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The United Kingdom: Ireland's most visited places.
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The United Kingdom: Ireland's most visited places.


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  • 1. The United Kingdom Ireland's most visited places Prepared by : Karolina Klizaitė 8b
  • 2. Aran Islands Aran Islands on the west coast of Ireland, consisting of the island of Inishmore. Inishmore is the largest island. Its length is 13 km and a width of 3 km. The island is home to about 900 residents. These islands reveals Irish cultural traditions. You kept customs and way of life. From the long rocky island residents built the impressive forts of stone, stood for thousands of years. Aran Islands are a favorite place for tourists. Sometimes it may even seem that the tourists more than locals.
  • 3. Ben Bulben Ben bulben mountain stands in the north of Ireland, near Sligo. Green mountain slopes dressed like a living carpet onlays. Smooth mountain peak is about 500 m above the ground. Telling the legend that was once at the mountain died Celtic warrior on behalf Dajarmud that this place killed the giant Macular Fin.
  • 4. Burren Huge grayish rocky field where their place in the sun unless she found a poor vegetation, lies in the northwest of Ireland, Clare County. Grim in virtually no trees dominated the landscape of limestone cliffs, which made ​the water currents generated outside of the caves and potholes.
  • 5. Blarney Castle Blarney Castle is located a few kilometers away from the second largest Irish city of Cork. These celebrity Castle - Blarney Stone is miraculous. It is believed that the wooden castle stood there in the tenth century.
  • 6. Phoenix Phoenix Park in Dublin is surrounded by 11 km of the fence. The park was established in 1662. It is a pillar of the Phoenix, and the People's Park is a garden and a zoo. Wellington Testimonial park stands 63 meters high obelisk and papal cross, which indicates where in 1979. Pope celebrated Mass. The park is also located at the residence of the Irish president and the U.S. Embassy.
  • 7.