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eInstruction Cooperation



International cooperation projects of eInstruction in education in countries across the world.

International cooperation projects of eInstruction in education in countries across the world.



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eInstruction Cooperation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Priority international cooperation strategies ICT in Education Networks International Symposium 11-12 June 2009, Roma Laurent Odic Director of Education, Europe
  • 2. Who is eInstruction? A team of people working in partnership with the education community through the development, deployment and support of a technology-rich integrated instruction and assessment solution for the 21st century “digital classroom”.
  • 3. eInstruction Overview: Corporate Vision and Guiding Principles Vision: To help educators achieve academic progress everyday. We believe institutions can be more successful if: – Students are active participants in instruction; – Professors know EVERY student’s level of understanding as they teach; – Classroom collaboration is encouraged; – Administrators have real time access to classroom performance data. 3
  • 4. eInstruction Overview: Company strategy Strategy - Create response-based collaborative institutional learning environments worldwide by: • Integrating formative assessment into daily instruction; • Emphasizing student involvement and classroom collaboration; • Delivering the broadest content compatibility; • Providing a value-add “hands-on” customer relationship; Future • Helping to manage the flow of information in/out of the interactive classroom to monitor and drive student progress at the institution level; the “information-centered classroom” 4
  • 5. eInstruction Overview: Company at a glance A 20 year old, International company with 300 employees – speaking 10 languages, located in 8 countries across 5 offices An installed footprint of over 500,000 K-12 and University classrooms in more than 40 countries A global supplier base and ISO-9000 certification A comprehensive instruction/assessment product portfolio available in 45 languages A multi-faceted global network of some 600 sales partners A comprehensive technology development capability and a portfolio of more than 30 patents 5
  • 6. Integrated Technology-Based Classroom Solution Software and Content Assessment Technology Interactive Technology 3rd party Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems, Grade books, etc… 6 6
  • 7. Classroom Software Solutions Student Response ExamView Assessment solution solution Workspace Interactive instruction solution 7
  • 8. Digital content portfolio Overview • 14,000 unique questions covering all major subject areas; 300,000 when recalculated • 3,000 learning objects • Publisher content from 5,000 K-12 textbooks 4 categories • Assessment questions • Graphic images Development Potential (2-3 slides)Market Opportunity – emphasis on Interwrite Learning’s positioning in the market a. Need for interactive classroom solutions domestically and internationally in the K-12 and higher education markets • Flash animations b.Need for training solutions for corporate and government marketStrong market position to expand Interwrite Learning’s products Upsell/Cross-sell opportunities within existing client base domestic and international Increase penetration into new schools and districts Increase penetration in key emerging international markets where a • Interactive lessons foothold exists Increase penetration and standardizations across the university market
  • 9. ExamView Assessment Suite Build paper/online tests…. Gather results and report… Publishers Learning Teachers Series 9
  • 10. Classroom Performance System (CPS) - Student Response & Assessment Systems Collect, analyze and report student responses, instantly  Student response & assessment solution  Directly compatible with textbook assessment items  Rich functionalities  used by ~6 million students  Drives academic results, formative assessment, pedagogy in classroom IR RF RF 10
  • 11. CPS Pulse™ (“Gen 3” clicker) • All the functions of our response systems • Flush mount display • Text message keypad entry • Improved performance • Homework mode
  • 12. Classroom collaboration system
  • 13. Interwrite Mobi The Classroom Collaboration System
  • 14. Mobi Pad - Wireless Slates For The Digital Classroom Teach with digital content from anywhere in the classroom with a mobile IWB  Teacher mobility  Instant assessment reporting  Student participation and collaboration 14
  • 15. Mobi - Instant Assessment Reporting  New color LCD screen displays assessment results in real time  Tightly integrated with response systems  Fully ExamView compatible 15
  • 16. Classroom Collaboration and Assessment System Multi-user Teacher Learner Learner Charging & Pad + Pad + Pad + security station Workspace Software +
  • 17. Interwrite DualBoard Single Pen Dual Pen, simultaneous use
  • 18. Interwrite DualBoard - Next Generation Whiteboard  Unique design supports two users  Ideal for student-student and teacher-student collaboration  Use in conjunction with Mobi and Response Systems 18
  • 19. Workspace: Multi-user collaboration for the Interactive Classroom
  • 20. eInstruction
  • 21. eInstruction
  • 22. From Products to Platform A vision for an end-to-end solution
  • 23. eInstruction End to End Classrooms School/District/Campus eI Community Student Response Content Presentation Interactive Instruction Client(s)
  • 24. Server/Portal Project Vision • Create a single, enterprise platform for real time classroom-based content delivery and student assessment that includes: Content Data analysis search & and reporting sharing User Systems community management • Leverages all existing hardware and content products • Scalable for individual, building, and district level adoptions • Connects to 3rd party platforms 24
  • 25. How will our community benefit? Content User search & community sharing Educators Data analysis Open interface and reporting to SMS, LMS, Curriculum 3rd parties etc (via API) departments eI Content search & sharing Data analysis IT Administrators departments and reporting Systems management
  • 26. eInstruction End to End Classrooms School/District/Campus eI Community Student Response Content Presentation Server Portal Interactive Instruction Client(s)
  • 27. Worldwide •Partners in over 90 countries •Over 500000 classrooms installed with 1 million plus units •Software translations in 48 languages and growing rapidly, text recognition in 90 languages •Dedicated staff positioned across the globe •Strategic distribution supply chains from design to delivery. June 12, 2009
  • 28. Technology Trends in Education United Kingdom considered a trailblazer. eInstruction and our partners, have been a top provider in the UK from the beginnings with over 50 000 Interwrite Solutions installed in the region. June 12, 2009
  • 29. Classroom Success… Around the World “English College (EC), being one of the leading private schools in the UAE, did a lot of research before deciding upon which interactive whiteboard technology to purchase. After trialing board by several manufacturers, EC piloted Interwrite Boards. We were more than impressed with the enabling Interwrite software, not to mention the company’s full commitment to post-sales support, particularly in terms of Allan Forbes longitudinal teacher training. It’s a decision we certainly don’t look back on whatsoever.” Headteacher June 12, 2009
  • 30. Mexico Enciclomedia and Secundarias Projects In cooperation with DELL Over 40000 Interwrite Boards Michael Dell, founder of Dell Inc. visits Interwrite installation site June 12, 2009
  • 31. Mexico Enciclomedia and Secundarias Projects June 12, 2009
  • 32. New Zealand’s Champion Schools 50 Champion Schools have been selected as the most innovative schools in New Zealand because of their use of Interwrite technology in the classroom. Region of Flaxmere, the Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand: Over the next three years, every classroom will be fitted with an Interwrite Board, two Interwrite Pads, and an Interwrite PRS Classpack system. June 12, 2009
  • 33. “In terms of effective learning, the focus has shifted from the teacher teaching to the students learning” Sean Maguire General Advisor for Science and Technology of Northeastern Education and Library Board June 12, 2009 Northern Ireland
  • 34. France, Spain, Portugal… •eInstruction continues its increasingly strong relationship with the Ministry of Education in France. There are nearly 6000 Interwrite Boards and Interwrite Pads installed across the country. •7000 Interwrite Boards are installed in Spain. Extremadura Government, one of the 17 Autonomies in Spain, chose Interwrite Boards to install in all of its primary schools, over 1200 systems. The Extremadura Government evaluated several vendors on issues such as durability, reliability, Linux compatibility, functionality, resolution and the availability of training for its teachers. •5000 Interwrite Boards in Portugal . June 12, 2009
  • 35. Italy, Russia, and beyond… •5000 Interwrite Boards provided in Italy. 120 eInstruction Interactive Classrooms in schools throughout the region of Bologna. •eInstructionsupplies interactive whiteboards to the four major regions in the Russian Federation. The contracts, awarded from November 2006, for over 10000 Interwrite Boards, supports the Russian’s Ministry of Education’s objective to provide students from various regions in Russia with equal rights to access information-reference resources and educational programs in a dynamic and interactive setting. June 12, 2009
  • 36. Government Officials in Puerto Rico Jordan Recommend and install Nigeria Interwrite in The 200+ Classrooms Queen’s Schools . Korea 1000 Interwrite UAE Boards & Pads Over 1000 Boards Czech Republic Over 1000 units Australia over strong 5000 Installed USA: Univ. of MA Bolivia Over 9000 Students 125 Interactive using PRS Classrooms June 12, 2009
  • 37. Some types of collaboration in Education sector • Agreements of cooperation – Teachers Training Center – Workspace LE (Free Edition) • Participation to events and meetings • Sponsoring projects • Working with national and international Networks • Helping users • Tenders
  • 38. Some recommandations • Don’t wait the last moment to learn about the solutions • Don’t forget the teachers training and train the trainers when you have a deployment project • Help the teachers to share their practices • Look around what is already existing • Keep it simple!
  • 39. Tags People Network Views Issues Cultures Common International Languages Vision Education Flexible Simple Contents Adaptability Assessement Curriculums Share Open Solutions
  • 40. Thank you!