Chinese Hip Hop Culture World Tour


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Tour of the world by Chinese Hip Hop artists created by Victor Muh.

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Chinese Hip Hop Culture World Tour

  1. 1. Chinese Hip Hop Culture World Tour AGGREGATE AN AUDIENCE, NOT CONTENT! 3 M o n t h s | 3 2 C i t ies D ate s T B D
  2. 2. H I P H O P C U LT U R E Hip hop is a cultural movement developed in New York City in the 1970s primarily by African Americans. Since first emerging in The Bronx and Harlem, the lifestyle of hip hop culture has today spread around the world. The four historic “elements” of hip hop are: MCing (rapping), DJing, urban inspired art/tagging (graffiti), and b- boying (or breakdancing). Source: Wikipedia IN THE SPIRIT OF ZHENGHE T H E C H I N E S E H I P H O P C U LT U R E W O R L D T O U R will share Chinese MCing, DJing, graffiti arts and b-boying with the international Hip Hop community. At the same time, our Chinese Hip Hop artists will learn from Hip Hop artists from around the world as well as from the experience of traveling to distant lands. In a way, this will be a cultural exchange, a Hip Hop cultural exchange... ... that will be experienced, not only by our Chinese Hip Hop artists, but by their fans in China and the rest of the world through the ever-expanding cornucopia of traditional, new and interactive medias.
  3. 3. PROJECT GOAL(S) AUDIENCE AGGREGATION The World Tour is a vehicle that is used to create a community of fans IN CHINA, drive them to branded portals and provide them with branded content. AGGREGATE AN AUDIENCE, NOT CONTENT! WHO? Male/Female: 16-30 with a collective income of $500 Billion (in the U.S.) Young, active, fashion-conscious, trendsetters
  4. 4. W O R L D LO C AT I O N S 1. Honolulu, Hawai’i DJ EPIC ONE I.A. - THE KAMA’AINA CLASSIC 2. Sydney, Australia DJ Perplex MC Layla 3. Sao Paulo, Brazil Thaide & DJ Hum 4. Lima, Peru FORTALEZA 5. Tokyo, Japan ZEEBRA 6. Seoul, Korea Epik High TBNY DJ Soulscape 7. Bangkok, Thailand DJ Tob THAITANIUM 8. Jakarta, Indonesia Kill The DJ Jogja Hip Hop Foundation 9. Saigon, Vietnam 10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Joe Flizzow 11. Los Angeles, California 12. San Francisco, California 13. Vancouver, Canada 14. New York, New York 15. Montreal, Canada Empire ISIS 16. Toronto, Canada King Reign 17. Paris, France La Caution Wax Tailor 18. London, England 19. Vienna, Austria Texta 20. Munich, Germany 21. Amsterdam, Netherlands 22. Rome, Italy 23. Madrid, Spain 24. Stockholm, Sweden Snook 25. Moscow, Russia Big Black Boots 26. Calcutta, India Ishq Bector 27. Johannesburg, South Africa Zuluboy DJ BlaQt 28. Singapore 29. Taipei, Taiwan
  5. 5. WORLD TOUR PROMOTIONAL EVENTS To LAUNCH & PROMOTE the World Tour, the Chinese Hip Hop Artists and Action Sports Athletes will perform in 10 provinces: • BEIJING • SHANGHAI • SHANDONG • GUANGDONG • HEBEI • TIANJIN • LIAONING • JILIN • SICHUAN • SHAANXI
  6. 6. TOUR EVENT PROGRAM 1. ARRIVAL IN NEW CITY • Check in to hotel • Chinese Artists meet Local Artists • Explore city and local Hip Hop scene 2. EVENT DAY • Promotions in front of and/or in the venue • Bboy dance battles and Graffiti painting • Urban Sports performances (i.e. skating, BMX...) • Local DJ warms up the venue with onstage dancers • Local Rappers & Artists perform • Chinese Rappers & Artists perform • PARTY!!! 3. DEPARTURE FROM CITY • Check out of hotel • Travel to next city
  7. 7. HIP HOP ARTISTS 1. MC/Rappers • MC Sbazzo & MC Webber • Local Opening Act 2. DJs • DJ Wordy • Local Opening DJ 3. Dancers • Free Space Crew • Dragon Dance Crew • Local Dancers 4. Graffiti Artists • KwanYin crew • Local Graffiti Artists
  8. 8. MC SBAZZO (Age 22) » Beijing born and Toronto raised, Sbazzo , is the award winning, critically acclaimed, leader of the group of MCs known as, Bad Blood. In 2002, as part of the pioneering rap group Yin T’sang, he released his first full length album For The People . For The People was received with open arms by hip hop heads across the nation and led to appearances at The 2003 Pepsi Music Awards, where they were nominated for Best New Rock-Rap Group and the China National Radio Music Awards, where they won Best New Group of 2003. In addition to full length articles by the LA Times, the China Daily and Music Magazine (China) the group also made special appearances on CCTV-1, PBS, CTV and Stir TV (cable). Stemming from his earlier success with Yin T’sang, Sbazzo has performed across China, Canada and the United States. His music has been featured in commercials for Nike, Adidas, Reebok, LiNing, White Rabbit, TaiShan Beverage Company, the Chinese Basketball Association. He has collaborated and performed alongside Cui Jian , Dragon Tongue Squad , Han Hong, Chris Li - winner of the China Super Girl competition, Onyx, DJ Kid Koala, The Jungle Brothers and Ugly Duckling. Sbazzo is currently in production on a number of projects including a new mixtape, the FAR DVD - showcasing his and Beijing’s top hip-hop artists - and a full length album.
  9. 9. MC WEBBER (Age 22) » A native of Beijing, MC Webber, is one of the founders of the pioneering rap group Yin T’sang, They released their first full length album For The People in 2002. For The People was received with open arms by hip hop heads across the nation and led to appearances at The 2003 Pepsi Music Awards, where they were nominated for Best New Rock-Rap Group, and the China National Radio Music Awards, where they won Best New Group of 2003. In addition to full length articles by the LA Times, the China Daily and Music Magazine (China) the group also made special appearances on CCTV-1, PBS, CTV and Stir TV (cable). His music has been featured in commercials for Nike, Casio, Philips, as well as numerous mobile phone and watch brands.
  10. 10. DJ WORDY (Age 24) » A native of Beijing, DJ Wordy played guitar before becoming a turntableist. One day, he found a pirated VCD of the 2000 World DMC Championships and was mesmerized. He decided to sell his guitar, equipment to raise money for DJ equipment. With a simple setup of one turntable, one mixer and one record, he practiced every day for over six months. From there he started performing in clubs and continued practicing. DJ Wordy first competed in the 2004 Chinese DMC Championship, where he finished third. He won the Chinese DMC Championships in 2005, 2006 & 2007, each time representing China at the World DMC Championship. Since 2003, DJ Wordy does shows all over the world He has been to HongKong, London, Paris, Jamaica, Cologne, Würzburg... DJ Wordy has been performed and shared the stage with : Q-bert, Craze, D-style, ShortKut, Roc Raida, kid Koala, dj food, netik, Scratch Perverts, Hospital Records Artist, Buju Banton, Richi Spice, Beenie Man , Talib Kweli... Achieving so much in such a small amount of time, DJ Wordy has proven himself to be the hope of Chinese turntableism and a role model for upcoming Chinese DJ talent.
  11. 11. DANCERS (Average Age 23) The Free Space Crew is from Beijing. The Dragon Dance Crew is from Shanghai.
  12. 12. KwanYin Crew (Average Age 23) » KwanYin Crew is a Graffiti Art Collective headed by Eric Tin from Beijing.
  13. 13. A C T I O N S P O R T S AT H L ET E S SHEHUI SK8 Team VANS Signature, Pro, Amateur, Legends and Vert Riders
  14. 14. A C T I O N S P O R T S AT H L ET E S QUIKSILVER Pro & Amateur Riders
  16. 16. S M P S K AT E PA R K SHANGHAI
  17. 17. CONTENT PRE-TOUR • Artist Selection Process/Introduction Videos • Artist Preparation Process Videos • Artist Blogs/Video Blogs DURING TOUR • Daily Artist Blogs/Video Blogs • Artist Live Video Chats • Daily Video Roundup • Weekly Video Roundup (packaged for broadcast television) • Live Streaming of Concerts with chat room • Archive of Videos Past Concerts • Live Concert Recordings POST TOUR • World Tour Documentary Trailer • Post-Production Behind-The-Scenes (How-To) Videos • Artist and Filmmaker Video Blogs from Film Festivals • Entire Documentary Film Available for Streaming or Download • Critical Mass Film Screenings
  18. 18. EXAMPLES OF WORLD TOUR WEBSITES WEBSITES Branded World Tour, TV Show and Film websites will be established to: • Introduce the Artists • Provide Tour Schedule • Create an Online Community• Provide News in Photos, Text and Video • Video Content • Sell World Tour Merchandise and Performance Tickets • Viral Possibilities • DATABASE OF FANS
  19. 19. LIVE VIDEO STREAMING OF CONCERTS Whenever possible, every performance will be streamed live on the internet and will be made available for online viewing afterwards across all platforms. The live concert videos can be embedded into any website and can even be seen on web-enabled mobile devices. Live chat is also possible.
  20. 20. NETWORKING
  21. 21. VIDEOBLOGGING Daily written and video reports from the touring artists will keep fans of the artists and the tour up-to-date about the adventures of traveling and performing in some of the world’s most interesting places. Whenever possible, every performance will be streamed live on the internet and will be made available for online viewing afterwards across all platforms. The videoblog will be seen on the World Tour website, on video sharing websites and will also be viewable on mobile devices.
  22. 22. SOCIAL NETWORKING World Tour, TV Show and Film pages will be created on social networking websites to foster communities of World Tour fans and create “buzz” that is spread between peers connected to each other through these networks. Participating artists will be encouraged to promote the World Tour, TV Show and Film on their own blogs, social networking pages or set up a blog or social networking page, if they have not already done so. All World Tour related content will be “sharing enabled,” meaning that with one “click,” a user can share interesting information, photos or video with his or her entire social network, no matter which social networking website they belong to.
  23. 23. MEDIA & DISTRIBUTION PARTNER Universal Music Greater China will sign and promote one of our MCs. They will also distribute our music and videos, CDs and DVDs. Our partnership with Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company, will insure that the World Tour content will be featured prominently and cross-promoted across the entire spectrum of mass media.
  24. 24. ONLINE PARTNERS Partnerships with and will insure that the World Tour content will be featured prominently. Over 13 million of the daily unique visitors of these two websites alone will be exposed to the World Tour and its content.
  25. 25. TV SHOW PARTNER A weekly TV show will be produced about the adventures of the World Tour. It will be viewable on the official website, on video sharing websites, on a World Tour internet TV Channel(s) and broadcast in China on THE TRAVEL CHANNEL (China) as well as abroad.
  26. 26. PRINT PARTNER 10 Full-Color, Full-Page ads in 1626 plus editorial in special interest magazines.
  27. 27. FILM A documentary film about the World Tour will be produced featuring performances and focusing on the adventures of the touring artists, their interaction with the people they meet and the places they visit. The film will be given away for free online.
  28. 28. CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS Celebrities in China and around the world will attend the Chinese Hip Hop Culture World Tour events as part of the audience. They will never get on stage or perform with the Hip Hop artists. The Celebrities presence will endorse and promote the World Tour. The Celebrities will be interviewed by the mainstream press about their thoughts about the Chinese Hip Hop artists.
  30. 30. FILM DISTRIBUTION The documentary will be first screened on the CRITICAL MASS SCREENINGS international film festival circuit, then distributed on TV and DVD internationally. • Sundance Film Festival • Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival • San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival • Slamdance Film Festivbal • San Diego Asian Film Festival • Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival • Hawai’i International Film Festival • Newport Beach International Film Festival • Göteborg International Film Festival • Rotterdam International Film Festival • Berlin International Film Festival • Tribeca Film Festival • San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival In China, leveraging the fan-base developed • VC Filmfest using social networks, fans of the World Tour • New York Asian Film Festival can help decide if the film will be screened in • Venice Film Festival their city and for how long. • SXSW Film Festival • San Sebastian International Film Festival Fans will be asked to “request” the film. If (partial list) enough “requests” are received, the World Tour Film will be screened in their city.
  31. 31. CHINA CONCERT TOUR (optional but logical continuation of World Tour) CRITICAL MASS CONCERTS As with the World Tour Film, leveraging the fan- base developed using social networks, fans of the World Tour can help decide if the Chinese Hip Hop artists will perform in their city. Fans will be asked to “request” the concert. If enough “requests” are received, the concert will come to their city.
  32. 32. MEDIA Press releases will be prepared for Chinese press giving updates about the World Tour. Before the World Tour arrives to perform, press releases and interviews with World Tour Artists will be provided to local media. International online and print media will be leveraged to create worldwide buzz about the World Tour.
  33. 33. A B O U T A D VA LO R E M I N T E R N AT I O N A L Ad Valorem International, is primarily an award-winning film and High Definition video production company. We produce music videos, documentaries, TV shows, short films and action sports films and videos. We’ve organized Europe-wide tours for some of our film projects as well as the parties to promote them. On September 22nd, 2007 we created our first event in China, “One World. One Music.” These events are not only fun and filled with beautiful people, they celebrate future music culture and share the best music that the world outside of China has to offer.
  34. 34. R E C E N T R E L AT E D P R O J E C T S For the 2008 Beijing Olympics, we helped make sure that every morning at 09:00, all of the U.S. woke up to fresh videos analyzing what they’d missed and what they could expect to see during the day. WORKFLOW: Shoot interviews and B-Roll using HD cameras -> Transfer video data onto hard drives to be edited with laptop computers. -> Compress videos for internet streaming using same laptop. -> Upload videos to Yahoo! server. TURNAROUND: 3 to 6 hours per 1 to 3-minute video TO BE NOTED: Yahoo! Sports beat NBC in terms of online viewership, at least for the first three days of the Olympic Games. Its Olympics site generated over 8 million unique users, 1.3 million more than NBC’s site received.
  35. 35. EYEBALLS Coverage in all 31 provinces throughout China and an audience of more than 300 million viewers Daily Video View (Peak) 107,149,596 Daily Unique Browsers 12,678,592 PARTNERS Daily Web Page Views (Peak) 139,137,012 Weekly Video View 641,850,851 Weekly Unique Browsers 53,882,010 Weekly Web Page Views 824,639,429 Estimated 500,000 Unique Vistors per Day Registered Users 10,000,000+ Registered Users 95,000,000+ Active Registered Users 34,000,000 Daily Unique Browsers 1,100,000 Daily Web Page Views (Peak) 300,000,000+ VIRAL FEEDERS Daily Video View (Peak) 100,000,000+ Daily Unique Browsers 10,000,000+ Daily Web Page Views (Peak) 120,000,000+ Weekly Unique Browsers 60,000,000+
  36. 36. PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN PRODUCT PLACEMENT Placement of products within content TV ADS 200 30-second TV spots in TRAVEL CHANNEL DVD FREE to download | DVD distribution still to be determined ADS 10 full-page, full-color ads plus editorial in special interest magazines PROMOTIONAL ITEMS 30,000 Posters | 30,000,000 Flyer/postcards (2500 venues in 20 cities) DIRECT MAIL Approx. 10,000 addresses DATABASE Adresse & data collection through website registrations, games and postcards INTERNET Websites, emails, virals, social networking, games and chances to win prizes PRESS TV, radio, print, daily press and internet contacts: estimated 374,831,507 contacts VENUE In front of the VENUE, in the VENUE, direct contacts! VENUE LOBBY Space for booths, promotions, banners, decorations, product information PRIZES Prizes for games and lotteries
  37. 37. E S T I M AT E D VA L U E 1. Event Logo (partner logo in combination with World Tour logo) See point 8 2. Product Placement in CONTENT RMB 3.500000 3. 200 30-second TV spots on TRAVEL CHANNEL RMB 30.000000 4. Ads plus editorial in special interest magazines (1626: 135000 copies/mo.) RMB 1.120000 5. 30.000000 Postcards (distributed to 2500 venues in 20 cities) RMB 60.000000 6. 30-second commercial during Live Concert Streaming (40 shows/40 spots) RMB 100000 7. Promotional Items (30.000 posters) RMB 200000 8. Press Contacts (estimated 375.000000 @ RMB 0,10) RMB 3.750.000 9. Internet RMB 150000 10. Activities in venues: banners, booths, SWAG, gifts & prizes See point 12 11. 10000 Direct Mails (Addresses @ RMB 10) RMB 100000 12. China Event Visitors (1000 visitors per 10 shows = 10000 visitors x RMB 30 per visitor) RMB 300000 13. Ads in DVDs distribution through internet and classical channels (up to 1-minute) RMB 100000 Total Media and Press Budget Estimated Value: RMB 99.320.000
  38. 38. CHINESE HIP HOP CULTURE WORLD TOUR SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES Price Logo & Brand Insertion Promo Material Venue Presence EXCLUSIVE BRANDING OF ALL VIDEO CONTENT* EXCLUSIVE LICENSING OF ALL AUDIO CONTENT Title Sponsor Branding of all Portals - ALL Branding of 3rd Party Portals (extent TBD) 1 availability Logo in Visual Effects 15.0000.000 TITLE SPONSOR Decoration Elements RMB Chinese Hip Hop Culture Special Booth EXCLUSIVITY World Tour Hostesses Product Placement Gifts (promo T-shirt) “Engage” Campaign Fan Database Access *Excludes non-internet documentary film. Presenting Logo in SELECTED TYPES OF VIDEO Content Sponsor Chinese Hip Hop Culture ALL NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENSING OF AUDIO CONTENT - 7.500.000 World Tour Branding of all Portals 2 availability RMB In partnership with Branding of 3rd Party Portals (extent TBD) PRESENTING SPONSOR Logo in Visual effects & Decoration elements XxXxX Special Booth Product placement Co-Sponsor 3.000.000 Special Thanks to: Banner - RMB CO-SPONSOR ALL Branding (banners) in all Portals 6 Maximum & XxXxX Sponsor 1.500.000 Distribution of samples in gift bags during the - RMB - - event. Limited
  39. 39. For further information about the CHINESE HIP HOP CULTURE WORLD TOUR, please contact: Victor Chuan Muh China +86/159.1105 6886 U.S. +1/928.223 3406 e-mail: