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Tues1200 integration brokers-andrazzmajsek-simobil

  1. 1. Si.mobilCloud business solutions case EuroCloud Congress 2012 9. 10. 2012
  2. 2. Telekom Austria Group Footprint - 20M mobile subscribersSi.mobil facts:• 2nd operator in Slovenia Telekom Austria Market share: 39,3 % Velcom Belarus• 30% market share Market share: 43 %• member of TAG Mobilkom Liechtenstein VIP Croatia Market share: 38,6 % Small enough to be a Playground Mtel Bulgaria Market share: 47,7 % Simobil Slovenija Market share: 30,9 % VIP Mobile Serbia Market share: 16,5 % VIP Macedonia Market share: 26 % EuroCloud Congress 2012
  3. 3. Telco Entering the Cloud Business –‘’environment’’WHO? Business segmentADVANTAGES? Leverage current potentials• TRUST: existing customer base and relationship• SCALE: existing direct/indirect sales force (KA, shops, franchises, dealers, ...)• REPUTATION: brand positioning, awareness,• CUSTOMER handling: 24/7 customer care, billing, collection, ...BASIC REQUEST! Manage Risk• low investment• risk share• time to market MISSION: "focus on your core business and we will take care of the rest"
  4. 4. How we did it? First 10 monthsFirst half - strategy set up:• brokerage model (low investment, leverage potential)• revenue share (risk share)• NO data centers, they are at service providers• local customer relationshipNext half - "just do it":• set up initial service portfolio• establishing eco system (sales force automation, marketplace, landing page, 3rd party integration, self care, Telco system integration)• sales strategy• go to market strategy• partner management
  5. 5. Market launch (June 2011)Last year:• build market awareness• sales channels• partnering (adding new services)• sell, sell, sellNow:• 3% of existing customer base , 0,5% new• 21 services• www.bizstore.si• developer community start:Cloud
  6. 6. Our business model cloud solutions brokerOFFER DEMAND Providers OpCo Business users of cloud services. as a cloud solution broker and their devices Without an intermediary between cloud provider and cloud consumer, theres just too much work, time and expense Daryl Plummer, vice president and fellow at Gartner Provide our business customers what they need when they need and all on one place
  7. 7. What is next? 2013 20 mio subscribersRegional footprint 7 countries:• Local presence, brand, cust. handling• Global services/prices• Local services/ developers community• Marketplace federation: – one central repository of services – 7 local service selections targeted to match local market requirements
  8. 8. http://bizstore.sihttp://developers.simobil.si/
  9. 9. Thank you.andraz.zmajsek@simobil.si EuroCloud Congress 2012
  10. 10. How to sell cloud solutions?Bundle them with all other services to satisfy allbusiness needs in one place. CV↑Benefits for the customers1. One provider – total offer.2. Central and simple access to all business solutions - whenever and wherever.3. Single contact for all solutions with 24/7 support.4. Monthly payment.5. Payment according to actual needs – scalability.6. Consulting – personal custodian.7. Si.mobil takes over responsibility for security and licenses.718 subscriptions sold 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Jul-11 Mar-12 Jul-12 May-12 Apr-12 Oct-11 Feb-12 Aug-11 Sep-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Aug-12 Sep-12 Jun-11 Jan-12 Jun-12
  11. 11. How to sell cloud solutions?Sell them independently to attract non-customerbuyers. GA↑www.bizstore.siWe decided for the Independentweb sales channel & marketplace,dedicated to sales, access tocloud-based business solutions.Target groupsNon-customer buyers:BUYUsers (new & Si.mobil):ACCESS & CONFIGUREServices providers/developers:SELL
  12. 12. How to address service providers and developers?Established developers portalhttp://developers.simobil.si/1. First and the most relevant business online marketplace in Slovenia2. Access to existing Si.mobil customer base in business segment3. Sales and new revenue source4. Support, promotion, billing, SSO, metrics5. References & access to community partners
  13. 13. Current bizstore.si portfolioCommunication & collaborationBusiness solutionsSecurity & Backup Hosting More …
  14. 14. Future directions Common customer baseSi.mobil to become MaaS(Marketplace as a Service) provider inTAG. Vipnet MtelTo offer cloud service marketplace andmanagement platform that enables Si.mobil Vip mobileOpCos in TAG to distribute web-based Local cloud service marketscloud services with: Regional- NO upfront investment Marketplace- risk/revenue sharing Platform- fast time to market (few months)While developers can integrate onceand reach millions of TAG customers. Regional cloud service providersSi.mobil to offer business support andmarketing and sales knowledge inorder to sustain the group success oncloud area. Common provider base: Global SaaS providers and Regional Developers
  15. 15. Why sell cloud solutions?OpCo as a cloud solution brokerLocal predictionsIDC predicts local 29,4% CAGR of Cloudsolutions for period 2011 – 2016, with 41,5growth in 2012. (source: IDC Slovenia Cloud Services 2011)Business modelPreferred is CSB – Cloud Solution Broker, source: IDC Slovenia Cloud Services 2011 Analysis and 2012-in which MNO does not act as service 2016 Forecast Executive Summaryprovider. Instead, it acts as reseller of 3rdparty solutions. (source: Gartner and Forester)Adoption- 20% of businesses will not own IT by endof 2012, (source: Gartner)- main-stream adoption of cloud computingsolutions in 2-5 years (source: Gartner) source: Gartner, July 2011
  16. 16. Overview of our technical solutionMarketplace forCustomers: One contact point and Log-in for all services Cust Home Page Marketplace Cust Self admin Service Service Billing Marketplace Catalog Management Partner Integration Provisioning API Billing APIMarketplace for Service providers: Local Developers:Partners: • Microsoft • Špica • CEOD • Setcce • GIS Data • … • Google • …