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Career Case Studies

  1. 1. 1Ellen UnderwoodDr. ClementsCOM 2950March 6, 2008 Career Case Studies According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges andEmployers, starting salaries for marketing majors graduating in 2007 averaged $40,161.00.According to Career Info Net’s occupation information, in the year 2014, the states that will havethe highest demand for marketing directors will be California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania,and Massachusetts. According to the City Rating website (, the average cost ofliving in San Diego, California is $69,465.39. The average cost of living in Syracuse, New Yorkis $43,895.91. The average cost of living in Chicago, Illinois is $40,537.58. The average cost ofliving in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is $55, 412.20. The average cost of living in Boston,Massachusetts is $59, 584.48 per year. My annual salary will not cover these expenses in thebeginning of my career. Marketing directors typically work long hours, according to the Bureau of Laborstatistics. Being asked to work evenings and weekends is quite common. In 2006, about two-thirds of the total marketing directors in the United States worked more than 40 hours a week.Marketing directors have a permanent opportunity for advancement to the highest ranks. Trained,experienced, and successful managers may be promoted to higher positions in their own oranother firm. Some marketing directors have become top executives. Opening up one’s ownbusiness is another option for promotion.
  2. 2. Employers prefer a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business administration with anemphasis on marketing. Employers recommend that those pursuing this career, complete aninternship while they are in college. Familiarity with word-processing and database applicationsis important for most positions. Computer skills are vital because marketing on the Internet isincreasingly common. One pursuing this career may need additional education later, as thetechnology field is always evolving. According to the Career One Stop website (, marketingdirectors develop the firm’s marketing strategy in detail. They estimate the demand for productsand services offered by the firm and its competitors. In addition, they identify potential markets.Marketing directors also develop pricing strategy to help firms maximize profits while ensuringthat the firm’s customers are satisfied. In collaboration with sales, product development, andother directors, they monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services, andthey oversee product development. Marketing directors work with advertising and promotionmanagers to promote the firm’s products and services and to attract potential users. Thesedirectors are team leaders. I am working on my way to obtaining my bachelor’s degree and by the summer of 2008,I will have had two years of college experience under my belt. I am planning on doing aninternship at Towson University, where it is a requirement for those majoring incommunications. I have also been offered an internship in the marketing department at CSM,La Plata Campus. I’ve been put in charge of promotion for AA Dependable Air, the company Icurrently work for part time. I have been assigned to do research on an advertisement companycalled Clear Channel, where I will have to work one on one with an account executive in order tofulfill my company’s need for promotion in the Brandywine and Waldorf areas. I have also
  3. 3. maintained two part time jobs while attending college full time for the past two years, which hashelped be develop time management skills that will be essential to have while pursing theposition of a marketing director. A marketing director position fits my career mission because I will be able to work in ateam and incorporate many different kinds of ideas and knowledge, contributed from differentmembers, into my strategies and applications of team advancement, as well as identification ofpotential targets of the industry. Problem solving would play a big part of my daily assignments;therefore my career will value creativity and sustain my interest. By gaining statisticalinformation through hard work and research put forth by a group of professionals, I will be ableto communicate information that is true of my firm’s potential targets. This information willprovide understanding for those on my team, as well as the company in which we are promotingfor. This will enable my firm to move forward on the road to success. According to the Salary Wizard website (, the entry-level salary forpublic relations directors averages about $42,000 annually. According to Career Info Net’soccupation information, in the year 2014, the states that will have the highest demand foremployed public relations directors will be California, Florida, New York, and Michigan. Theaverage cost of living in Miami, Florida is $40,172.05. The average cost of living in Detroit,Michigan is $50,215.82. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006, about two-thirdsof the public relations directors in the United States worked more than 40 hours a week. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (, public relations directors arerequired to travel at times. They may be asked to meet with special-interest groups orgovernment officials. Job transfers between headquarters and regional offices are common.
  4. 4. These directors may be asked to work evenings or weekends. Some associations offercertification programs for directors. While relatively few public relations directors are currentlycertified, the number of directors who seek certification is expected to grow. The U.S. Department of Labor also noted that although experience, ability, andleadership are emphasized for promotion, advancement can be accelerated by participation inmanagement training programs conducted by larger firms. These firms offer continuingeducation opportunities for public relations directors. This is a guaranteed position foradvancement in the communications field. For public relations management positions, someemployers prefer a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in public relations or journalism. The graduate’s curriculum should include courses in advertising, businessadministration, public affairs, public speaking, political science, and creative and technicalwriting. The ability to communicate in a foreign language is predicted to increase employmentopportunities in many rapidly growing areas around the country. Familiarity with word-processing and database applications is important. A public relations director will always have toeducate him or herself on the new communication technology, as well as newly developed firmsand agencies. They will have to research changes in the community to educate themselves on thepublic. A typical day on the job involves working under pressure, which is unavoidable whenschedules change and problems arise, but deadlines and goals must still be met. Public relationsdirectors may be asked to conduct research and produce newsletters and company reports. Theyassist company executives in drafting speeches, arranging interviews, and maintaining otherforms of public contact. They are constantly responding to requests for information. In addition,
  5. 5. some of these directors handle special events in order to gain public attention through the presswithout advertising directly. I have taken several communications courses, and am knowledgeable of the many factorsconcerning proper interpersonal communication with people of different demographics. I havewritten letters and proposals to customers concerning the replacement of major heating and air-conditioning systems. I have recently received high marks in a journalism course where I wasrequired to write four newspaper stories. My current job at Pizza Hotline requires me to managedrivers, cooks, and customers. My managerial position is very hectic on weekend nights, but Iwork well under pressure. I am required to conduct research at AA Dependable Air, and I amconstantly looking up invoices, bank statements, and other information to assist my supervisor inconducting estimates for customers. A public relations manager fits my career mission, because it would allow me to conductresearch on my fellow employees, as well as competition. By conducting this research, I wouldbe able to develop newsletters and reports to inform others of my discoveries and our firm’sstance in the field; thus, allowing me to decode statistical information, making it useful so thatthere is a wide range of understanding of what the company needs to improve upon. This willenable my company to move forward and remain successful amongst competition.