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EucaDay NYC 2012: PUMA and Eucalyptus

EucaDay NYC 2012: PUMA and Eucalyptus






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    EucaDay NYC 2012: PUMA and Eucalyptus EucaDay NYC 2012: PUMA and Eucalyptus Presentation Transcript

    • Running in the Cloud: A Story Justin Baugh Audeo, Inc. baughj@audeocloud.com www.audeocloud.com
    • The Client: PUMA•  Global sportswear and apparel company –  $3bn a year in sales•  PUMA digital marketing strategy executed by PUMA Interactive –  Huge leeway in decision making –  Regional team execution of global strategy•  Global IT is “hands off” –  Websites? That’s marketing!
    • The Old Way•  Years of organic growth –  No strategy or central authority –  Agencies come and go - what they deliver is forever•  Lack of IT operations experience –  Entirely reactive•  Fragmented relationships –  Dozens of microsites –  Confusing user experience –  Cornucopia of acronyms –  FIVE different vendor platforms
    • Pain Points•  Lack of metrics –  No clear goals•  Cost effectiveness –  Multiple complex relationships•  Finger pointing –  Who, ultimately, fixes things?•  Lack of cohesiveness & unified branding –  Subdomains, separate domains, etc –  Is this a PUMA site?
    • The Solution•  Reimplementation of puma.com –  Ruby on Rails CMS –  Leverage enterprise systems via custom middleware –  Fully internationalized –  Everything is a subsite –  Unified branding, navigation, search•  Phase out all other vendors –  Redeploy on a private cloud –  One vendor, one contact point!
    • Why a Cloud?•  Abstraction –  Computing as definable utility –  Deploy resources when needed –  Scale with ease•  Cost Efficiencies (CapEx / OpEx) –  Pay for what you use –  Scale when necessary! –  Commodity hardware –  Uniform platforms & solutions
    • Why Eucalyptus?•  Control your own destiny –  Public clouds •  performance variability •  black box •  unknown SPOFs –  When it’s down: “who you gonna call?” –  How much downtime is acceptable? –  Leverage existing resources•  Full control over your “building blocks” –  You determine RAM, CPU, SAN, etc –  Custom performance envelope –  Load balancers, failover solutions, multisite, etc
    • …Sounds expensive!•  It Depends! –  How are you implementing it? –  What is your current environment? •  Managed hosting? •  Reusing existing hardware? •  Buying new hardware?•  Illustrating cost savings / ROI: –  Utilities have a known per hour cost –  Demonstrate this cost – and beat it! –  Don’t cheat: OpEx / CapEx over time –  Other demonstrable benefits: •  scalability, reusability, reliability
    • Case Study: PUMA•  Two availability zones –  5 NCs in each zone (40 cores / 160GB RAM) –  Upgraded to 480GB in 2012 –  NetApp dualhead SAN (EBS/NFS) –  F5 load balancer pair –  Failover machines in case of cloud / hardware failure•  Consolidation / efficiency benefits –  Entire setup costs about the same as four machines with Vendor X•  Cost benefit vs. public clouds –  30-50% savings over EC2 / Rackspace•  Technology benefits –  Support a variety of technologies and platforms in a cohesive manner –  Redundancy built-in
    • Okay, I’m in! Now what?•  This stuff is magic, right? It Just Works™! –  Old tricks aren’t necessarily valid in the cloud •  Ephemeral resources •  Availability (and safety) not guaranteed •  Machines are not monoliths –  New processes are needed •  Flexibility, scalability enabled by reproducibility •  Your technology does not magically scale –  Puppet, Chef, etc are your friends –  Documented (shriek!) and expressible processes –  Your application should ideally be distributable AND fault tolerant!
    • Conclusion•  The cloud is not going away –  If you’re not using it now, your competitors are –  Enables global reach, negligible startup costs•  The benefits are demonstrable, however: –  Don’t assume savings: prove it! –  Development & operations must leverage benefits –  Don’t oversell: this is not magic
    • Questions?