Holder Trio, Tealight Holder, Sconce, and Pillar8 illuminate Fall 2011 Garden Tray, each sold separately.
  6. 6. L Polar Bear Babies Tealight Holder et peace, love and hope rule! Polar Pals Votive Holders Arctica Polar Bear Family Tealight Holder ExpreScents™ Angel illuminated by a tealight. The beloved Mother appears in a halo of light Modern on our Virgin Mary Tealight Holder, while the beloved Saviour is featured Nativity on our Sacred Heart of Jesus Tealight Holder. The Virgen de Guadalupe Tealight (not shown) and Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Tealight Holders (not shown) Holder Set feature short Spanish prayer verses imprinted on their backs. Looking for something with more whimsy? Consider our Winter Snow™ Tree Tealight Holder or Spirit of the Season hand-painted porcelain St. Nick. These tealight holders are sure to be a hit with the fun-loving, young-at-heart set on your list. Our Polar Pals Votive Holders are perfect for your bff! The hand-painted, bisque porcelain snuggling pals will add winter cheer to just about any room while serving as a reminder of your friendship. Consider gifting your favourite host family with one of our polar bear tealight holders! The Arctica Polar Bear Family Tealight Holder and Polar Bear Babies Tealight Holder reflect the joy of family time and are guaranteed to add charm to your friend’s family room. Sacred Heart of For more gift ideas, visit the Gift Set Section at www.partylite.ca! We’ve Virgin Mary Jesus Tealight got an amazing assortment of pre-packaged gifts that you can purchase Tealight Holder Holder at Shows, by calling your Consultant today or directly online. PartyLite has traditional and spiritual gifts to help spread the holiday spirit. Happy shopping! W ith the pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, November and December can quickly become one of the most stressful times of the year. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. When you Host or attend a PartyLite Show, you can do your shopping in comfort. What could be better than spending a relaxing evening perusing PartyLite’s Fall/Holiday Catalogue with friends, and selecting gifts that will enhance the magic of the holidays? Plus, when you Host a Show you’ll get some or ALL of your gifts for FREE! Spirit of the Season With our new collections and the return of old favourites, we’ve got something for everyone. Our Modern Nativity Tealight Holder Set is a wonderfully spiritual gift for that young couple on your list. An updated palette rendered in soft tones of blue and brown means this beautiful scene will complement contemporary and traditional décors. The three pieces are sold as a set, or you can purchase the Holy Family on its own. For the collector, we suggest the Infinity Angel Tealight Holder or ExpreScents™ Angel. Rendered in bisque ceramic and sculpted porcelain, our graceful angels will add charm and refinement to any mantle, side table or cabinet. The PartyLite ExpreScents™ Angel comes in an elegant gift box with Essence of Lavender Scented Oil. Infinity Angel Share heavenly blessings with your loved ones, when you present them with one of four inspirational tealight Tealight Winter Snow™ Tree Holder holders. These bisque porcelain tealight holders have a matte finish that produces a warm intimate glow when Tealight Holder10 illuminate Fall 2011 www.partylite.ca • 11
  7. 7. illuminate your home Frosted Snowball Tealight Holder Pretty, Playful... Pinks & Purples Just Desserts™ Vanilla Mint Grooved Pillar Iced Snowberries™ Snowball Candles Turquoise Ornament Tealight Holder Peppermint Snow Just Desserts Grooved Pillar Falling Snow Scents of Illumination™ Glass Snowflake Tealight Holder Frosted Treat ScentGlow™ Warmer Icy ScentGlow™ Warmer Peppermint Parfait Doily Pillar Holder Icy Tealight Just Desserts 3-Wick Wax Filled Bowl Holder/Snuffer This holiday, add a little (or a lot) of romance and playfulness to your décor with PartyLite’s sweet Just Desserts™ Candles. Just Desserts Grooved Pillar Candles are the height of holiday style when displayed in our Symmetry Pillar Holders or Clearly Creative Pillar Hurricane. Add a hint of romance to your festivities with our Doily Pillar Beautiful, Brilliant...Blues Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture and He’s both cool and warm. Our Icy ScentGlow™ Holder. An embossed lace design creates an intricate recreate the magical feeling of the first snowfall? Warmer releases fragrance without the flame. An Our line of aromatic candles comes in several forms: effect on a food-safe, glazed ceramic dish, making this electric warming plate diffuses the fragrance of votive, tealight, mini barrel jar, ScentPlus™ Melt, pillar holder a fanciful choice for displaying your round PartyLite has an assortment of decorative pieces that ScentPlus™ Melts, Aroma Melts™ or scented oils, all sold grooved pillar and 3-wick wax filled bowl. With so many pillar, ball candle, jar or tealight. are guaranteed to help recreate the romance of those separately. A hidden LED provides a welcoming glow forms, you can choose one for to Icy’s glazed ceramic figure. Icy is also available as a Bring some of the fun into the first few snowflakes. Scrumptious without being too every room in your home. Tealight Holder/Snuffer. kitchen with our Frosted Treat sweet, each piece brings to mind a cherished Sugar Plum Fairies ScentGlow Warmer. The sweet winter memory. From baking cookies and decorating Imagine walking into a room Like a snowflake in the moonlight, our new Falling Just Desserts Grooved Pillar cupcake design is matched for the holidays to sledding at twilight and January and being greeted by the Snow Scents of Illumination™ is mesmerizing. Glittery only by the rich aroma of our snowball fights, the full range of winter fun and mouthwatering aroma of snowflakes are captured in a glass globe filled with Scent PlusMelts, Aroma Melts™ adventure is represented in these charming pieces. sun-warmed, buttery vanilla Iced Snowberries™ solid fragrance with silver glitter. The with a delicious layer of mint. or scented oils. An electric The rich comforting aroma of cinnamon, butter and glow from a tealight creates a ‘snow in the moonlight’ Our Peppermint Snow (pink) warming plate diffuses your vanilla blended with a whisper of peppermint and a effect while releasing a subtle scent for up to three Just Desserts™ Candles are choice of fragrance while a touch of freshness in our aromatic Just Desserts™ months. To create an eye-catching, fragranced warm yet crisp. The fragrance hidden LED provides a Vanilla Mint Grooved Pillar is reminiscent of those display, use multiples of this piece mixed with the Glass is reminiscent of a cold winter welcoming glow. peaceful days leading up to the new year. Grooved Snowflake Tealight Holder, Frosted Snowball Tealight night in front of the fireplace. Holder and the Iced Snowberries Snowball Candles. Get inspired! Mix your white stripes on pale blue, give this pillar versatility so that it can work throughout the holidays and is perfect When combined these pieces create a fun and playful Our Sugar Plum Fairies (purple) traditional white or silver for your New Year’s party. When accessorized with display but they can also be used on their own to add Just Desserts Candles releases holiday décor items with this white or silver, the look is whimsical glamour. a little fun to any room in your home. the delectable aroma of juicy year’s pinks and purples for plums, melons and peaches an on-trend look that’s all Speaking of glamour, our Turquoise Ornament Tealight Get inspired! Mix your white and silver décor with these combined with floral notes for a your own. Holder updates a classic ornament shape with cool blue accessories for a glamorous holiday day look magical yet sophisticated treat. that can also help you ring in the New Year. satin-finished glass and silver detailing for a look that’s pure elegance.12 illuminate Fall 2011 www.partylite.ca • 13
  8. 8. illuminate your spirit I will never forget my first Christmas as a Consultant - a mother of 5 - I walked into Toys R There’s so much to LOVE Us with cash in my pocket instead of a lump in my throat. I will never forget the first $400 show I did and could hardly drive home I about PartyLite! was so excited - I just earned $100 for my family. I will never forget watching my 18-year-old, who needed extra income, consistently hold 6 Shows earning herself $5,000 cash and $800 in gift certificates - it changed her world. I The decision to become an entrepreneur is an easy one. The PartyLite business model will never forget....there are hundred’s keeps things simple so PartyLite business owners can focus on achieving their goals. We of stories. To KNOW PartyLite is to asked four PartyLite entrepreneurs (one new and three veterans) to share their PartyLite feel the impact that has changed so truths with us, and tell why they love PartyLite. Here’s what they had to say. much for myself and many others. My LOVE for PartyLite is one of gratitude. Stacey and her husband, Darren, 2011 was a year of many firsts for Stacey Dunnigan. A PartyLite customer for 19 years, she with the Rainbows End Unit started her own PartyLite business in February and attended her first PartyLite Conference Trudy McIntyre, Group Leader this past summer! How do you plan on accomplishing the Infinite Opportunities Region goals you’ve set for yourself? Why did you choose to start your own PartyLite business after 19 years as a customer? My past 18 years with PartyLite have been filled with I know that the only way to truly accomplish my growth, enjoyment, free trips and earned product, so I chose to become a PartyLite Consultant because the time was right. I had considered going into business goals is to visualize, plan and take action. I believe that I can keep my profits in my pocket and am able for myself every year for the two years prior. I was enticed by the extra paycheque, but was extremely busy that visualization is the key to anyone’s success. If to work my business around my passions in life with with my young family, going to university and working a full-time job. After being a Hostess in January 2011, we don’t know where we are going, how do we confidence. Having the support of seeing the great product and how much fun it was to spend time with friends and get great deals on know if we’ve arrived? As a unit, we have created home office on a regular basis, every PartyLite product, I couldn’t resist. ‘Dream Boards’ to help us with this process, but I day sales training staff, working with purposefully take the time to sit quietly and think like minded women and watching As an entrepreneur, what are your business best practices? about and visualize what my goals are. The process others also reap the benefits of this then begins to take form, and it becomes possible business is why I LOVE PartyLite. I believe that we are in the business of people. I work very hard to connect with people as people, for me to set a plan of action in place. I know that I and not as the potential to earn money. This means making meaningful connections with my need to be visualizing regularly in order for me to be clients - understanding who they are, and recognizing and rewarding them for being successful. I am so excited to be planning my trip to Portugal in 2012! Susan Aitken, Unit Leader amazing! I have learned from my Leader that even the smallest recognition makes New Horizons Region people feel great. It might be a catalogue with a tealight given to them during a personal courtesy call, or a small gift that I know they just ‘needed to have’. How has starting your own PartyLite business changed your life? I checked out a number of different companies What did you think of your first PartyLite Conference this past before starting with PartyLite because I wanted to summer in Red Deer? PartyLite has truly made me a happier person. I am passionate about people. I enjoy the new men and make sure I was making the best decision for my Hosts’ AND my own compensation plan. Nothing I remember walking into the Capri Centre on Saturday morning feeling a women I have met just through being a Consultant came close to PartyLite in comparison!!!! I truly LOVE little nervous and wondering how exactly a convention for PartyLite and attending the regular unit and regional spoiling Hosts and we have the best Host Programme Consultants was going to look. I walked in and was immediately greeted meetings. They are all so supportive of one around! I LOVE the freedom and flexibility AND of by members of my team, squeals and hugs and music – loud music! It another it feels like a family. I feel very proud course, the trips! was 8:30 in the morning! We walked through the doors, and around the of the accomplishments I have already curtain partition and there it was…pumping music and at least a hundred celebrated with PartyLite – great months of PartyLite has also afforded me the women (and some men) dancing at their tables, waving flags, flashing bookings, top sales, interest in the business, opportunity to travel and make and being asked to speak to other purchases that I would not have bling, wearing hats and colourful scarves…It was a sight to behold. I Consultants in my region about my been able to do without this income! was seriously blown away by the quality of the presentations. It was first experiences thus far in PartyLite! My own I have made friends across the class! Our speakers were well-versed and clearly passionate about our country who mean so much to me business. The day flowed from speakers to videos to testimonials and family is also so proud of me. It excites me to know that I am able to role model to and I can’t imagine my life without recognition…recognition…recognition! Conference inspired me to them in it! begin building my business…creating a team of my own…inspiring my boys that no matter what your dreams and empowering others. This was my moment! and aspirations are, you can achieve them. Janet Brouwer, Unit Leader Stacey Dunnigan, Consultant Majestic Gold Region Stacey and her husband Darren Rainbows End Unit, Dynamic Region14 illuminate Fall 2011 www.partylite.ca • 15
  9. 9. reception just sparkled! What a great collection to make any special occasion extra beautiful. The Amaretto Swirl Centerpieces were perfect for the head table and combined with the wedding flowers everyone enjoyed the ambiance! I truly believe this business has so much to offer many families in Canada. And yet I know first-hand that everything isn’t always easy. We have had our fair share of troublesome days to deal with too as I know everyone does in life. Facing difficulties can derail so many people and it’s not easy to stay focused when you don’t feel like it. But I hope one lesson my children will learn from watching me work from home is that no matter what is happening behind the scenes, there is a way to keep moving forward – to refocus and readjust – and to look for the next step and just keep taking one step at a time forward... If I had one piece of advice for Consultants it would be to stay focused on your personal strength in booking Shows – end of story! Doing one show can multiply your business beyond imagination when you put your mind and heart into it properly and go do effective shows. And learning is so key – get out to your local meetings and figure out how to be the best consultant you can possibly be – there is always something new to improveBuilding a smart business about the way we do things because the world just doesn’t stay the same for long! All the other benefits of our business come to you when you start with excellent well developed shows. I am in PartyLite for the long haul and I am anxious to see what the next decade will bring! for your happily ever afterA successful entrepreneur and mother, Senior Regional Vice President of the Tremendous Pursuits Region, Amaretto SwirlHeather Jenkins, shares her story of triumph and offers insights into what helps grow a smart business. HurricaneFrom left: Son Mark, Heather, son Paul, daughter-in-law Susannah, husband Kevin and daughter Lauren. I n January 2012, I will be celebrating my 18th my PartyLite income. Both of our boys have already anniversary with PartyLite Gifts and when I look graduated from one of the top boys schools in back over these years I am astounded at the Canada – and now Paul, who graduated from the many wonderful blessings we as a family have University of Western Ontario a year ago, has just enjoyed because of my involvement with celebrated his wedding on October 1st, and Mark PartyLite. is currently in his third year at McGill. Lauren is in Grade 8 and also enjoying her private school experi- When I began my business I had no preconceived ence. We are so happy to have been able to offer notions of what a direct sales business was all about such a great start in life to our children and one day – my background was Physiotherapy and I really knew down the road I hope they each come to realize how nothing about this industry. Going out to do shows I blessed they truly are. PartyLite has taken us to so found to be a lot of fun and the people aspect of this many interesting and wonderful places around the business was what I loved. To this day, it is the people world also – the travel experience is a highlight of my in PartyLite that keep me loving what I do – not just at business whether it be family holidays or company Amaretto Swirl shows with customers and hostesses, but especially incentive trips – the world is an incredible place to see! 3-Wick Bowl with my fabulous team of consultants and leaders - and my amazing fellow Senior and Regional Vice In preparing for the wedding on October 1st, our new President’s and so many dedicated staff at home of- daughter-in-law Susannah was really excited to be fice. Doing business today is so different than it able to choose some beautiful centerpieces for her was years ago as well, and to me this is a very wedding décor from PartyLite. We both agreed that interesting aspect of our business. Change isn’t easy but it stretches us to become better! the Amaretto Swirl Collection would be perfect – so I worked throughout the summertime to earn every What has PartyLite meant to my family? The main possible incentive I could in PartyLite to be able to thing that stands out in my mind is that I have been decorate their wedding reception. I was able to able to stay home with our children on a day to day decorate all the tables at dinner with Amaretto Swirl basis and yet we have been able to send each of our Hurricanes or the matching Amaretto Swirl 3-Wick Photography by: three children to amazing private schools because of Bowls without paying retail price for anything and the Reid Lambshead of When He Found Her Fine Art Wedding Photography16 illuminate Fall 2011 http://www.whenhef oundher.com www.partylite.ca • 17
  10. 10. illuminate your mind Travel the world Creating a smart business is easy Second? You can increase your Facebook profile by creating a page for your business. Use it to share infor- mation from our official page and promote yourself at the same time! on PartyLite! with PartyLite’s 2 Twitter social media plan Want to find out what international interior designer (hint: Kimberley introduced our Fall/Holiday collections) has wonderful things to say about PartyLite products? Want to get up-to-the-minute news about PartyLite’s latest media appearances as they break and much more? It’s easy. Join us in the Twittersphere and simply re-tweet our tweets to your followers. It’s fast, effective and free! 3 Love our sizzle videos? Find it hard to contain your excitement after watching one? Well, create a buzz about PartyLite hero collections and promotions by sharing video links. What an easy and fun way to stay connected with your network of hosts, customers Social media is just one more tool PartyLite has and more. Plus, studies show that product videos adopted so Consultants can spread the word about increase online sales! Post YouTube links on your our products and opportunities to more people. And Facebook page, tweet them to your followers, e-mail we all know the more people who know us, the more them or better yet, show a video (or two) on your people who will love us! The Home Office marketing laptop at a show. team has been busy spreading the word with exciting initiatives in advertising and public relations 4 Blog (from print and TV to online), which have reached more than 1.3 million Canadians. Think how many Studies prove that customers love to see, connect with Experience your thousand sensations by more people our Consultants can reach using social and have a personal experience with a company. starting your own PartyLite business today! media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and That’s part of the reason why direct selling is so the PartyLite blog. Best of all, making them work for successful. And that’s why our blog is the perfect PartyLite’s 2012 Incentive Trip is to your business is easier than you think! vehicle for reaching out to people. Here, we cover décor trends, decorating ideas, our Community Portugal – the land of a thousand 1 Facebook Matters campaigns and more in-depth articles that sensations. Will you be there? allow people to form a real connection with Home Do you use your personal Facebook page to keep Office. And it’s so easy to share our posts on more Contact your Consultant today in touch with family and friends? Then why not also than 50 social media channels, including Facebook use Facebook to keep in touch with your Hosts and and Twitter! to find out how to get started. Customers? The first step: join the more than 8,900 fans on our official PartyLite Facebook page and keep up with what’s happening: from product launches, monthly Host and Customer Specials and other promotions, to the achievements of other Consultants, contests, media updates, décor tips and more. Your Hosts and customers can also join our official Facebook page and become Home Office fans. They’ll enjoy participating in our regular fun contests, and learning more about our business and the opportunities that await them.18 illuminate Fall 2011
  11. 11. Fallin lovewith lifeall overagain Work when you want and earn what you want. Full-time and part-time opportunities available. Ask your Consultant for details.Printed in Canada ©2011 PartyLite Gifts, Ltd. All Rights Reserved www.partylite.ca 2011-10-01