"App Entrepreneurs in Residence" by David Arias


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Rebooting the EU App Economy / Fraunhofer HHI, Berlin, Germany / 13th November 2013

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  • "App Entrepreneurs in Residence" by David Arias

    1. 1. App Entrepreneurs in Residence Entrepreneurs and big players building apps together 13th November 2013 Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin Euroapp Challenge David Arias Cofounder of Mobbitat Partner at Naider
    2. 2. Development of mobile solutions - Mobile customer loyalty -POS - Mobile commerce Innovation strategy consultancy Social innovation platform Valladolid Bilbao Madrid How I spend my time at different sides of innovation
    3. 3. During the 20th century Europe lost much of its entrepreneurship
    4. 4. World-class technical talent R&D Creativity Networking hub App entrepreneurs In Europe
    5. 5. World-class talent R&D Creative + innovative Networking hub App entrepreneurs In Europe Lack of business skills Limited Industry experience Risk-averse investors Access to early markets
    6. 6. Big European organizations Disconnection App Entrepreneurs
    7. 7. Big European organizations Business skills, industry expertise, coaching, mentoring, funding, early market, … Innovative solutions, technology, world-class talent, creativity, new business opportunities, … App Entrepreneurs
    8. 8. PROPOSAL: APP ENTREPRENEURS IN RESIDENCE App entrepreneurs + European big organizations Coaching Early market Mentoring Industry expertise APPS MARKET
    9. 9. R&D leaders Innovative public sector Green companies (mobility, energy…) Banks Host organizations Strong telco industry Corporations Mobility apps App Entrepreneurs Communication apps Green apps Healthcare apps Social apps Productivity apps
    10. 10. Entrepreneurs Matching Hosts organizations EIR (4-6 months) Market
    11. 11. Implementation Program design Coordination at European level Funding Marketing
    12. 12. Annual objectives 50 host organizations 1 Annual application process 50-100 app entrepreneurs
    13. 13. Entrepreneurs in residence Apps Find partners Find potential clients Getting advice 4-6 months in residence Coaching and mentoring Successful products Develop app economy: 794.000 jobs, 10€ billion revenues per annum
    14. 14. References Data about app economy!!!
    15. 15. App Entrepreneurs in Residence A win-win scenario App entrepreneurs develop global startups with the support of European big organizations… European big organizations get access to cutting-edge technology and improve their competitiveness Europe create jobs and wealth
    16. 16. DAVID ARIAS Consulting experience David Arias is an IT Engineer and MSc in Management with over ten years of consulting experience. He has developed research and strategic advisory work in the areas of Information Technology and corporate innovation management and technology. He has also carried out research evaluating and building technology-based business opportunities in industries such as ITC, automation and tourism in Spain and Europe. David has worked as a strategy and IT consultant for Naider and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting assisting governments, public agencies as well as big multinational companies in industries such as ICT, telecommunications, construction and energy. Entrepreneurial experience David Arias coordinated R&D activities in a software startup as an early experience in 2002. From 2009 he works as a partner at Naider coordinating and promoting the Valladolid office in central Spain. In 2011, he co-founded Mobbitat Mobile Solutions, a technologybased company which develops e-commerce mobile solutions. Mobbitat has developed and marketed mobile apps for the tourism, manufacturing, food , fashion and communication industries among others. He is also founder of Urbapps, a social platform for the development of mobile apps for the smat city. Education David is a Telecommunications engineer from the University of Valladolid (Spain) and holds a Masters in Economics and Innovation Management at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (Sweden). Languages He speaks, reads and writes fluently in Spanish, Italian and English and possesses basic knowledge of German and French. Twitter: @ariasdav david.arias@gmail.com http://es.linkedin.com/in/davidarias/ Blog: http://www.davidarias.me (Spanish) Companies: http://www.mobbitat.com; http://www.naider.com +34 664 466 844
    17. 17. App Entrepreneurs in Residence Entrepreneurs and big players building apps together