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Coaching the wr and te

Coaching the wr and te






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  • Adapted from UWW Whitewater and WLC blocking schemes

Coaching the wr and te Coaching the wr and te Presentation Transcript

  • Coaching the WR/TE position
    Eric Treske
    Cedarburg Bulldogs Varsity Assistant and JV Offensive Coordinator
  • It Starts With Attitude
    Play with a Pit Bull mentality
    WR’s and TE’s will do the dirty work
    WR’s and TE’s will be students of the game
    WR’s and TE’s will put in the extra work
    WR’s and TE’s will not be ME players- this is not a prima donna position
  • Practice Progression
    Balanced stance
    Weight over toes
    Front foot forward and slight pigeon toed
    Hands will be down, unless in press coverage
  • Practice Progression
    All begins with solid stance
    NO false starts
    Roll off the front foot
    Drive out and stay low, prepared to cut at all times
    Each start should look the EXACT same
  • Practice Progression
    Releases vs. Jam
    Aggressive hands
    Good lateral movement (1, 2 and 3 step release)
    Use head movements if possible
    Releases in the open field
    Get on DB’s toes
    Aggressive hands
  • Practice Progression
    Blocking from WR position
    Stalk block-explode at defender, keep 3-4 yd cushion, block with feet first (position)
    Crack block- head across, look to make impact block and seal
    Convoy block- get into the picture- these are difference makers
  • Practice Progression
    Blocking from TE position
    Outside hand down
    Off hand rest wrist on knee
    Weight should be 50% on hand 50% on feet
    Solid base
    squat position
    shoulder width
    butt back
  • Practice Progression
    Blocking from TE position
    Stance and Step (proper angle of departure)
    Drop Step= 3 in. (when covered)
    Bucket Step=6 in. (when uncovered)
    Knees remain bent
    Hips are loaded
    Weight on insteps
    Reach for guns
  • Practice Progression
    Waddle Technique
    Used once engaged in block
    Used when moving to 2nd level
    Weight stays on insteps
    Arms are Powerful
    Bent at elbow
    Move at shoulder
    Cut grass with feet
    Finish Block
    Hand placement (thumbs up, grab chest)
    Roll hips through
    Lock out and shove off @ whistle
  • Practice Progression
    Reach Block
    Drop step
    Gain outside leverage and seal
    Double Team
    Correct and incorrect steps
    Inside arm
    Head Up
    Put all together
    Stance, Step, Angle and Waddle
    Use boards
    Incorporate partner
  • Practice Progression
    Route basics
    3 Step Routes
    bubble-drive off inside foot, get depth, turn head
    quick out- roll into route, banana path, 6 back to five
    hitch-drive low, 5 step route, numbers down, come back to ball
    slant- stem to DB, (5-6 yds) angle varies by coverage
    -Changes vs. press or tight 2
    fade- Press vertically, get width once on DB’s toes, shield DB and give QB space
    fade-stop- Same as fade, put brakes on from 8-10-TIMING
  • Practice Progression
    Route Basics Cont.
    5 Step/ Boot Routes
    Post- Stem inside, get to DB’s toes, step hard outside
    -angle changes vs. man, 2 and 3
    Corner-stem inside, step hard on post
    vertical angle vs. 3, flat vs.2
    Drag or Drive- go hard, read zones to know when to settle
  • Practice Progression
    Dig- traditional route, stem inside, sell vertical, use hands and break inside
    - post cut at 8-10 break inside at 12-15
    10 yard out- speed out (same as quick out, roll inside foot, rise to 12, break BACK to 10
    10 yard out- speed out (same as quick out, roll inside foot, rise to 12, break BACK to 10
    Curl- stem, work to 12 break BACK to 10, cont. working back to void
    -may use post cut at 8-10 drive to 12-14 and break back
    Comeback –sell deep fade, breaks at 15 and work back to 12
  • Drills
    Running and Cutting-
    stance and starts
    one cutting
    beat the drum (straight line, square, diagonal, mini)
    routes on air (with or without ball)
    Releases (shake and bake, stab, rip, negative)
    vs. each other
    vs. me
    vs. DB
  • Drills
    WR Blocking
    match up, engage, drive vs. man (WR or DB)
    match up, engage, drive vs. sled
    one on ones vs. DB’s
    cut drill vs. dummy
  • Drills
    TE blocking
    Stance and Step
    Stance, Step and Waddle
    Waddle Drill
    Four Point gunslinger
    Bags and Boards- covered and uncovered
    Finish Drill
    Partner Fit Drill
    King of the board
    Combination Block (double team work)
  • Drills
    fireball (forward and sideways; fades)
    good morning drill (straight at the ball and with 45 degree cuts)
    circuit drills (straight out, hip turn, one hand)
    one hand bullets
    competition drill
    turn around drill
    distraction drills (groups of 3 w/ one distracting, or half and half w/ distraction line)
    four catch drill
    fade disorientation drill
    wet ball drill
    chaos drill
    combine line