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Stertford. Uk

  1. 1. Respect, Drive, Independence, Creativity= Success
  2. 2.  Stretford High School has about 700 students and 45 teachers Teaching assistants/SEN support Five house teams Vertical forms (small groups) ‘Busby’ school for Year 7 (Project 7) Above average EAL Above average SEN Rated Outstanding by Ofsted
  3. 3. Stretford High School in its currentform dates from 1990.Previously the site was host toStretford Grammar School ForBoys, in 1986 it merged withStretford Grammar School for Girlsto become Stretford GrammarSchool.
  4. 4. The school is situated in betweenOld Trafford Football and CricketGrounds at the gateway to the citycentre, adjacent to a College ofFurther Education.It is located close to the city metrolink and is just a stroll from theprestigious Media City development.Stretford High is non-selective andprovides for children between theages of 11 and 16 years.
  5. 5. The school offers a wide range ofpersonalised courses andenrichment activities through ahighly structured, inclusive,innovative approach to learning,leading to qualifications at all levels.It is our vocation to recognise andrealise the talent and potential of allour learners, in a safe learningenvironment with high expectations.
  6. 6. Stretford High is an International School, a Specialist Language College, holds Consultant School Status and works in partnership with Lancashire County Cricket Club and Manchester United Foundation. As a language college and international school we are committed to ensuring that our pupils are prepared for a changing world. The school aims to achieve the best forOn Friday 8 July 2011 Stretford High Schoolpupils in conjunction with Sir Bobby Charlton and each young person and we expectDickie Bird MBE unveiled blue plaques dedicatedto Tommy Taylor and Duncan Edwards, two of members of our community to come tothe Busby Babes who lived in the locality and school to learn and achieve beyond whatdied in the Munich Air Crash. they thought was possible. At Stretford High School we will not tolerate anything less.
  7. 7. 2011 Examination results:• 50% of students achieved five or more passes at A*-C including English & Mathematics• 90% of students achieved five or more passes at A*-C• 100% of students achieved a level 2 qualification• In its most recent Ofsted inspection Stretford High School was rated as Outstanding.• Stretford High adds more value to a child’s education than any other in the local authority and is amongst the best in the country.
  8. 8. New Facilities on the way
  9. 9. Where will it go…
  10. 10.  Learning the Stretford Way… To provide opportunities for all learners to achieve and thrive. The following principles underline the school’s commitment to you… A respect for all members of our community A highly professional staff A ordered and caring school community.
  11. 11.  RESPECT: Managing your own behaviour DRIVE: Working Hard INDEPENDENCE: Taking responsibility CREATIVITY: Lose yourself in learning
  12. 12.  NO answering back,  Uniform must be impeccable,  Homelearning is important,  On Task in every lesson,  Punctuality equals progress, Equipment is your responsibility.
  13. 13. “What lies behind us or beneath us isnothing compared to what lies within us”.
  14. 14. • A series of celebration days involving art, food, costumes, music, religion – multiple links to the curriculum.• These could include ‘What does it mean to be British’(Digital Explorer can help with links to this), Diwali, Holy Week, Stretfest, Rio Carnival, street party theme, Eid, May Day etc• A celebration day involving art, food, costumes, music, religion – multiple links to the curriculum.
  15. 15. • Veneuzuela trip (can we incorporate Geography/Humanities project?)• Walk UK/Geographical Society – students create their own neighbourhood walk with: - blogs/website/podcasts/photos/commentary. Pupils can focus on different nationalities/cultures or historical aspects of the walk• Peace Tree – message tree outside school/sporting complex. Links to local community. Messages from all communities within the school project scheme.
  16. 16. • History – idea 1: Exploring how the teaching of history differs in different countries (i.e. WWII)• History – idea 2: Years 8 and or 9 - projects connected to The People’s History Museum – exploring symbols and national heritage – links to ART – screen printing. Links to DRAMA – studying migration through personal stories, students at SHS. Exploring Human Rights and/or Children’s Rights through personal stories, writing letters. This can also link to World Peace Day
  17. 17. Music - A cross-cultural Youtube composition collaborationexploring the folk music traditions of each country. Thiswould be run in the format of a term (or longer) project forYear 9 students who currently follow the GCSE Musiccourse as a part of their Year 9 Arts option.Others have worked in a similar way online producingcollaborations like that on the link below:Playing for Change -: and
  18. 18. • Staff – teacher information exchange/sharing ideas and interventions• Students – blogs and/or video diaries (A Day in the Life…) talking about how they spend a typical day.• A project to find out about how SEN students are taught in other countries. Webpage and/or short film to find out about a typical day for someone with SEN. A video diary.
  19. 19. • Busby School/Year 7Sharing project progress online. Use the idea of TheVillage – share with other schools and/or exchange tripto other countries’ villages.• EnglishSharing ideas and discussions on the same book –e.g. Harry Potter or The Curious Incident of the Dog.Poetry anthology – pick a poem based on a theme andprovide a commentary – be able to explain themetaphors etc.
  20. 20. • ICTLearning how to create a video or animation.Year 8 – wiki page or blog.• MFL/InternationalismSharing similar vocab or themes through analysis ofthe same text – e.g. Lion a ParisLinks to Primary Schools?26 September – International Day of Languages -whole school involvementLinks to Year 8 – Food and festivals topic
  21. 21. • RE KS3 – looking at Peace and Conflict (Peace Day on 21 September) – explore this theme and compare and contrast with other countries. Links to Human Rights (see History.)• Drama - drama/media: - ‘My City’ – short films/My school, My City, My Home – creating a mini documentary. Links to history – then and now (music scene/industrial revolution/SHS history). Use student language to create subtitles for each video. Other countries could also create subtitled videos
  22. 22. • Technology (cross curricular opportunities?)Looking at how different countries (specifically in school?) recycle.Could be a wider project on sustainability – how students get toschool etc.How building design differs – comparison of school layout andplans – different classroom size or more open plan.• MediaMaking a film about all the different nationalities represented atSHS – through art, singing, music, interviews. Other partnerschools can do the same.• ArtLooking at famous British artists – perhaps pick one to explore indetail and exchange information with other schools. (Lowry?)
  23. 23. • PE1. Mini sports day – against overseas teams and / or mini tournament (tennis/cricket)2. Dance exchange using video conferencing3. Use links with Trafford? Q&A session?4. Link up to Sky Sports Living for Sports – Team GB