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What's New in Eucalyptus 3.2


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2013 will see ever faster adoption of private and hybrid clouds, and now is a great time to get your cloud off the ground. Get your 2013 cloud plans started right with the latest release of …

2013 will see ever faster adoption of private and hybrid clouds, and now is a great time to get your cloud off the ground. Get your 2013 cloud plans started right with the latest release of Eucalyptus 3.2, the leading AWS-compatible private and hybrid cloud platform.

Learn how you can drive greater adoption, visibility, and ROI of private and hybrid clouds within your organization with Eucalyptus 3.2.

You'll learn about the following new Eucalyptus 3.2 features:
New Web-based Cloud User Console
Enhanced Cloud Usage Reporting
Simplified Cloud Administration
Improved Cloud Robustness
Enhanced Storage Adaptors for JBOD and EMC

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  • 1. What’s New in Eucalyptus 3.2 Andy Knosp, VP of Product Jenny Loza, UX Architect1 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 2. What is Eucalyptus? Eucalyptus is open source software for building AWS-compatible private and hybrid clouds© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 3. What is Eucalyptus? Applications AWS-Compatible API Developers Directory Services Web Interface Identity & Access Management IT Admins Compute Storage Network Users Virtualization Physical Infrastructure Datacenter© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 4. Eucalyptus Benefits • Leverage existing infrastructure investments in IT Infrastructure & servers, storage, network, and virtualization • Increase agility in responding to business demands Operations • Precise control of resources through enterprise-ready user and group identity management and quotas • Accelerate development and testing of applications Application through automated self-service provisioning • Utilize AWS ecosystem, images, and tools through Developers REST API’s compatible with EC2, S3, EBS, IAM • Scale applications easily as business demands increase Application Users • Greater reliability and availability of applications and services through high availability deployment • Enable pay-as-you-go services through showback and chargeback based on resource utilization © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 5. How are IT Organizations using Eucalyptus? • Self-service provisioning of resources to application Dev / Test developers reduces non-development time • Greater resource utilization through automation of Automation routine tasks • Accelerate time to market for applications • Scale applications easily through automated Scalable Web provisioning of resources as demands grow Applications • AWS API compatibility enables seamless scaling to public cloud for application demand spikes • Self-service, automated provisioning of applications to users while maintaining IT policies for Self-service IT compliance and access control • Enable pay-as-you-go services through showback and chargeback based on resource utilization © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 6. Case Study: AppDynamics AppDynamics is a leading provider of application performance management for modern application architectures in both the cloud and the data center. Challenges: • Need to quickly simulate workloads using a load-generating test harness to develop and test their application • Developers required self-service access to testing infrastructure • Scalable solution to handle a large volume of network traffic “ We already made significant investment in development and QA tooling based on the AWS API, and Eucalyptus allowed us to utilize that without re-engineering.” – Thomas Morse, Director of IT Operations at AppDynamics6 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 7. Development Themes for Eucalyptus 3.2 Ease of Use Robustness Expanded Choice in Infrastructure Options7 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 8. Expanded Storage Options Applications AWS-Compatible API • Open SourceDevelopers Direct Attach (JBOD) Storage Web Interface Identity & Access Management AdaptorIT Admins • New EMC VNX Compute Storage Network Series SAN Users Storage Adaptor Virtualization JBOD Datacenter © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 9. Enhanced Cloud Usage ReportingEnhanced cloud usage reporting inEucalyptus 3.2 provides cloudsadministrators:• Reporting on cloud compute, storage, and memory usage at user, group, and cloud level• Report generation and export via the Eucalyptus Dashboard, API, or command line© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 10. Simplified Cloud Administration• Eucalyptus 3.2 simplifies cloud administration by providing Cloud Administrators with improved logging capabilities for faster troubleshooting and issue resolution.• Improved logging framework brings about fundamental changes in the way log messages are generated and presented © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 11. Improved Cloud Robustness “Eucalyptus is striving to achieve an incomparable goal, that is to be the most tested, thus the most stable, in turn, the most dependable cloud infrastructure in the open.” -Kyo Lee, Eucalyptus QA Engineer*• Production-ready – Eucalyptus Engineering has performed massive scale, open QA testing to ensure Eucalyptus 3.2 is production-ready• Hardened Node Controller – in Eucalyptus 3.2, a hardened node controller enables greater resilience and availability of applications *Source: © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 12. Eucalyptus User ConsoleNew Eucalyptus Cloud User Console provides a web-based graphical userinterface, which enables self-service provisioning of compute, network, andstorage resources for cloud users including: • Provisioning instances • Keypair and password creation • Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume and snapshot operations • Image catalog listing and registration • User group operations • Elastic IP operations12 © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 13. Questions? © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 14. Learn More Planning for and Succeeding with Hybrid Cloud Webinar next Wednesday, Dec 12 at 2pm ET/11am PT Do More Try Eucalyptus Deploy your own private cloud in minutes.© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 15. Thank you.© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.