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Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation
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Rtu P2v Wp5 Presentation


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  • 1. p2v : wp5 the view from northern ireland
  • 2. professor john anderson, eti geraldine taggart, rtu byron evans, rtu averil morrow, selb
  • 3. the schools
    • Ashfield Girls’ High School, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    • BG/BRG/Borg, Eisenstadt, Austria
    • Skeiene, Sandes, Rogaland, Norway
    • St Columb’s College, Derry, Northern Ireland
    • Skovvangsakolen, Allerod, Denmark
    • Centre Educatiu Jacint Verdaguer, Catalonia, Spain
    • St Pius X High School, Magherafelt, Northern Ireland
    • Bjerregrav Skole, Randers , Denmark
    • Charlottenlund Lower Secondary,Trondheim, Norway
    • St Patrick’s Primary School, Dungannon
    • St Patrick’s Grammar School, Armagh, Northern Ireland
    • Lindegaardskole, Lyngby, Denmark
    • Godoy, Alesund, Norway
  • 4. methodology
    • triads of schools are more effective than pairs
    • the becta self review framework was effective
    • everyone found learning gains hard to judge
    • cultural differences are significant
    • more follow-up should be planned
  • 5. we learnt from norway, denmark, austria & catalonia
    • aims not often documented, which inhibits self-evaluation
    • extensive use of online resources (replacing textbooks)
    • a wide range of electronic resources
    • more laptops and mobile devices
    • trusting students on the internet without filters
  • 6. we also learnt about
    • online professional development
    • headteachers having little say over professional development courses
    • a greater consensus about constructivist pedagogy
    • an emphasis on ict skills for lifelong learning
    • portfolios evidence of practice with ict
  • 7. and also
    • lack of a progression framework
    • and of mapping and recording
    • little evidence of monitoring and evaluation of the impact of ICT on learning
    • ict support for schools is dependent on parental support
    • ict used comprehensively to inform parents
  • 8. visitors to n.i. learnt about
    • the autonomy of principals
    • the organisational structure of schools
    • high levels of spend centrally & by schools
    • the predominance of desktops
    • limited wireless and mobile computing
    • support for teachers & their ict skills
    • some teachers who still avoid using ict
    • their lack of judgement choosing ict resources
  • 9. and also about
    • a highly organised timetable which may reduce spontaneity
    • curriculum reform and a new emphasis on skills
    • regular assessment and monitoring
    • but less reporting to parents
    • some evidence of learning gains, others of poor use of ict
  • 10. references
    • twelve wp5 reports available on:
    • uk becta self-review framework at: