Tagging and social bookmarking 2012


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  • Delicious is more visual, with the creation of stacks – better for content curationDiigo better for archiving and collaboration, through groups and listsIn delicious possible to collaborate on stacksTip: Use one as your primary account and auto-save on the other for backup!
  • Tagging and social bookmarking 2012

    1. 1. Tagging and social bookmarking FAO Social Media Workshop
    2. 2. Intro /definition A tag is a labelling system that enables Internet users to categorize content online Tagging lets you categorize information online your way Social bookmarking is the use of a web-based site that stores your tags and the tags of people you know, so you can benefit from their bookmarks as well as your own. Source: KSToolkit
    3. 3. Key functions it supports As individual user – Store and organise your virtual library – Access your links anytime, anywhere – Connect with peers and find new resources As a team/group/network – Share link and resources – Build flow of content related to specific subject – Source, filter and remix content
    4. 4. Examples ILRI KMIS Team http://delicious.com/stacks/view/LpRfjW Addis Share Fair 2010 http://agknowledgeafrica.wikispaces.com/ All+Known+Products FAO ComDev http://www.delicious.com/FAOcomdev
    5. 5. CCAFS social bookmarking Delicious bookmarks on gender feed into www.ccafs.cgiar.org/gender
    6. 6. Popular tools Delicious http://delicious.com Diigo http://diigo.com Pinterest (visual) http://pinterest.com Scoop-it (visual) http://scoop.it
    7. 7. How to use it Define your tagging system – As individual – As a group Crate an account on Delicious or Diigo Import your browser bookmarks into your account Bookmark links and web pages Look at who else is saving the same links – peer in their garden an see what they are up to Republish your bookmarks (or a selection of them) as RSS feed on your site or social network In a team, use it to source content and produce new products
    8. 8. Hands on exercise Create an account on Delicious or Diigo Bookmarks few links Import your bookmarks (if you are using your laptop..) Find peers and start following them Take the RSS of your bookmarks and publish it on your blog or wiki page
    9. 9. Tagging and social bookmarking FAO Social Media Workshop