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Katharina lehmeier eureka-secretariat_plus


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Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1. Katharina Lehmeier Barcelona > 24-03-11 EUREKA and its Construction Technology Sector EUREKA BUILD2 Brokerage event Doing business through technology
  • 2. The EUREKA Initiative is… > > intergovernmental > nationally-financed > market-oriented > bottom-up
  • 3. Nationally financed >Financing for EUREKA projects comes from twomain sources: > national public sources (national research and innovation funds) > investment by industry in R&D
  • 4. Market-oriented > > EUREKA addresses applied, not fundamental, research projects > The result of a EUREKA project must be a marketable product, process or service
  • 5. EUREKA statement and target >> EUREKA means business> EUREKA means project cooperation> EUREKA means links to customers, partners, experts and financing bodies
  • 6. EUREKA is a Partner of choice for private investors > It supports : > Highly-innovative SMEs > Market-relevant projects > Internationally-minded teams > Projects are always pre-screened
  • 7. Bottom-up > The EUREKA project consortium decides: > the way a project comes together > the end result The consortium is close to the market, so can be flexible and respond quickly to market change.
  • 8. 40 Members >> Austria Finland Israel Norway Slovenia> Belgium France Italy Poland Spain F.Y.R.O.M Latvia Portugal Sweden> Bulgaria Germany Lithuania Romania Switzerland> Croatia Greece Luxembourg Russia Turkey> Cyprus Hungary Malta San Marino Ukraine> Czech Iceland Monaco Serbia United Kingdom Republic Ireland The Netherlands Slovakia> Denmark> Estonia NATIONAL INFORMATION POINTS> European Albania Union Boznia-Herzegovina ASSOCIATED COUNTRY South Korea
  • 9. The past is history > > Established in 1985 > An initiative of French President Mitterand and German Chancellor Kohl > 18 countries and the European Union
  • 10. Some Statistics > > Since 1985, 25 billion euro of public-private investment has been mobilised to support some 2,800 EUREKA projects. > On-going projects are attracting investment of some 4 billion euro.
  • 11. Some Statistics >Who participates in EUREKA projects? > Nearly 13.000 partners from across Europe - and beyond
  • 12. The pillars of EUREKA > > Strategic initiatives: Umbrellas and Clusters > Individual projects > The Eurostars Programme
  • 13. Strategic Initiatives > > Clusters > Long-term, strategically-significant initiatives > Large number of participants, many from Europe’s major companies (e.g. Philips, Infineon) > Develop generic technologies of key importance to European competitivenes
  • 14. Individual Projects > > Individual projects > Small, short-term projects > Ready-to-market results > Involve participants from at least two member countries > Result in a product, process or service representing a significant advance in their sector
  • 15. Strategic Initiatives > > Umbrellas > Thematic networks of public authorities and sectoral experts > Their objective is to generate EUREKA projects > Fields of activity: manufacturing, construction, logistics, food and feed, surface, tourism
  • 16. Strategic Initiatives > > Umbrellas > ProFACTORY: Production technologies > EuroAgri FoodChain: Agriculture, food and feed, bio-economy > EUREKABUILD2: Construction technology > EUREKA TOURISM: IT technologies for tourism > LOGCHAIN+: Freight chains and logistics > i-Surf: surface materials
  • 17. The Eurostars Programme > > Eurostars > A European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to R&D performing SMEs > An Article 169 programme of the Treaty, co- decision by EU parliament and EU council > Multi-annual joint programme (2007-2013), combining > National R&D programmes from 32 countries (300 M€ committed) > FP7 (up to 100 M€ committed) > EUREKA Secretariat (20+years of experience in national R&D programmes coordination) > Two calls for proposals per year
  • 18. In what technologies can EUREKA Projects >be found?
  • 19. Which markets benefit from the technologies >developed?
  • 20. Spending on EUREKA >Projects in Relation to GDP
  • 21. Construction and Materials technology EUREKA statistics> Construction Technology> Materials Technology
  • 22. Construction Technology HOW TO GET Technologies Construction EUREKA Statistics > INVOLVEDComprising the following technology fields:> Building Materials> Components and Methods> Civil engineering> Construction Equipment> Construction Technology> Fire Resistance> Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics, Vibration and Acoustic Engineering related to construction technology> Pipeline Technology> Sensory/Multisensory Technology, Instrumentation related to construction technology> Sound Insulation
  • 23. Construction Technology Overview EUREKA Statistics > Construction Projects Completed 24 Construction Projects Running 16 Total Cost of all Construction Projects 56.3 M€ Average Project Cost 1.4 M€Average number of Participants per Project 3.5 Average Project duration 36 months
  • 24. Construction TechnologyConstruction - Projects Generated EUREKA Statistics >
  • 25. Construction TechnologyConstruction EUREKAof Projects - Cost Statistics >
  • 26. Construction TechnologyConstruction - Top 10 Countries EUREKA Statistics >
  • 27. Construction TechnologyConstruction - Type of Company EUREKA Statistics > SME 62 Large company 38Research Institute 17 University 22 Other 1 Grand Total 140
  • 28. Construction and Materials technology EUREKA statistics> Construction Technology> Materials Technology
  • 29. Materials Technology Materials Technologies EUREKA Statistics >Comprising the following technology fields:> Building materials> Colours and varnish> Composite materials> Glass> Iron and Steel, Steelworks> Properties of Materials, Corrosion/Degradation> Stone
  • 30. Materials Technology Overview EUREKA Statistics > Materials Projects Completed 32 Materials Projects Running 17 Total Cost of all Materials Projects 74.6 M€ Average Project Cost 1.5 M€Average number of Participants per Project 3.3 Average Project duration 39 months
  • 31. Materials TechnologyMaterials - Projects Generated EUREKA Statistics >
  • 32. Materials TechnologyMaterials - Cost of Projects EUREKA Statistics >
  • 33. Materials Technology > EUREKA Statistics
  • 34. Materials Technology > EUREKA Statistics SME 59 Large company 57Research Institute 49 University 30 Other 4 Grand Total 199
  • 35. Ex-Post Impact EUREKAof the Final Report 2000-2005 Analysis - The Leverage Effect14131211109 Leverage effect on Commercial Turnover : 13 Expected8 Commercial Turnover 10 M€7654 Leverage Effect on Private Fund : 2.53 Private Fund2 2.5 M€ Achieved Commercial Turnover1 Public Fund 1M€ 3 M€0
  • 36. Ex-Post Impact Analysis of EUREKAReport 2000-2005 the Final ImpactBased on 1000 final reports received from 2000 to 2005, we coulddetermine that for one million euros of Public funds invested in aEUREKA project, on average : 2.5 millions euros of Private funds were put in additionally which resulted in 13 millions of additional turnover (achieved and expected) and 54 Jobs created or safeguarded (achieved and expected).
  • 37. EUREKA Added Value in in the ERA EUREKA Added Value the ERAEUREKA tackles two weaknesses of the ERA thanks to:> Strong support to European Industry (notably to SMEs) reducing the gap between Research & Innovation> Efficient & Balanced Model for Joint programming reducing the European fragmentionEUREKA is a key actor for a successful ERA !
  • 38. Thank you forlisteningKatharina LehmeierEUREKA