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Orchestration of AWS EC2 and Eucalyptus Cloud Instances Using Ansible


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Orchestrating transient cloud instances with traditional configuration management tools usually requires pre-installation of agents, intimate knowledge of often complex syntax and perhaps most …

Orchestrating transient cloud instances with traditional configuration management tools usually requires pre-installation of agents, intimate knowledge of often complex syntax and perhaps most importantly, hard-earned time.

What if you could exercise complete control over your instances through a simple language, with the ability to pick any machine image as a building block for your services with no requirement for agents?

Thanks to Eucalyptus' EC2 API compatibility and Ansible's EC2-related modules, configuration management across public and private cloud has never been easier.

Watch this on-demand webinar as we look at exactly what makes Ansible the perfect tool for simplifying cloud automation and how Eucalyptus, with its EC2 API compatibility, can help unlock potential hybrid scenarios using common Ansible playbooks.

Published in: Technology
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  • A recording of this is available here (, which has more details about usage than the slides.
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  • 1. Orchestration of AWS EC2 and Eucalyptus Cloud Instances Using Ansible Lester Wade Tim Gerla Eucalyptus AnsibleWorks© 2013 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 2. Introduction to Eucalyptus Lester Wade Cloud Solution Engineer© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 3. Open source software for building AWS-compatible private and hybrid clouds© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 4. AWS Compatibility• AWS is the most widely-used public cloud in the world • The de facto industry standard API • Large collection of tools and virtual machine images• Eucalyptus is compatible with several popular AWS APIs • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) • Simple Storage Service (S3) • Elastic Block Store (EBS) • Identity and Access Management (IAM)• Eucalyptus provides functionality similar to AWS • Elastic IP addresses • Availability Zones (Clusters in Eucalyptus) • AMIs (EMIs in Eucalyptus) • Security Groups • ..... © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 5. AWS - Eucalyptus Partnership© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 6. New API Features• New AWS API-compatible service implementations • CloudWatch • AutoScaling • Elastic Load Balancing• Further API compatibility enhancements • Tagging • Filtering • ... and more © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 7. Orchestration in the Cloud Looking for a tool with the following properties:• Easy to get started• Leveraged the AWS APIs• Doesnt required agents or pre-baked images• Easily to work on © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 8. Introduction to Ansible Tim Gerla VP of Services and Support, AnsibleWorks, Inc. Twitter: @Tybstar Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 9. What is Ansible?Ansible is an open-source IT orchestrationengine that manages on premise and in the cloud remote devices in a coordinatedfashion: servers, networking hardware, and storage devices Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 10. Ansible Advantages• Simple: Automation in plain English• Secure: Uses industry-standard SSH• Efficient: No agent software required on managed hosts• Powerful: Manage bare metal, virtualized and cloud hosts• Extensible: Use of any language of preference• Complete: Configuration management + deployment Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 11. Ansible Architecture Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 12. Modules • Ansible is “batteries included”:add_host fail mysql_user s3apt fetch nagios scriptapt_key file netscaler sebooleanapt_repository fireball ohai selinuxassemble gem openbsd_pkg serviceasync_status get_url opkg setupasync_wrapper git pacman shellauthorized_key group pause slurpbzr group_by ping subversioncloudformation hg pip supervisorctlcommand homebrew pkgin svr4pkgcopy ini_file postgresql_db sysctlcron lineinfile postgresql_user templatedebug lvg rabbitmq_parame uridjango_manage lvol ter usereasy_install macports rabbitmq_plugin vagrantec2 mail rabbitmq_user virtec2_facts mongodb_user rabbitmq_vhost wait_forec2_vol mount raw yumfacter mysql_db rhn_channel zfs (there will be a quiz at the end) Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 13. Ansible In The Open• Over 1,350 GitHub followers and 400 forks• Quadrupled the number of Pull Requests in less than 2 months• Rapid and productive release cycle: 21 modules added since 1.0, total of 80 modules: “batteries included”• De facto standard in Fedora and soon in OpenShift• Exponential adoption in enterprise, startup, and open source project environments Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 14. A Simple Playbook---- name: install and start apache hosts: all user: root tasks: - name: install httpd yum: pkg=httpd state=latest - name: start httpd service: name=httpd state=running Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 15. Orchestration Example The user executes an Ansible playbook which contains step-by- step instructions on how to perform the update. Playbooks are simple, human- readable descriptions of IT workflows. Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 16. Orchestration Example This step updates the app server tier. The servers are going to be updated ten at a time, in a rolling update. Ansible will talk to the load balancers to coordinate each batch. A maintenance window is also set on the monitoring system. Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 17. Orchestration Example Now the same thing happens for the web server tier. Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 18. Orchestration Example Finally, Ansible returns a summary of tasks performed. Ansible can be configured to store data in a wide variety of data sources, send email reports, and more. If any errors occurred during any of the steps, the administrator will be notified. Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 19. AnsibleWorks• Incorporated in 2013• Red Hat executive leadership as founding team• 30+ years in combined experience in OSS, Cloud and CM.• Ansible project founder as CTO• Author of previous DevOps tools: Cobbler and Func• Products and services: • Continued Ansible development and additional tools • Subscription support • Professional services and training Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 20. Contact Info• Tim Gerla - VP of Services and Support•• Twitter: @AnsibleWorks•• Copyright (C) 2013 AnsibleWorks, Inc.
  • 21. Ansible AWS Modules Lester Wade Cloud Solution Engineer© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 22. AWS Module Overview• Modules can be used to easily perform actions/tasks on remote hosts• Ansibles module library (as of 1.1) contains a number of AWS-related modules: • ec2 (idempotent requests) • Used to provision instances • ec2_facts • Used to gather metadata fact from instances • ec2_vol (not idempotent) • Used to create and attach volume(s) • s3 (idempotent) • Used to put objects into S3 • cloudformation (idempotent) • Used to deploy an AWS cloudformation stack © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 23. EC2 Module• Best used in a provision playbook or as part of a "stack" deployment• Launch an instance in Ansibles task-execution mode:ansible localhost -c local -m ec2 -a "image=XXXXXX group=defaultkey_name=mykey type=m1.small" © 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 24. Thank you. Lester Wade© 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 25. Questions?1 © 2013 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 26. Learn More Visit to learn about Eucalyptus 3.2 Do More Download FastStart at © 2013 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 27. 3 © 2013 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.