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  • 1. Interactive PDFs Interactive Working Booklets Christian Reimers University Vienna, Department of Astronomy
  • 2. Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs)
    • Developed from a team of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Vienna for BM:UKK in the framework of the COSMOS EU project, but the idea is transferable to each project
    • Includes all learning objects (educational content, like presentations, work sheets, instructions and other learning materials) and the description of the learning activities of a learning scenario in one interactive PDF  working booklet :
    • Easy printable (parts or the whole booklet)
    • Easy usage of the interactive parts
    • Keywords are listed for each learning content for easy search in portals
  • 3.
    • (A) Expensive Way:
      • Adobe LiveCycle Designer (interactive forms ) or Adobe Acrobat Professional Advantages: WYSIWYG
    • (B) Cheaper Way:
      • LaTeX , generally used for scientific publications, and books Advantages: free software licence, platform independent, many additional packages, customizable (macros, definitions)
      •  The technology we propose to generate a interactive PDF file is based on LaTeX .
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) How to create?
  • 4.
    • LaTeX is a is a document markup language and document preparation system for the TeX typesetting program. The basic version TeX is a sophisticated program designed to produce high-quality typesetting , designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation, e.g. journals which includes diagrams, citations and mathematical equations.
    • It takes a computer file, prepared according to the "rules" of TeX, and converts it to a form that may be printed on a high-quality printer, such as a laser printer, to produce a printed document of publication quality .
    • The program is extendable by packages for a wide field of application .
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) What is LaTeX?
  • 5. Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs)
    • The Use of LaTeX-Packages gives the possibility to include several types of e-content in an interactive PDF document:
    • Videos are directly playable
    • Many documents can be included in the PDF and are available by a open-button; no separate files are needed
    • Exercises and Quiz executable directly in the PDF
    • Images, Simulations and Plots easily integrateable
    What is possible?
  • 6.
    • TeX Distribution (basic version) There are several TeX distributions for different operating systems available. Almost of them are freeware, e.g. one of this ▪ TeXLive ( for Windows ▪ MiKTeX ( for Windows ▪ TeTeX ( for Unix In principle you can start to generate Postscript or PDF files now at the level of the command line. For a more comfortable handling of TeX/LaTeX there are some development environments and editors available which have a graphical user interface.
    • Development Environment / Editor Almost of the practical development environments and editors are also freeware, eg. one of this ▪ WinShell ( for Windows ▪ TeXnicCenter ( for Windows ▪ Kile (for KDE) ( for Unix
    • PDF Reader To view the generated PDF file you need also the newest (recommended) version of a PDF reader.
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) What you need first?
  • 7.
    • „ Hello World!“ Source: documentclass{article} egin{document} Hello world! end{document} Compilation: (a) Command Line: latex hello.tex (dvips hello.dvi / dvipdf hello.dvi / pdflatex hello.tex ) (b) Development Kit: (configurable buttons, e.g. WinShell) Output: DVI ( D e V ice I ndependent ) [device = printer] PS ( P ost S cript) PDF ( P ortable D ocument F ormat)
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) hello.tex Simple Example (1)
  • 8.
    • Result:
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) hello.pdf Text Page Number Simple Example (2)
  • 9.
    • Source:
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) example2.tex More Sophisticated Example (1)
  • 10.
    • Result:
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Title [Page] Abstract Table of Content 1 st Section 2 nd Section Included Content Page Number example2.pdf More Sophisticated Example (2)
  • 11.
    • attachfile usepackage{attachfile}
    • movie15 usepackage[ <package options> ]{movie15}
    • pdfpages usepackage[ <package options> ]{pdfpages}
    • hyperref usepackage[ <package options> ]{hyperref}
    • AcroTeX eDucation Bundle e.g. usepackage[noquizsolutions]{exerquiz}
    • PSTricks e.g. usepackage{pstricks} usepackage{pst-3dplot,pst-vue3d}
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Packages applicable for interactive PDFs
  • 12.
    • attachfile Attachfile is a Latex package in order to send various other documents enclosed. This package defines an attachfile command that lets you attach arbitrary files to a pdf document. These files are embedded right in the pdf file, so they get transmitted along with it. The package also gives you control over the corresponding icon’s properties and various other associated metadata. Constraint: no executable or archive files (e.g. exe, zip), due to security reasons
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Packages applicable for interactive PDFs
  • 13.
    • movie15 Movie15 is a package which imports multimedia content (films, audio, …). A LATEX package for inclusion of movies, sounds and 3D objects into PDF documents with PDF-1.5/1.6 compatibility. PDF-1.5 supports a larger variety of movie and sound formats, limited only by the number of plugins available for Adobe Reader®. With PDF-1.6, support for 3D objects, stored in the U3D file format, has been added. Note: Movie should be converted to a common file format and to a moderate file size.
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Packages applicable for interactive PDFs
  • 14.
    • pdfpages Pdfpages includes a file directly into the PDF which was created with Latex. The user does not have to open the file again, but can see it directly attached. When creating PDF documents, it is sometimes useful to insert pages of other, external PDF documents. Several logical pages can be arranged onto each sheet of paper and the layout can be changed individually. A lot of hypertext operations are supported, like links to the inserted pages, links to the original PDF document, threads, etc.
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Packages applicable for interactive PDFs
  • 15.
    • hyperref The hyperref package activates links (e.g. to internet addresses and within the document). It extends the functionality of all the LaTeX cross-referencing commands (including the table of contents, bibliographies etc.) to include interactive external links and to convert all your internal references to hyperlinks. It also provides new commands to allow the user to write ad hoc hypertext links, including those to external documents and URLs.
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Packages applicable for interactive PDFs
  • 16.
    • AcroTeX eDucation Bundle AcroTex is a very big package in order to insert e.g. quizzes into a PDF. The AcroTEX eDucation Bundle is a collection of LaTeX macro files, along with various support files and sample files. The overall theme of this bundle is ePublication in the education sector using LaTeX as the authoring application and Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) as the file format of the output document. The AcroTEX Bundle should be useful to educators who want to post interactive materials for their students on the WWW.
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Packages applicable for interactive PDFs
  • 17.
    • PSTricks PSTricks is a set of macros that allow the inclusion of PostScript drawings directly inside TeX or LaTeX code. Packages to create ...
      • Animations
      • Graphics
      • Plots
      • Diagramms
      • Illustrations
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Packages applicable for interactive PDFs
  • 18.
    • PSTricks (cont.)
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Packages applicable for interactive PDFs
  • 19.
    • Usage in Schools: for advanced users (installation, programming)
    • Usage in Universities: all scientists and lecturer should know LaTeX and its handling
    • Another possibility
      • to package learning activities and educational content , but should not be the only way of providing learning activities (individual configuration of a learning/teaching unit)
      • to create (enrich) educational content
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Conclusions
  • 20.
    • Advantages: 1a) The uploaded working booklets are directly successible in the browser. 1b) The zip archive with the scenario description in the IMS LD standard could be easily included in the booklet, so teachers could save them on their computers and use them for implementing it in a learning management system (LMS)
    • Disadvantages: 2a) The working booklet could be a big file. 2b) The procedure to get the LaTeX distribution to work with the needed packages isn't easy for standard computer users. A detailed step-by-step tutorial for Windows and Linux computer users could be a solution.
    Interactive Working Booklets (.pdfs) Conclusions
  • 21. The End Interactive Working Booklets Stand: August 2009