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Euforia product information. A health super food that is second to none.

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  • Hello and welcome. This is a presentation of Euforia, a high quality organic juice like none other.
  • First, let's look at some statistics. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease are everywhere. 47% of people who get heart attacks do not survive. 750,000 die from heart attack each year.
  • 57 million people have cardiovascular disease. Of those 57 million, one person dies every 37 seconds. 103 million people have high cholesterol. 75 million people have hypertension. This is caused by stress, overweight, bad diets and processed foods.
  • Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the leading causes of death worldwide.
  • We think there has got to be a better way.
  • Nuverus offers a product that may be able to help.
  • Nuverus combined the wisdom of the ancients with modern science.
  • The result is Euforia. A health juice like no other. This juice is the absolute best. It is first class quality. It is completely organic, using no pesticides in its production. It has no preservatives. It is kosher. And its ingredients are the finest in the world.
  • I know what you want to ask. What does it do for me? That's a fair question and one you should be asking.
  • These are some of the possible benefits. The ingredients in this juice have been shown to positively affect these sorts of ailments and disorders. No it won't make you bullet proof or make you fly. Putting good ingredients into your body is a sure way to keep yourself in better health.
  • This juice is known for its beneficial properties. And we all want to be in the best health we can be. Let's move on.
  • Let's talk about antioxidants. What are they and why do I care? It is a very important question.
  • Antioxidants protect the cells in our body from getting destroyed by various things we consume. Oxidation is a process where oxygen combines chemically with something. Have you ever cut an apple in half and watch it turn brown in minutes. That is oxidation. Antioxidants prevent that process from happening. If we cover one half of the apple, only the uncovered half turns brown. Have you ever seen metal rust? That is oxidation too. How do we stop something from rusting? Paint it.
  • Why is this important? Oxidation is a destructive process. It can damage cells and cause all sorts of problems. As oxidation continues to happen through out our body, over time, this can lead to some diseases we hear about all the time.
  • How powerful is an antioxidant? It is measured in ORAC units. The higher the ORAC units the more powerful the antioxidant.
  • The USDA recommends we get 3000 to 5000 ORAC units per day. One thing to note. Heat destroys antioxidants. Cooked broccoli has far far less antioxidants than raw broccoli. You might be eating some of the right foods. But if they are cooked, then you may not be getting what you think. This is getting a little complicated I know. But we will make it easy for you. Stay with me.
  • What are the common ORAC values for some common foods. An apple has around 4000 ORAC units. 1 cup of Blueberries has around 9000 ORAC units. ½ cup of small red bean has over 13,000 ORAC units.
  • Four ounces of Euforia has around 6000 ORAC units. The entire bottle has an ORAC value of 46,000. I told you we would make it easy.
  • Comparing euforia to various foods, take a look at this. One bottle of euforia is equivalent to 5 cups of blueberries, 10 pounds of broccoli, 20 pounds of grapefruit and 1000 glasses of wine (minus the alcohol of course) Euforia is doing pretty well don't you think? Let's move on to talk about the actual incredients.
  • The MOST important ingredient in euforia is Nigella Sativa otherwise known as Black Seed. If there is one thing that sets euforia apart it is this ingredient. No other product has this. And it is a powerful ingredient that you want. Nigella Sativa, euforia has it, others do not.
  • The active ingredient is Thy-mo-qui-none. It has been used as a healing herb for 3000 years. At least that is what we know. Perhaps it was used even longer. It was known as Pharoah's oil. It is referenced in the book of Isaiah It is found in the ancient Canon Book of Medicine. It is known to stimulate recovery, and energy. If you are an athlete or working out regularly, you want to be taking this.
  • There have been over 200 studies in the last 50 years on Nigella Sativa. It has been found to have many beneficial properties. It holds remarkable promise for clinical use in cancer treatment. This ingredient is simply remarkable.
  • There was s study done at The Kilmer Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University. These lab experiments showed that Nigella Sativa actually inhibited development of pancreatic cancer cells due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This was presented at the AACR 100 th annual meeting in April 2009. No one knows if this will truly become a real anti-cancer agent. Results like these are encouraging and more studies are needed. Remember, euforia has it and no one else does.
  • Everyone knows about Aloe Vera. Euforia is 51% aloe vera. The Aloe Vera process used to make euforia uses all the parts of the plant. It is widely known that this is a highly beneficial food. The big thing with aloe vera is that it increases the absorption of other ingredients. Therefore, it increases the effectiveness of other ingredients because it allows the body to absorb more of those ingredients.
  • The acai berry is grown in Brazil and is well known for its healing and beneficial properties. It too is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  • Curcumin is a ancient spice that may positively affect cholesterol levels, enhance some memory and brain functions. And it is also an anti-inflammatory.
  • Blueberry is one of the strongest anti-oxidant. It is known to increase motor skills and memory.
  • Ever hear of the asian paradox? They smoke more yet they have very low incidences of cholesterol problems and heart disease. Do an internet search and you will find many articles on this. The science has not fully explained this phenomenon but it is proposed that green tea has something to do with this.
  • Resveratrol has an effect on fat. Experiments showed that obese rats lived longer if they were fed this ingredient. Furthermore, it seemed to have a slowing effect on aging.
  • Pomgranate is known to positively affect cholesterol levels. It is a stron anti-oxidant and has been reported to have effects on erectile dysfunction.
  • Noni is anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and anti-tumor. It is a known immune enhancer and appeared to prevent the formation of arterial plaque.
  • Euforia Product Information

    1. 1. Euforia
    2. 2. Health Statistics <ul><li>133 million Americans overweight or obese
    3. 3. 25 million diabetic
    4. 4. Cardiovascular disease linked directly to weight
    5. 5. Of people who get heart attacks, 47% will not survive
    6. 6. 750,000 die from heart attack </li></ul>
    7. 7. Health Statistics <ul><li>57 million cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke)
    8. 8. Of that, 1 person dies every 37 seconds
    9. 9. 103 million have high cholesterol (LDL)
    10. 10. 75 million have hyper tension </li></ul>Cause: stress , overweight
    11. 11. Leading Causes of Death Worldwide Cardiovascular disease Cancer
    12. 12. There's got to be a better way...
    13. 13. Introducing Euforia
    14. 14. Ancient Wisdom Modern Science
    15. 15. First-Class Quality Organic No sugar No Preservatives Kosher
    16. 16. What does it do for me?
    17. 17. May Have These Benefits Prevent Diseases Slow Aging Process Reduce High Blood Pressure Lower Cholesterol Boost Immune System
    18. 19. Antioxidants What are they and why do I care?
    19. 20. Apple
    20. 21. Oxidation is a destructive process An antioxidant is a substance capable of slowing or preventing oxidative damage to our bodies <ul><li>Cancer
    21. 22. Diabetes
    22. 23. Heart disease
    23. 24. High blood pressure </li></ul>
    24. 25. All antixodants are not created equal O xygen R adical A bsorption C apacity ORAC This is a measurement of the strength of antioxidants
    25. 26. The strength of antioxidant power is measured by their ORAC value The higher the ORAC number, the stronger the antioxidant The USDA recommends we consume 3000 to 5000 ORAC units daily
    26. 27. Some Common ORAC Values 1 apple 3903 Blueberry 1 cup 9019 Small Red Bean ½ cup 13727
    27. 28. ORAC Value Euforia (4oz) 5,700 Euforia (32 oz bottle) 46,000
    28. 29. 1 bottle of Euforia = 5 cups blueberries 1 bottle of Euforia = 10 lbs broccoli 1 bottle of Euforia = 20 lbs of grapefruit 1 bottle of Euforia = 1000 Glasses of Wine (not the alcohol of course)
    29. 30. Ancient Wisdom Nigella Sativa Black Seed This is the most potent ingredient and Euforia is the only product of its kind that has it.
    30. 31. Interesting Facts <ul><li>Active ingredient Thymoquinone
    31. 32. Used as a healing herb for 3000 years
    32. 33. Oil known as Pharaoh's oil
    33. 34. Found in book of Isaiah(28:25,27)
    34. 35. Canon(Law) of Medicine, most famous book in the history or medicine
    35. 36. Known to stimulate recovery and energy </li></ul>
    36. 37. Modern Rediscovery <ul><li>Over 200 studies in the last 50 years
    37. 38. Found to have many beneficial properties
    38. 39. Holds remarkable promise clinical use in cancer treatment
    39. 40. More... </li></ul>Nigella Sativa is simply remarkable
    40. 41. Medical Studies <ul><li>Thomas Jefferson University </li><ul><li>Kilmer Cancer Center at Jefferson </li></ul><li>Laboratory experiments have shown that it inhibits development of pancreatic cancer because of anti-inflammatory properties
    41. 42. Presented at AACR 100th annual meeting April 2009 </li></ul>
    42. 43. Other Ingredients Aloe Vera Increases absorption of nutrients by 4 to 5 times. Bioavailability Widely known for many beneficial properties Uses all parts of aloe vera plant
    43. 44. Other Ingredients Acai Berry Known as tree of life Strong antioxidant Anti-inflammatory
    44. 45. Other Ingredients Curcumin (Turmeric) Raises HDL and lowers LDL cholesterol Possible protection of Alzheimer's Anti-inflammatory
    45. 46. Other Ingredients Blueberry Power antioxidant (high ORAC) Increase motor skills Increase memory
    46. 47. Other Ingredients Green Tea May lower rates of heart disease and cancer May lower LDL The Asian Paradox
    47. 48. Other Ingredients Resveratrol Strong antioxidant Lower cholesterol Hinders fat storage May be related to obesity prevention May slow cell aging
    48. 49. Other Ingredients Pomegranate Powerful antioxidant Keeps bad LDL from oxidizing (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, May 2000) May combat erectile dysfunction (Journal of Urology, July 2005)
    49. 50. Other Ingredients Noni Anti-oxidant Anti-fungal Anti-tumor Immune enhancer Prevent arterial plaque formation
    50. 51. Other Ingredients Mangosteen A ntioxidant, increase energy Anti-inflammatory Used to treat diarrhea and dysentery
    51. 52. Put them all together and you get one powerful product In one convenient package
    52. 53. Organic Sugar Free Gluten Free No MSG Kosher Absolutely No Preservatives
    53. 54. And ... It Tastes Great
    54. 55. Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. – Carl Bard
    55. 56. Order Euforia Today You will be really glad you did