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Published in: Sports
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  • 1. Mikaela Hägglund
    • Hello!  My name is Mikaela Hägglund, I am seventeen years old, almost eighteen. My birthday is actually in two weeks. Wiie 
    • I’m a girl who just loves to play basketball. On my spare time, when I’m not in school I like to be with my boyfriend, watch movies and just chilling with my friends.
    • Next year after my examination I hope that I can come out in Europe or to America and play some ball. That should be very fun I think.
    • I think and hope this project going to be very interesting and instructive, and I’m looking forward to hear from you.
  • 2. Pictures
    • This is me and Sofia
  • 3.
    • Here we are again..wohooo
    • Me to the left and Sofia to the right..
  • 4. Hello! My name is Sofia Axelsson and I’m 18 years old. I live with my boyfriend who I’m engaged to in an apartment in the centre of Luleå. I have a little brother who’s 15 years old (well, not so little any more, almost 6”11 tall) and a father who works as a master of engineering and a mother who works as a director of one of the programs in the university. On my spare time I like to work out at the local gym, I love aerobics and body pump. I also love to work, I’ve been working as a model for almost a year now and I love it. I’ve done jobs for Puma, Nike, Adidas and some other stuff. Otherwise I love hanging out with my friends and travel. My dream vacation goes to Mauritius! I look forward hearing from you all! Bye! :) / Sofia Sofia Axelsson
  • 5.
    •  This is me!
    Martina Renholm
  • 6. Hey!
    • My name is Martina Renholm and I’m seventeen, soon turning eighteen! (Very important)
    • I play basketball almost 24 h a day. That’s what I’m living for. I love my family and friends and of course my boyfriend, can’t forget mention him.
    • While I’m not playing basketball I’m in school. We can discuss if its fun or not, but you can imagine.. No, it’s not quite that boring. This is the last year at upper secondary school, so now we just preparing for the next step in to the real life. 
    • This project is going to be a interesting and rewarding way of getting to know other students in different countries. I hope, like everyone else here in Sweden, that we will keep in touch and maybe meet each other some day!
    • Over and out
    • Martina
  • 7. Here some pictures coming!
  • 8. Emma Jakobsson
    • Hi! My name is Emma. I’m 18 years old and live in Luleå, Sweden.
    • As a person I’m very talkative, social and emotional. I like spending time with my boyfriend and my friends, going out dancing, do fun activities or just hanging out at the evening opened cafe down town like we most often do. I acually work at a cafe too.
    • My favourite interests are singing, dancing, figure skating and every sport that includes a ball. I’ve played football all of my life and skated figure skating nearly as much.
    • The best thing about Luleå I think is northern lights and the glitzy snow during the winter and the beautiful swedish nature and the possibility to play beachvolleyball during the summer. I also appreciate the nearness to my family, my grandmother and my other relatives who all, exept from my sister, live i Luleå.
    • It will be fun hearing from you! / Emma
  • 9. My cat Rasmus Me sitting beside the school footballfield Me after a ”mini-konsert” I did with some friends
  • 10. See Ya!