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A short presentation of Eurosurveillance PfA Romania services and professional expertize.

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Eurosurveillance Pf A Romania1

  1. 1. EurosurveillancePfA Romania<br />Corporate Intel<br />Risk Management <br />Fraud Prevention<br />
  2. 2. About us<br />EurosurveillancePfA Romania has been established in 1991,and provides professional private investigation and consulting services to the legal, financial, and business communities. Additionally, EurosurveillancePfA also provides personal investigation services to individuals and/or families facing difficult problems and decisions.<br />
  3. 3. legal<br />EurosurveillancePfA Romania offers complete investigation and information services to law firms and their clients. EurosurveillancePfA Romania blends state of the art technology with years of experience in investigating complex matters. From the simplest witness locate to the most complex financial fraud, EurosurveillancePfA Romania puts the right investigators together with the proper resources to get the results that are needed.EurosurveillancePfA Romania maintains indexed electronic files dating back to 1991, which enables us to make a complete conflict check before an investigation is undertaken. As a result of conflict checking and other security and privacy procedures used by EurosurveillancePfA Romania, clients can be assured of the confidentiality of their investigations.<br />
  4. 4. Insurance fraud & litigation<br />Bad faith, wrongful termination, high dollar commercial claims, arson, fraudulent, and suspect claims are terms that can mean significant one-time pay-outs for insurance companies. Eurosurveillancepfa Romania has taken traditional insurance investigation techniques to a higher level by providing services that assist adjusters and attorneys in making the best decisions, and in achieving the best results possible, in a prompt and economical manner. Our case managers can pull together the proper team (investigators, accountants, interviewers, analysts, surveillance technicians, and experts) to gather and assemble the facts needed to successfully resolve major claims that have serious civil exposure, and that deal with sensitive issues, criminal behavior, violence, and/or fraud.<br />
  5. 5. Corporate<br />Eurosurveillancepfa provides a variety of specialty services tailored to the business and financial communities. Eurosurveillancepfa principals are highly qualified investigators with extensive training and experience in the areas of white collar crime, fraud, and intellectual property matters.Eurosurveillancepfa can assist your organization in obtaining the information and evidence necessary to make an informed business decision, formulate an appropriate course of action in civil litigation, successfully present a case for criminal prosecution, or protect your business’ intellectual property.<br />The majority of criminal investigations conducted by Eurosurveillance involve fraudulent, illegal, or unethical activity in the corporate community. Each case investigated has its own unique characteristics. However, the one common thread in virtually every case is that the situation could have been prevented. Unfortunately, most clients find this out the hard way, and only take preventive measures after the damage is done.<br />
  6. 6. Due dilligence<br />It has been the experience of Eurosurveillancepfa Romania. (over many years, and hundreds of due diligence investigations), that a surprisingly large percentage of performance or experience claims are untrue, or at best, inflated. Closer examination of deals and parties often reveal undisclosed civil and/or criminal litigation histories, personal and business bankruptcies, false addresses, and serious financial problems, all of which can make a business association less than ideal.Eurosurveillancepfa’s investigation methods move past the traditional computer checks offered by other firms, and expand the investigation scope to develop information from a host of proprietary sources. This information can identify organized crime ties, fraudulent dealings, associations of dubious character, or poor past performance. Our ability to be on the ground where the prospective business is located, returns to our clients some of the home town advantage lost when they moved into the global marketplace.<br />
  7. 7. surveillance<br />Surveillance is probably the most misunderstood and misused investigative tool. As a result, it is often expensive and nonproductive.Eurosurveillancepfa Romania has blended its experience in conducting surveillance in vital and sensitive Federal cases, with the needs and resources of its clients. In doing so, Eurosurveillancepfa Romania has developed a method of conducting surveillances that will return the best outcome, on a continuing basis, for the resources invested. We do this by:<br />Conducting a pre-surveillance survey to determine feasibility.<br />Using the exact vehicles, equipment, and manpower dictated by the assignment and the client’s available resources.<br />Preparing logs and reports that tie to video or photographic evidence, shortening trial or settlement preparation.<br />Providing regular updates to the client regarding progress and costs.<br />Using only trained investigators to conduct surveillance.<br />Maintaining continuity in employment and evidence handling to ensure that clients have evidence and a credible witness at time of trial.<br />
  8. 8. consulting<br />Eurosurveillancepfa Romania. provides investigation consulting to professional companies (usually law or accounting firms) that have the need for an in-house investigative staff. Our vast experience in civil and criminal investigations, and our many investigative resources, are shared with our clients, thereby allowing the professional firms to create profitable in-house investigative service centers. <br />Eurosurveillancepfa can show your staff how to locate and identify witnesses, how to obtain working telephone numbers (even if they are non-published), and how to keep the billing and profit within your firm. From single locates to evidence retrieval and interviews, Eurosurveillancepfa provides the resources, training, and ongoing support that in-house investigative teams need to run efficiently and profitably. <br />
  9. 9. Executive close protection<br />EurosurveillancepfaRomania,in conjuncture with one of the leading VIP car companies in Romania is proud to offer a bespoke VIP Vehicle service. Our      tailored packages are unique as you can select your own choice of vehicle, very few companies can provide this. <br />We are able to offer SECURED Vehicles of your choice. From Luxury Limousines to Sports, MPV to 4x4. All of our vehicles are of Top Specification and driven by fully Licensed PCO Drivers.<br />We can also supply fleets of vehicles for Special Events, ensuring that your guests are delivered to your event in style, collect you and your family from any airport and stay with you for the duration of your stay in ROMANIA.<br />Our cars can be used in conjunction with our Close Protection Service or   available for Hire with a PCO driver. Please contact us  to discuss your requirements.<br />