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IPSCA Caja fuerte electronica Cloud Day Eurocloud Spain
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IPSCA Caja fuerte electronica Cloud Day Eurocloud Spain

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Presentación de IPSCAr en el evento Cloud Day del pasado 15 de Febrero de 2011 organizado por Eurocloud Spain

Presentación de IPSCAr en el evento Cloud Day del pasado 15 de Febrero de 2011 organizado por Eurocloud Spain

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  • 1. STS Group Digital VaultConfidence Services February 2011
  • 2. STS GROUP
  • 3. STS Group’s missionP Probative / Evidence Digital Signature TraceabilityExchangeESecure and traced Recorded deliveryArchivingPreservation of digital data Data access and retrievalA
  • 4. Multiple business applications… Secure and traced exchanges Secure workflows Online contracts Remote electronic voting Probative digital archiving Management of electronic identities E-invoicing E-administration …
  • 6. Whatis Confidence Services? A unique offerwhichmeets the needs of small and medium businesses with regards to: Electronic archiving – Secured & traced exchanges
  • 7. Confidence Services by Risc Group Confidence Services Risc Group’s digital trust solution Archiving& Secure, tracedcertified exchanges Powered by Backup Services Security Services Antivirus Firewall Anti-Spam Mail Services Mobility Services (VPN)7
  • 8. Do not mix: Archiving and BackupArchiving = Confidence Services• Archives are documents in their final stage which cannot and will not be changed anymore.• The documents are final original documents (“frozen documents”)• Archiving is about conservation of information with over a long period or duration.• Integrity and readability of the archives over time must be guaranteed. Your archives must remain readable even if documents formats change in the future. o Ex: MS Excel, Word , etcPdf documents will remain readable within 50-60 years.• Archives are documents you are required to conserve for administrative or legal reasons: o Ex: mortgage loan documents, contract of property purchase, contract of lease, contribution insurance life, files of disaster after indemnity, company registrars, accountancy documents, bills, pay slips, social security contributions, plans of building, photos, etc.• Archives are documents on which you might require to confer a probative value.• Archives can be subject to examination of a judge and be used as evidenceKey words:Long term, conservation with probative value, digital evidence, legality, actvolunteer, legal obligations, protection in case of litigations, notion of proof,Readability over time, consultation over time
  • 9. Some Small & Medium business needsidentified I need simple and efficient document classification for rapid search, retrieval and consultation I want to be certain that my documents will be readable over time  Archiving I need to confer legal value to certain documents I conserve I want to use my documents in case of litigation (commercial, legal)  Compliance I want to exchange and trace certain communication with the same value of postal registered letters  Secured and traced exchanges : electronic registered envelopes I want to manage and control my business’ valuable information  Share and protect I want to have access to my documents wherever I am  Mobility
  • 10. ConfidenceServices - Portal look10
  • 11. ConfidenceServices –The functions 11
  • 12. Confidence Services – Digital Vault Your Digital Confidence Vault protects, classifies and archives your important documents by giving them a probative value (legal value). It enables you to fill your lawful obligations of archiving and reduce risk in the case of possible litigations (commercial, administrative, legal, etc.).
  • 13. Strong points of Confidence Digital VaultSecurity• Archiving of your data in our highly secure datacenters• Long term conservation of digital archives• Tracking and preservation of archives via audited journal of eventsThe administrator of the vault• Invite users: create and manage accesses for your collaborators• Benefit from customized file plans built to organize your vault efficiently based on your existing organization or structure• Dynamic management of archives: define archive profiles, access rights, retention periods, etc.Secure management of user access• Multi-user accesses by management of advanced login and password policies• Possibility of allocating a dedicated personal vault for each employeeSimplicity of use• Easiness of the means of stores: scanner, fax, shortened « send to », etc …• Permanent online access to the services and archives 24/24
  • 14. Clients benefits: Confidence Digital VaultA benefit of place and of time• Dematerialization of paper archives• Centralization of personal or enterprise archives in a secure digital vault environment• Research and rapid consultation of archives: advanced research and file plan featuresAbsolute security• Conformity of the platforms hosting the archives with the existing rules (NF Z42-013/OAIS / ISO 14721 and ISO 14641)The guarantee of the 4 lawful criteria regards to probative value• Integrity: Restitution of data in identity• Authenticity: Identification of the user• Traceability: Certification and review of movements in the vault• Intelligibility: Reading of archives
  • 15. Confidence Services – Digital RegisteredEnvelopesYour platform for Digital RegisteredEnvelopes provides you with virtual "post office“ service. You send simpleOr registered documents in totalconfidence, you follow thetransport of your envelope andguarantee the probative valueof your exchanges.All these exchanges can also bearchived in your digital safe.
  • 16. Strong points of Digital Registered MailsSecurity• Exchange platform hosted in our highly secure datacenters• Guarantee of the confidentiality of the exchanged documents: encryption of exchanges• Control of the identity of the sender and the recipients and time stamping• Live tracking of the exchange : acknowledgement/proof of receipt and of opening of the envelop , acceptance/refusal, delegation/forward , reply, etc. Optimization of exchanges• Instantaneous sending• Sending with postponed lawful opening (configurable)• Exchange of voluminous files up to xxGb• Online availability of service 24/24Simplicity of use• Online access without downloading any software• Compatibility with any formats of electronic files• Research and quick consultation of the inbox and outbox
  • 17. Clients benefits of Digital Registered MailsDematerialization of all your important and business exchanges• Administrative documents, registered letters, invoices, purchase orders, quotations contracts, pay slips …• Eco-responsible solutionA gain of time and money• Stop wasting time in the queues to send a registered letter• Real savings on printing and postage expensesThe certainty of the probative value of your exchanges• The guarantee of the contents of your exchanges• Traceability of the exchange in real-time
  • 18. Strong points Confidence Services ! Confidence Services A room of vaults Confidentiality: A vault for every service of the firm a vault for every employee Archiving& (to be chosen by the employer)ElectronicRegistered mails Powered by Tracking: All movements are traced (store, consultation, exchanges in convincing value …) Security: 3 levels overlapped by encryption of data, respect for the most recent norms (state of art). Technology used by the Bank of France and as part of plans of the Central bank European. Availability, distribution: content approachable at any time and of everywhere via mobile post offices, selective distribution of data with thirds 18 (ex: accounting office)
  • 19. Options to come: adapted bundles for eachcountry19