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I am a passionate reader of topics on new trends and best practices in software development. In my spare time, i like to read essays, listen podcasts, view webinars and examine source code of other developers, in order to learn from them.

Every time I find a quote that proves motivating for me and other developers, I try to save it, and then share it with my friends and classmates.

This work is a collection of twenty quotations that have impacted positively on my work style and way of thinking. The order they are published do not due to any selection criteria, it's just the order they were read and filed.

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[EN] Great software development quotes

  1. 1. Great Software Development Quotes Eudris Cabrera Rodríguez Software Developer and Technology Enthusiast. August 2013, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.
  2. 2. Disclaimer Legal Affairs All trademarks and all logos, images, photographs, audio and video in this presentation are the property of their respective owners. Their use is only for illustrative purposes and do not mean to imply any affiliation with these companies or individuals.
  3. 3. “Software development is far more a social activity than a technical one; most projects fail because of communication issues and social dynamics, not because of a bad technical decision”. Martijn Verburg JavaOne Rock Star
  4. 4. “It's kind of funny that developers still explore new frameworks and hope for magic solutions and forget about core problems”. Adam Bien Java Champion
  5. 5. “We all know that, all things being equal, cleaner code is better than dirty code”. Brian Goetz Java Language Architect , author, and lecturer
  6. 6. “Achieving mastery of software development requires continuous repetition, practice and mentoring from experts”. Douglas C. Schmidt Professor of Computer Science, Senior Researcher at Vanderbilt University and Author of many papers and books.
  7. 7. “Although the code is the ultimate truth, it's not the whole truth, and as a result, an incredible amount of design information is kept in tribal memory”. Grady Booch Chief Scientist, Software Engineering in IBM Research
  8. 8. “It's hard to blame developers for what is in hindsight a broken programming model. Threads and shared memory are too hard to get right if all you have is locks”. Cay Horstmann Professor of Computer Science, San Jose State University
  9. 9. “It’s hard enough for software developers to write code that works on their machine. But even when that’s done, there’s a long journey from there to software that’s producing value since software only produces value when it’s in production”. Martin Fowler Author, speaker, and loud-mouth on the design of enterprise software.
  10. 10. “One of the problems facing projects that mix many different languages is how to get them all to build together. When you mix languages, you can end up with a chicken and egg problem of what to compile first”. Dick Wall Java Champion
  11. 11. “The one place where unit testing is sorely lacking is with concurrent code. There are some tools that help find race conditions and deadlocks, but they typically find about a dozen faults per line of code. With such an amount of false positives, discovering a real problem is impossible”. Heinz Kabutz Java Champion
  12. 12. “Distributed application development often starts well. And just as often it ends badly”. Ian Robinson Director of Customer Success for Neo Technology
  13. 13. “Distributed development is not cheaper, much harder, but worth it”. Zack Urlocker Veteran technology executive, with 20 years of enterprise software experience.
  14. 14. “In complex environments (distributed teams, complex application, advanced requirements for compliance), it's essential to use an integrated tool chain that glues together the best-of-breed tools to serve all stages of development in an end-to-end approach”. Michael Hüttermann Java Champion
  15. 15. “Violating design principles or writing overly complex code is often the stumbling block to achieving good performance”. Kirk Pepperdine JavaOne Rock Star / Java Champion
  16. 16. “I believe that if all of us, when we are programming, would only think, ‘I need to do the simplest program possible,’ we would be happier and more successful”. Jorge Vargas Java Champion
  17. 17. “You will never waste time learning another language. It's always going to expand your range and skills as a developer, even if you don't end up using it day to day”. Dick Wall Java Champion
  18. 18. “The cognitive requirements for programming (software engineering) are much more akin to those of composing music, or painting a picture than they are to building a bridge or installing a drainage culvert”. Linconln Baxter III Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. Founder of http://ocpsoft. org and open-source author / advocate / speaker.
  19. 19. “Writing code is one of the most amazing, creative things you can do in life, many programmers actually get the same euphoric feeling when completing some piece of functionality that others get from exercise or music”. Martijn Verburg JavaOne Rock Star
  20. 20. “I think one of the most important catalysts for productivity is to be happy at your job. If you're not happy at work, it’s unlikely you're going to be inspired to be a more efficient person”. Matt Raible Web architecture consultant and frequent speaker.
  21. 21. “The world of programming and software development can seem intimidating. So many different technologies, so much to learn, but don't worry. You don't have to know it all and the more you learn, the more you will realize that everything is just a variation of a few core things”. John Sonmez Agilist, trainer, and active Pluralsight author.
  22. 22. “To me coding has always been a passion, while the job as a software developer is just a job. I can't explain why or how the passion for coding started - it's always been like that since I first tried programming”. Anders Abel Systems Architect and Developer working in Stockholm, Sweden.
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  27. 27. Books: The New Kingmakers. By Stephen O'Grady. Service Design Patterns: Fundamental Design Solutions for SOAP/WSDL and RESTful Web Services. By Robert Daigneau.
  28. 28. Email: eudris@gmail.com Skype: eudriscabrera Twitter: @eudriscabrera LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/eudriscabrera GitHub: https://github.com/ecabrerar