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The ProLiant USB Setup Key helps you automate hardware configuration deployment of your HP ProLiant servers with a simple USB key and a 5 lines configuration file

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  1. 1. Bruno Cornec HP, Open Source Profession LeadJean-Marc André OSSI Solution ArchitectThe ProLiant USB Setup Key
  2. 2. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP2Introducing Myself●Software engineering and Unices since 1988●Mostly Configuration Management Systems (CMS), Build systems, quality tools,on multiple commercial Unix systems●Discover Open Source & Linux (OSL) & first contributions in 1993●Full time on OSL since 1995, first as HP reseller then @HP●Currently:●Master Technology Architect on OSL for the HP/Intel Solution Center, Grenoble●OSL HP Advocate●EMEA OSL HP Profession Lead●Solutions Linux Conference and OWF board member●MondoRescue, Dploy.org, Project-Builder.org project lead●LinuxCOE, mrepo, tellico, rinse, fossology, collectl contributor●FOSSBazaar and OSL Governance enthusiast●Mandriva, Mageia, Fedora packager
  3. 3. ©2009 HP Confidential3 ©2010 HP / Intel / Red Hat restricted3Agenda
  4. 4. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP4Objective and AgendaObjective: To describe HPs Open Source involvement,The HP + Intel + Red Hat initiative (OSSI) andhow it can help the respective actors deliver best in classOpen Source & Linux (OSL) solutions in ProLiant Setup.Agenda:●ProLiant USB Setup Key (aka PUSK)● Project Origins and Choices,● Project Features,● Project Status● Project Future
  5. 5. ©2009 HP Confidential5 ©2010 HP / Intel / Red Hat restricted5ProLiant USB Setup Key
  6. 6. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP6PUSK Origins› Customer request to setup a DL 380 G7 BIOS, Smart Array and iLOwithout any keyboard, mouse or screen attached to it on a remote sitewhere minimal IT knowledge is available.› The operator in charge of the configuration just has a laptop (Windowsbased in most of the cases) to customize the server configuration (IPaddress, Netmask, Gateway, License Key and Password for iLO).› It should be as easy as:– Get the server out of the box;– Rack it, plug it and power it on;– Use a bootable device to do the hardware configuration;– Once the configuration is done, the server shuts itself down.
  7. 7. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP7PUSK Choices› The HP ProLiant USB setup key (PUSK) is a set of tools workingtogether with the HP Smart Start Scripting Tool Kit (SSSTK) and HPSoftware Depot Repository (SDR) to create a bootable USB key toeasily and automatically capture and deploy BIOS, RAID and iLOconfigurations on HP ProLiant servers.› The PUSK allows to easily modify configuration on site, while alsostoring logs of the setup run.› The PUSK is easily mountable from both a Windows (operatormachine) or a Linux (deployed server) environment using a VFAT FS.› The PUSK is built from a master machine using the runningdistribution (RHEL 6.1 or 6.2 for this project) and the HP SDR.› The PUSK provide 1 simple text based config file which has to beconfigured for iLO setup (generic need).› The other extracted configurations are also modifiable in XML format,as well as the boot configuration done with syslinux.
  8. 8. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP8PUSK Features› The HP ProLiant USB setup key (PUSK) provides the followingfeatures:– Capture the BIOS, RAID and iLO settings on a master server;– Deploy a previously captured BIOS, RAID and iLO configurationon a target server (iLO settings can be customized);– Deploy a basic iLO configuration;– Upgrade the BIOS, NICs, HBA, Smart Array controllers firmwareif needed.– Boot to a shell in order to debugIf no boot entry is selected after 30 seconds, the PUSK will boot indeploy mode.
  9. 9. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP9PUSK capture mode› The PUSK provides a capture mode using the HP SSSTK tools tocapture the current BIOS, RAID and iLO configuration on the server.– The BIOS configuration is saved on the USB key underdata_files/conrep.dat– The Smart Array controllers configuration is saved underdata_files/cpqacuxe.dat– The iLO configuration file is saved under data_files/hponcfg.datAfter the captured operations have been performed, the generated logsare saved on the USB key in log/capture_YYYYMMDD-HHmm.log, theUSB key is unmounted and the server shuts itself down.
  10. 10. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP10PUSK deploy mode› The PUSK provides a deploy mode using the HP SSSTK tools todeply the previously captured BIOS, RAID and iLO configuration on theserver from the previously mentioned stored config files.› iLO IP configuration, License key and password can be easilycustomized in an editable text file on the USB key (under config/ilo).– This customization uses a python script to inject the modified textdata into the hponcfg XML format.› A basic deploy mode also exists to restore an iLO configuration to adefault mode where nothing else works. It uses the data_files/ilo.datwithout variable substitution, nor any addition.› In case .scexe files are present under the fw_files directory, they willbe applied, only when newer, using the fw boot entry.
  11. 11. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP11PUSK architecture› The PUSK structure looks like the one nearby› 4 Firmware will be potentially applied here› The syslinux directory contains an initramfs.img fileproduced by dracut to have all drivers at boot time› The squashfs.img file produced also by dracutcontains the files coming from the original distributionwith our customization layer.› The init script provided by dracut launches at theend of the boot sequence the /etc/rc.d/rc.local scriptwhich has been customized to detect the bootcommand line parameters and launch the relevantscript under /ssstk to perform one of the 5 actionsmentioned earlier
  12. 12. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP12PUSK content› Content of the PUSK project:(Cf: http://pusk.project-builder.org/browser)– rpmbootstrap.sh: Create ext3fs.img files with the mini linuxdistribution (launched first)– mkusbkey.sh <dev>: Create the bootable USB key on thedevice(can be a /dev/sdx or /dev/loop one). Prerequisite build: thesystem as RHEL and SDR yum access configured– setupkey.spec: SPEC file (build RPM with make rpm)– customized: Customized init scripts, pythin tool and SSSTK scripts– syslinux.cfg: SYSLINUX configuration file– hp-psp.repo: YUM repo pointing to HP SDR– An automake/autoconf structure is also provided
  13. 13. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP13PUSK future› The PUSK as a ProLiant delivery ?› Make a Gen8 version using latest SDR tools.› Fusion of this key building and the MondoRescue boot media buildinginto pbmkbm (part of project-builder.org)› Use of the more generic rpmbootstrap (also part of project-builder.org)to build the environment in a isolated way, instead of the currentdedicated script.› Extend the etree python script to support the other config files› Sos plugin also developed for the same project to be proposed forSDR and pushed upstream› Your feature here !!!
  14. 14. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP14ReferencesSome reference sites :› http://www.hp.com/go/proliantlinux› http://www.hp.com/go/foundation› http://downloads.linux.hp.com/SDR/› http://trac.project-builder.org/browser/projects/proliantusbkey/0› http://www.project-builder.org› https://dracut.wiki.kernel.org/
  15. 15. Bruno Cornec - OSSI - HP15Unique initiative with a worldwide presence and coverageHP Intel Solution Centers• 10 years of success, worldwide programs, including Cloud Centerof Excellence, RISC to HP Intel Architecture Migrations, HPNetworking Customer Visit Center and more• Over 200 projects conducted successfully• Complete IT (400+ systems) & Telecom infrastructure• Portfolio of 40+ solutions with access to HP & Intel ecosystem ofPartners• Complete test & validation environment• Strategic partnership with Intel, 10-year long standingcollaboration• Strategic partnership with Red Hat• A unique proof point in the industry with a proven service offerGrenoblePlanoShanghaiMission: Accelerate the adoption of new and innovative solutions by creating simple and rewarding end-to-end customer experiences that benefit our customers and partners, in a compelling and engagingcollaborative environment. More information available at http://www.hpintelco.net
  16. 16. Thank you !Q&A