Create Your Quilt, But Sell it When You're Done for Cash


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Create your masterpiece, but when your're done, sell it for cash. eBook tells you how to create a business with your work to make money with your quilts...

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Create Your Quilt, But Sell it When You're Done for Cash

  1. 1. Create Your Masterpiece Quilt, But Sell it When Youre Done eBook promotes selling your quilts to make money. We do that all the time: sell our skills toemployers who then pay us to work for them. This eBook asks the question: why let all thattalent go to waist, when you can use it to make money as a business?The quilts you make are your artwork that deserves to be sold for money, given to a familymember, or to create happiness to the person using it. Finished quilts sold for money is alucrative business proposition.Look at your market: that person in your average home needs warmth on cold nights, to beautifya room, or a bed with, in many cases, a collage of colors, and she will buy one for her child, ashanging decorations, as a bedding in any bedroom, and one for her lover because she cannotcreate such a useful product, but you can, and your quilts will make them happy.Compares quilting machines and hand quilting, and youll find the machines churn out yourbrand more in abundance. The eBook encourages adaptation of the most productive method anyquilter would use to churn out multiple quilts in a short time. The number of quilts a machinewill stitch dwarfs the small amount of products done by hand. So the conclusion is clear: quiltingmachines will explode your business, while hand quilting will not. its an argument that holdstrue today and one which any quilter would do well to adapt to grow a quilting business.In todays business models, youd choose a brick and mortar establishment to run your business,if that makes good business sense, or run an online business. Youll reach a local marketoperating in a brick and mortar business. Why promote to a local market, when you can reach aglobal market with your product running your business on the Internet? However, you canchoose both bodels to run your business.The eBook compares expenses on both possibilities and asks you to choose. And with anybusiness, therere inventory to count, marketing to do, book keeping to do, to quilt a business.The Internet gives you more leverage to expand and grow with less capital, less overhead, butmore revenues for you.In this way the eBook recommends growing a professional business with your brand, a brandthat promotes trust between you, the quilter, and the clients who need your products to warmtheir bodies from the elements of the night, the drafts that swirl the rooms with a chill. Yourquilts will warm them to rest.Use this eBook to prosper, create fun, put a smile on a babys lips and provide comfort to a loved 1
  2. 2. one from the cold at night. Provide a product of this beauty that lies on a persons bed to comforther. Make money with its suggestions, lists, and your own quilting routines. Its the stuffentrepreneurs can use to make money with a skill few have. Competition is good in this industry,which means you can make money, too.Get your copy today.Learn How to Make a Memory QuiltLearning how to make a memory quilt is a great way to acknowledge all the wonderful activitiesof our friends and families. From new babies and milestone birthdays to sports achievements,memory quilts really make an heirloom that can be treasured.I know people that just sew, who take clothing of a loved one that has passed on and cut them upinto squares, sew them together to make pillows or coverlets for relatives of the loved one. Whata nice way to remember someone dear to you.Memory quilts can be made with transferred pictures, or just signatures of participants.They can be made as small as a 24x24 table topper or as a wall hanging and if the quilter has alarge family full of memories a large quilt will fill the bill. Some families organize a reunionevery year and they plan to have each family write a note about their individual family, maybeadd a group picture. Planning this ahead of time is critical.Today families are spread out over the country, so sending out quilt blocks for these signaturescan be a chore and must be done with consideration of the time needed to get all the bocks backto the quilter in time to assemble them into the quilt. A good way to do this is have all theattendees to the reunion sign the blocks at the reunion, so that it gives the quilter lots of time toget it done for the next reunion.A baby memory quilt is a fun way to make a quilt that the baby will have forever and hopefullypass down to the next generations.A birthday memory quilt is a fun way to acknowledge a milestone in someones life.Memory quilts can be made as simple as 6 inch squares sewn together or a complex as a huntersstar pattern.If the quilter is going to have signatures on the squares, the proven method of marking thesesquares is using ironing freezer paper to the back side of the square to give the fabric stability.The signatures should be written with permanent fade proof pens, there are many of these pens
  3. 3. 2on the market today.Photo transfers are a fun way to memorialize a family members life from baby to adult.Photo transfers are much better now than they were, in the past the result was not so good for aquilt project. Now there is fabric that you run through your computer printer to transfer thepicture to. This method is so much better and the end result is a soft square with a good pictureon it.So if you are interested in making a memory quilt there are so many resources on the web and inmagazine to draw from. Its so special to make one of these memory quilts, to keep forever.Jessie Pedersen is an avid and experienced quilter of over 10 years. She has made over 250 quiltsof all sizes, patterns and types. She has come out with an step by step ebook, How To Make AQuilt []. For more quilting advice, check out her quilt blog[] today!Article Source: more here:
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