The results of energy survey


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The results of energy survey

  1. 1. The results of energy survey(3.1 ENERGY USE AT HOME)
  2. 2. 1.We write down our electrical use. • Even 81% Lithuanians write Yes No down electrical use, as in our1.question country we pay for electricity even month and it’s importantLithuanians 81% 19% to know how much money we will need for taxes. In the second place are Catalans – 44% perhaps they also care forSwedish 36% 64% the energy saving. Maybe Swedish electrical energy is cheap because they use wind energy, that’s why only 36% write down electrical use.Catalans 44% 56% Erika & Milda (Lithuania)
  3. 3. • We think that in Lithuania the people control more the Though the price of expenses, because, they electricity in Catalonia is the have to pay every mouth, most expensive, only 44% of and they are more Catalans write down conscious than people from electrical use. Maybe they Sweden and Catalonia. pay for it online. We think the price of electricity inKarolina and Paula (Catalonia) Sweden is not so high as in Lithuania, so we write down electrical use every month. Auguste and Raminta (8b Lithuania)
  4. 4. 2.We turn off the light when we leave.2.question Yes No • Even 100% Catalans turn off the lights when they leave, do the sameLithuanians 77% 23% 70% of Lithuanians, but just 64% Swedish. TheSwedish 64% 36% reason could be cheap energy or they prefer cosy home.Catalans 100% 0% Erika & Milda (Lithuania)
  5. 5. In Catalonia, 0% of the • Even 100% people in people voted than they Catalonia turn off the light dont turn the light off, but when they leave, because we think that is because they save money. In Sweden people care. 36% people don’t turn off the light when they leaveKarolina and Paula (Catalonia) the room and 64% turn it off. In Lithuania people like in Catalonia save their money. Auguste and Raminta (8b Lithuania)
  6. 6. 3. The washing machine is always completely full when we use it. • Even 96% Catalans Yes No 3.question answered that the washing machine is always completely full when theyLithuanians 70% 30% use it. The second are Lithuanians with 70%. And Swedish are the last, just 46%. I think in SwedenSwedish 46% 54% electrical energy is cheap. That’s why they don’t save energy so much.Catalans 96% 4% Erika & Milda 8a,7c (Lithuania)
  7. 7. • In Lithuania 72% of students say that the washing machine is always completely full when they use it. 54% Swedish use the washing machine when it is completely full. Even 96% Catalans. Auguste and Raminta (8bLithuania)
  8. 8. 4.Refrigerator stands in a cool room. Yes No 4.question • 55% Lithuanians answered that their refrigerator stands in aLithuanians 55% 45% cool room, just 28% Catalans keep it in a coolSwedish 38% 62% place, maybe because its hard to find a cool placeCatalans 28% 72% in Catalonia. 28% of Swedish do it. Erika & Milda 8a,7c (Lithuania)
  9. 9. • In Lithuania people put • 55% Lithuanian refrigerators in cold refrigerator stands in a rooms, and we thing than cool room, 63% of Lithuanians are very Sweden people ecological. We think that refrigerator don’t stand. Swedish people, dont put Only 28% of Catalans refrigerator in cold refrigerator stands in a rooms, because there the cool room. climate is colder.Karolina and Paula Auguste and Raminta (8b (Catalonia) Lithuania)
  10. 10. 5. We do not place furniture in front ofthe heater • Lithuanians are the5. question Yes No most careful about letting the heat into theLithuanian 57% 43% room and it’s surprising that Swedish don’t care about it so much asSweden 43% 57% they also have cold winters.Catalan 50% 50% Airidas, Mindaugas, Aiste (Lithuania)
  11. 11. The results of the question number 5 are similar in all the countries.Bruna and Irene (Catalonia)
  12. 12. 6. We use compact fluorescent lightbulbs • Lithuanians and6. question Yes No Catalans have almost the same numbers forLithuanian 63% 37% using energy saving bulbs and the percentage in Sweden isSweden 59% 41% a little bit less. It means all countries are awareCatalan 64% 36% about saving electricity. Airidas, Mindaugas, Aiste (Lithuania)
  13. 13. The question number 6 there are a lot of people who say yes in all countries,but therere still a lot of people who dont use flourescent light bulbs.Bruna and Irene (Catalonia)
  14. 14. 7.We ventilate the room quickly andeffectively • As you can expect7. question Yes No Catalans don’t need to do it quickly as they haveLithuanian 59% 41% good weather almost all year round and prefer it to have fresh at home.Sweden 49% 51% Lithuanians and Swedish must do it quickly in winter in order not toCatalan 70% 30% lose warmth. Airidas, Mindaugas, Aiste (Lithuania)
  15. 15. • The question number 7 in Lithuania and Sweden the answers are similar but in Catalonia therere more people who say yes.Bruna and Irene (Catalonia)
  16. 16. 8. We close windows at night • It’s surprising that8. question Yes No Catalans close windows at night, maybe they wereLithuanian 63% 37% thinking about winter while answering or about safety reasons. SecondSweden 52% 48% country is Lithuania, we would freeze to death in winter if we left theCatalan 90% 10% windows open. Airidas, Mindaugas, Aiste (Lithuania)
  17. 17. The answers to question number 8 are similar in Lithuania and Sweden but very different in Catalonia, I think thats because in Catalonia it is warmer.Bruna and Irene (Catalonia)
  18. 18. 9. We put the lid on the kitchen potwhen boiling ? • 69% of Lithuanian put9. question Yes No the lid on the kitchen pot when they boiling. Sweden people sameLithuanian 69% 32% like Lithuanian people . Just 24% of CatalansSweden 60% 40% put the lid on the kitchen pot when they boiling.Catalan 70% 24% Martyna and Agne (8b Lithuania)
  19. 19. • We are quite suprised that • More people in the three countries have Catalonia put the lid on around the same the kitchen pot when percentatges about putting the lid on the kitchen while its boiling because we boiling, although Sweden are more concious. did come out with the lowest percentatge for YES. A bit suprised since I would Clàudia and Meritxell of thought Sweden to be (Catalonia) the country with the highest percentatge. Jordi and Raul (Catalonia)
  20. 20. 10. We often defrost the freezer ? All countries have almost10. question Yes No the same results. We think because families see when they need to doLithuanian 43% 58% it.Sweden 51% 52%Catalan 54% 46% Martyna and Agne (8b Lithuania)
  21. 21. • We have the same results • The parcentatges are about defrosting the more or less the same in freezer, all three countries all countries, 50%. around the same Maybe its because the percentatge. Most of the freezers are more modern are around 50%, so about and its not necessary to half of the students from defrost them. each country do it and Clàudia and Meritxell Catalonia comes out on (Catalonia) top with 54% which is a nice result.• Jordi and Raul (Catalonia)
  22. 22. 11. Our home appliances are mostlylabel A ? Catalans are here the most11. question Yes No energy saving, even 76% use label A appliances at home, then go Lithuanians andLithuanian 60% 40% Swedish.Sweden 56% 45%Catalan 76% 14% Martyna and Agne (8b Lithuania)
  23. 23. • About the appliances at home and if they are label A, there is one country that stands out which is Catalonia with a very good 76%, so that means over three quarters of the catalan students families have label A appliances and Sweden and Lithuania have around 60% of there students with label A appliances which is still good.• Jordi and Raul (Catalonia)
  24. 24. 12. We do not use running water forwashing up ? In Sweden and in12. question Yes No Catalonia the percentage is the same and in Lithuania 39% peopleLithuanian 39% 62% don’t use the running water when they do the washing up.Sweden 45% 56% The water is very expensive here.Catalan 40% 60% Martyna and Agne (8b Lithuania)
  25. 25. • The worst result out of the • The majority of people from four questions would have the three countries dont to be the last one which use running water for the concerns using running washing up,maybe because water while washing the its cheaper and dishes. Turns out that economical. Sweden, Lithuania and Clàudia and Meritxell Catalonia all have low (Catalonia) percentatges about closing the tap while running the dishes. So around 60% of all families are wasting water after dinner.• Jordi and Raul (Catalonia)
  26. 26. • Concerning the first question, we noticed that the catalans are the ones who save more water, compared with the other countries.Cristina, Ricard, Núria (Catalonia)
  27. 27. 13. We take a shower rather than a bath? • Catalans rather choose20. question Yes No shower than a bath because in the CatalansLithuanian 72% 28% is warm every years and they go to refreshing inSweden 73% 27% the shower.Catalan 84% 16% Aidas & Karolis 8a (Lithuania)
  28. 28. • The resolts are very similar but in Sweden and Lithuania take more baths than Catalonia• Adrià and Ikram (Catalonia)
  29. 29. 14. We go on foot or bike to school and work? • Swedens go to school or20. question Yes No work on foot or by bicycle most becauseLithuanian 47% 53% they care about their health and they are environmentalySweden 52% 48% friendly.Catalan 50% 50% Aidas &Karolis 8a (Lithuania)
  30. 30. • In Catalonia people use • In Sweden, they prefer more the car or going to school by bus,whereas in bicycle or foot rather Lithuania and Sweden than motorbikes or people go to school on cars, because they are foot or by bike. more ecological.• Adrià and Ikram Cristina, Ricard, Núria (Catalonia) (Catalonia)
  31. 31. 15. We lower the temperature at home when we go out. • To low temperature at home15. question Yes No when you go out is the most important for Catalans, even 68% answered positive. Lithuanians don’t do it much,Lithuanian 36% 64% only 36%, I think because it’s not always possible to do it in our flats. Swedish do it theSweden 33% 67% least only 33%. I think because in Sweden, the weather is very cold.Catalan 68% 32% • Aidas & Karolis 8a (Lithuania)
  32. 32. • In Catalonia people • The statistics say that usually low the the catalans lower the temperature when they temperature when they go out,whereas in go out but we think that Lithuania and Sweden this is not true. they dont lower it so Cristina, Ricard, Núria often. (Catalonia)• Adrià and Ikram (Catalonia)
  33. 33. 16. We lower the temperature at home at night. • Practically, lowering20. question Yes No temperature at night has the same resultsLithuanian 47% 53% as saving energy while you go out. The reasons must be theSweden 52% 48% same.Catalan 50% 50% Aidas &Karolis 8a (Lithuania)
  34. 34. • In Catalonia usually lower • The ones that save less the temperature at night energy are the but in Lithuania and lithuanians, and the ones Sweden they don’t lower that save more energy are the temperature at night. the catalans, but we also• think thats not really Adrià and Ikram true. (Catalonia) Cristina, Ricard, Núria (Catalonia)
  35. 35. 17. We recycle glass, paper and metal17. Yes No • Catalans are the most awarequestion about recycling glass, paper and metal, even 88% peopleLithuanian 66% 34% said they recycle. 72% Swedish have also positiveSweden 72% 28% answers, however only 66% Lithuanians recycle. I think it‘sCatalan 88% 12% because it‘s rather new in our country. • Greta & Laura 8a (Lithuania)
  36. 36. • In the table, you can see • As we can see, people that in Catalonia we recycle a lot, specially in recycle more glass, paper Catalonia, when only a and metal than in 22% of the students dont Lithuania and Sweden, do it. We have to say that but we dont believe it. Lithuanian students should increase their• Neila and Estel recycling habits! Although (Catalonia) the best answer should be 100% yes, 0% no! • Katy and Aina (Catalonia)
  37. 37. 18.We do not buy goods that only can be used once18. question yes no Regarding buying goods all countries have similar answers: Catalan - 48%,Lithuanian 47% 53% Swedish- 46% and Lithuanians - 47%. Perhaps we still don’t think aboutSweden 46% 54% environment but only about the things we need at the moment.Catalan 48% 52% Greta & Laura 8a (Lithuania)
  38. 38. • We think that how all of • Here the results are not three countries buy the as good as they were in same goods, we have a question 17. Catalan same results because we students are also the live in the same kind of more ecological ones, but society, we use and throw the conclusion of this away. statistics is we are compulsive consumers of one-use goods, so it• Neila and Estel would be nicer for us to (Catalonia) reduce it. • Katy and Aina (Catalonia)
  39. 39. 19. We repair things rather than replace them19. question Yes No Replacing things has the biggest percentage in Sweden. Catalans andLithuanian 70% 30% Lithuanians tend to repair things. Maybe in SwedenSweden 59% 41% it’s cheaper to buy a new item than to repair it.Catalan 78% 22% Greta & Laura 8a (Lithuania)
  40. 40. We do not buy goods that only• In Catalonia and can be used once In Lithuania 47% dont buy goods that only can be used once. in Lithuania the people Sweden 45% of the people dont buy goods that only can be used once, and in Catalonia 50% repair things rather of the people dont buy goods that only can than replace them be used once. Thats not so good because the things that only can be used once use more than in more energy to be created than the others. We repair things rather than replace them Sweden because we In Lithuania 70% of the people repair are more mean. things rather than replace them, in Sweden 59% of the people do that, and in Catalonia• Neila and Estel 78% of the people do that. That’s good because doing that isnt necessary to make (Catalonia) more things and use more energy. Ramon and Sergi (Catalonia)
  41. 41. • We are beginning to think than we Catalans are liars because our results are too good. But well, I think its more the Catalan mentality of spending as less money as possible! Were so mean. This statistics says Catalan and Lithuanian people repair a lot more than the Swedish ones.• Katy and Aina (Catalonia)
  42. 42. 20. We do not leave the computer, the TVs etc on20. question Yes No That concerns energy saving on computers and TVs are countries have almost the sameLithuanian 47% 53% results: Swedens-52%, Catalans- 50% and Lithuanians-47%. Still not many people care to switchSweden 52% 48% them off. Maybe because it takes time then you long on again and people don’t want toCatalan 50% 50% wait or they simply think it consumes little energy. Greta & Laura 8a (Lithuania)
  43. 43. • In the three countries we • Here the Swedish people get the same results; fifty are the ones who are the % of people leave the best. We could say the computer, TV,... on results from the other standby and the other countries are not so good fifty % not. because the group with• Neila and Estel more adepts is the NO (Catalonia) group. Or maybe its because a lot of people didnt answer the question... • Katy and Aina (Catalonia)
  44. 44. 21. We use a kettle when we boil water21. Question Yes No Using gas is cheaper then electricity, however evenLithuanian 52% 48% 54% Sweden, 52% Lithuanians and 50% Catalan use electricity. ISweden 54% 46% think because it’s time saving and we are always inCatalans 50% 50% a hurry in the morning or we are hungry when we get home. Greta & Laura 8a (Lithuania)
  45. 45. • Kettles arent very common in Catalonia, maybe we dont use them much because of the weather. We could say Lithuanians are kettle lovers, but Swedish people are more like us, they use it sometimes but not as a usual thing.• Katy and Aina (Catalonia)
  46. 46. The project " Addressing the Energy Crunch – Every Little Action Counts " The project is funded by the European Commissions Life-long Learning Programme (Comenius). The views, opinions, conclusions and other information expressed in this slideshow are not given or endorsed by Comenius unless otherwise indicated by an authorized representative.