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Team Brochure

  1. 1. Trek Telecom Project February 2009 Euro Trek
  2. 2. A word from the director Telecom Bretagne is a graduate engineering school, which puts active pedagogy at the heart of its educational practices, and student projects are becoming commonplace. However, the Trek Telecom project opens up a completely new dimension. Students will become not only the actors, but also the originators of their project : a three-week tour through Europe, enabling them to test new forms of learning using information technologies. Every phase of the project, the logistic preparation, distance learning, company visits, inquiries into practices related to sustainable development and publicizing the key steps of this venture, will provide opportunities to implement the diverse aspects of their many talents. I am certain that the students' skills and motivation will allow them to undertake their adventure successfully. They will come back enriched from this unique experience, which will be a tremendous asset when beginning their professional careers. They will show that the engineering profession has a beautiful future ahead of it and that it can help to find reasonable solutions to the innumerable problems that sustainable development poses, in these three dimensions : environmental, economic and social. André Chomette Director of Telecom Bretagne
  3. 3. Telecom Bretagne A school involved in sustainable development What is the Trek Saving water • Refuse Disposal Telecom ? • Saving wnergy • Landscaping • An engineering school • Awareness campaign for students • about the importance of sustainable A project linked to sustainable • development in professional life development Devoted teachers • A motivated team •
  4. 4. Our project We intend to create a website which will give information about renewable energies in eco-construction. In order to do so, we are going to travel around Europe looking for : • solutions concerning sustainable housing • data concerning Information Technologies and their use for the sustainable house of tomorrow. We aim to produce, at the end of our project, a case study of a particular house : the Breton house. Moreover, we would like to study how these different solutions could be affordable, and the energy and economical costs involved. Therefore, our website will outline the different techniques involved in sustainable construction and present the passive house and the renovation possibilities for a Breton house. We are a group of six engineering students, of three different nationalities, all motivated by this adventure and by the project, and all aware of the importance of sustainable development and it’s
  5. 5. Where we plan to go A : Brest B : Vannes C : Paris D : Lyon E : Bergamo F : Verona G : Geneva H : Berne I : Zürich J : Darmstadt K : Frankfurt L : Marburg Our stopovers, from the 2nd to the 23rd of April 2009
  6. 6. Euro Trek team From left to right: Mbayang Seck : budget and logistics Ivan Bavard : communication and forum Charline Robbe : documentation and multimedia François-Xavier Sapa : budget and mobile-Learning Patricia Simo : communication and logistics Hugo Fallourd : multimedia and project manager
  7. 7. How to contact us Hugo Fallourd Ivan Bavard Project Manager Communications Officer Telephone : +33683740869 Telephone : +33683840366 Mail : Mail : Official website of Telecom Bretagne: Blog of Euro Trek project: