Ikot Inyang Beach Club


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Ikot Inyang Beach Club

  1. 1. IKOT INYANG BEACH RESORT An exceptional lifestyle and investment opportunity on the very tip of the most beautiful peninsula in Ikot Inyang PARADISE FOUND The IKOT INYANG Peninsula is a true paradise of pristine beaches, fresh-water lagoons, tropical forests, mangrove-bordered rivers and inspiring waterfalls.
  2. 2. The local population of a few hundred smiling fishermen is enriched by a fascinating collection of people from all over the world who set foot on IKOT INYANG and decided to leave all else behind. Italian filmmakers, Swiss architects, Brazilian designers, American artists…they’re all here, enjoying this paradise in glorious anonymity. AND ALL THIS IS Ikot Inyang Our own lighthouse punctuates the breath-taking vistas over both the Imo River and the magnificent Bay of Camumu - a sailor’s paradise of transparent waters scattered with deserted tropical islands. With 350 meters of our own beach frontage, extending for miles and miles in both directions, our Members awake to a difficult choice: whether to stroll (or run!) along the coral reef-fringed Atlantic coast where dolphins jump, turtles lay their eggs, and whales occasionally pass by with their babies… Right now, in Ikot Inyang, over 1,000 coconut palms are rustling with an average 26- degree breeze, and hundreds of mature Palm Trees and mango trees are ripening their fruits for our cocktails. But this is not just a fabulous, but isolated, beach location. While completely private and protected by its own geography, Ikot Inyang is still just a 10-minute barefoot stroll along the beach to the village of Ekefe Hosting Akwa Ibom Refinary and Harbour
  3. 3. Here charming villas are interspersed with guesthouses, bars and restaurants run by characters as colourful as the bougainvilleas framing the gates. Though only six sandy lanes in size, some say one eats better in Barra Grande than in Salvador. Considering that if you know where to look, you can pluck lobsters from the sea with your bare hands, perhaps that’s not so surprising. And in the high season, (Dec-March), while you can still find solitude on the beaches, there is always somewhere you can dance the night away, and an increasingly popular New Year’s Eve celebration with fireworks on the pier attracting beautiful young things from all over the world. An adventurous 90-minute drive away lays Itacare, a vibrant fishing village turned surf town par excellence and bursting with live music, forro dan
  4. 4. OUR EXPECTATION: The RVI / RCI has accepted to Partner with Ikot Inyang Resort Beach in making sure that all the available Facilities is reserved for the Teaming one Million Members of RVI in Nigeria and over 100 Million Members worldwide provided the standard is achieved.