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RightScale and Eucalyptus: The State of the Art in Enterprise-grade Cloud Computing


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. RightScale and Eucalyptus: The State of the Art in Enterprise-grade Cloud Computing Rich Wolski Chief Technology Officer Eucalyptus Systems Inc. June 7, 2011
  • 2. Origins of cloud SLAs Web Services Virtualization
  • 3. Enterprise cloud SLAs Web Services Virtualization Enterprise Datacenter
  • 4. eCommerce + Infrastructure
    • Self-service and “zero touch.”
      • Scalable automatic rental of resource intensive goods
    • Transactional and asynchronous
      • Interaction with the site is transactional
      • Delivery is asynchronous
    • Site integrity and site availability are critical
      • Individual transactions can fail but the site cannot
    • Customer requests must be isolated
      • Service venue must manage competing needs
    • Scale out for request volume, scale up for request weight
  • 5. The State of the Architecture Eucalyptus -- confidential IaaS Compute, Network, Storage Management Platform Ruby/Java/PHP PaaS Google AppEngine (AppScale) MapReduce (Hadoop) VM Container Applications (SaaS or otherwise)
  • 6. The State of the Art IaaS Compute, Network, Storage Management Platform Ruby/Java/PHP PaaS Google AppEngine (AppScale) MapReduce (Hadoop) VM Container Applications (SaaS or otherwise)
  • 7. What’s in a name?
    • E lastic U tility C omputing A rchitecture L inking Y our P rograms T o U seful S ystems
    • Open source web services based implementation of elastic/utility/cloud computing infrastructure
      • Born of an NSF-funded research project in 2008 at UC Santa Barbara
    • Software overlay
      • integrates multiple hardware and software platforms
      • Configuration agnostic
      • Policy agnostic
    • Packages for all popular Linux distros and build from source
  • 8. Open-source Cloud Infrastructure
    • Original Idea : Develop an open-source, freely available cloud platform for commodity hardware and software environments
      • Stimulate interest and build community knowledge
      • Quickly identify useful innovations
      • Act to dampen the “hype”
    • First-principles cloud implementation
      • Not a refactorization of previously developed technology
    • Mature open source technologies for eCommerce
      • J2EE, MySQL, Web Services are high quality and scalable as open source
    • Runs on existing infrastructure without modification
      • Hypervisor, distro, configuration neutral
  • 9. Architecture Client-side API Translator Cloud Controller Cluster Controller Node Controller Database Walrus (S3) Storage Controller vSphere ESXi ESX RHEV-M Xen and/or KVM ESX ESXi ESX ESX
  • 10. Why IaaS?
    • Applications are often multi-technology
      • System “images” for different technologies can be combined
      • Multiple language technologies at different revision levels
    • Legacy support
      • System images that mimic bare metal deployments can be used
      • Legacies are archived with the environment necessary to run them
    • Transparency
      • Debugging and performance tuning can go down to the hypervisor
    • QoS containers
      • QoS is implemented in the infrastructure today => familiar
    • Anti-lock in
      • If clouds fail, a return path to bare metal is available
  • 11. Why not IaaS?
    • Self-service pushes system administration tasks to the end-user
      • Users must understand dynamic resource provisioning
    • QoS hard to optimize at a fine-grained level
      • A machine is a pretty big QoS bundle
    • Heterogeneity is powerful but hard to manage
      • Multi-technology development and maintenance is a tough software engineering problem
    • RightScale is the solution to these problems
  • 12. Hybrid Clouds
    • Public Cloud
      • Flat ID Management system and “limitless” scale
      • “ roll forward” development
        • Craft a new VM when a run time exception occurs
        • Garbage collect asynchronously
    • Private Cloud
      • Complex access controls and limited resources/quotas
      • Resource management throughout the stack is critical
    • How can one application live comfortably in both worlds?
  • 13. Hybrid Architecture Acme Enterprises VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM
  • 14. AWS Image Ecosystem Courtesy Philip Papadopoulos, SDSC
  • 15. Three Commands, No Waiting
    • Well – some waiting…
    $ sudo -E euca-bundle-vol -p Ubuntu-10.10-Maverick-32bit -s 2048 -d /mnt -r i386 --kernel eki-6CBD12F2 --ramdisk eri-A97113E4 $ euca-upload-bundle -b cloudexpo -m /mnt/Ubuntu-10.10-Maverick-32bit.manifest.xml $ euca-register cloudexpo/Ubuntu-10.10-Maverick-32bit.manifest.xml It works, but you should use
  • 16. Eucalyptus Ecosystem
  • 17. When Things go Bump in the Night Acme Enterprises VM VM VM VM VM VM
  • 18.
    • Hybrid compatibility
      • AWS and Eucalyptus use the same API
    • AWS image ecosystem
      • Free software from AWS runs in Eucalyptus managed by RightScale
      • Thousands of images
    • Eucalyptus partner ecosystem
      • Hundreds of technologies that complement both RightScale and Eucalyptus
    • Full on-premise cloud operation
      • Same tools work with AWS and Eucalyptus in disconnected or disaster modes
    • RightScale ready
  • 19. my OpenSource Cloud ?
    • Linux is the operating system platform of choice for enterprises because…
      • Hardware portable
        • Separates software lifecycle from hardware lifecycle
        • Prevents lock-in
      • Vast ecosystem of software
        • Linux distros provide QA (free or paid)
      • Transparent
        • Possible to own the source code for everything
      • Fast to remediate
        • Open source web community is often faster than paid support
      • Cost effective
        • Possible to mix free and paid offerings fluidly
  • 20. OSS and The Next Data Center
    • If…
      • the most mature eCommerce technologies are open source
    • And…
      • Enterprise IT prefers open source platforms for deployment at scale
    • And…
      • Private Clouds are the next platform for Enterprise IT
    • Then…
      • The On-premise Private Cloud will be built from Open Source
  • 21. Happening Already? Eucalyptus -- confidential
  • 22. To Get Started
    • Check out
      • RightScale myCloud
      • Eucalyptus FastStart
  • 23. Thanks … is great! Questions?