Wildlife of the Kentucky Cumberland River Region


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Show provides an overview of the wildlife of the Cumberland River Region of Kentucky. It also provides the state animals, birds, fish, etc. for Kentucky. As a PowerPoint show, it is set to have interactive elements that in the slideshare format may not work.

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  • Wildlife of the Kentucky Cumberland River Region

    1. 1. Wildlife of the Cumberland River RegionWolf Creek National FishHatcheryEileen TramontanaEnvironmental Education/Volunteer Specialist
    2. 2. Brown TroutRainbow TroutBrook Trout
    3. 3. DarterBluegill Longnose GarSpotted Bass–State Fish
    4. 4. What are the names of two of the fishthat are raised at the Hatchery?A. Cutthroat and Rainbow TroutB. Rainbow and Brown TroutC. Lake and Rainbow TroutD. Brown and Brook Trout
    5. 5. That is correct. The Wolf CreekNational Hatchery raises1. Rainbow2. Brown3. Brook Trout.
    6. 6. That is incorrect. The Wolf CreekNational Hatchery raises1. Rainbow2. Brown3. Brook Trout.
    7. 7. What is the name of the KentuckyState fish?A. Rainbow TroutB. Spotted BassC. DarterD. Bluegill
    8. 8. That is correct. The Spotted Bass isthe state fish of Kentucky.
    9. 9. That is incorrect. The Spotted Bassis the state fish of Kentucky.
    10. 10. ChickadeeMockingbirdRobinGoldfinch
    11. 11. State BirdNorthernCardinal
    12. 12. Wild Turkey
    13. 13. Green HeronWhoopingCraneMallards
    14. 14. Purple MartinLoggerheadShrike
    15. 15. PeregrineFalconRedtailedHawkBald Eagle
    16. 16. What is the Kentucky State bird?A. Bald EagleB. MockingbirdC. CardinalD. Turkey
    17. 17. That is correct. The NorthernCardinal is the state bird ofKentucky.
    18. 18. That is incorrect. Thestate bird of Kentuckyis the northernCardinal.
    19. 19. Fox SquirrelEastern GreySquirrelKentucky StateWild GameSpecies
    20. 20. AmericanBeaver
    21. 21. WhitetailedDeer
    22. 22. Elk
    23. 23. What type of consumer is a beaver?A. OmnivoreB. HerbivoreC. Carnivore
    24. 24. That is correct. The beaver onlyeats plants and is a herbivore.
    25. 25. That is incorrect. The beaver onlyeats plants not meat.
    26. 26. Black Bear
    27. 27. Bobcat
    28. 28. Red FoxCoyote
    29. 29. SnappingTurtleStinkpot
    30. 30. Redeared Slider
    31. 31. Name a predator?
    32. 32. BlackKingsnake
    33. 33. WesternCottonmouth
    34. 34. CopperheadWestern PygmyRattlesnake
    35. 35. TimberRattlesnake
    36. 36. Name two poisonous snakes found inKentucky?A. Copperhead and Western PygmyRattlesnakeB. Timber and Diamondback RattlesnakeC. Western Cottonmouth and KingsnakeD. Western Cottonmouth and TimberRattlesnake
    37. 37. That is correct. Poisonous snakesfound in Kentucky are1. Western Cottonmouth2. Western Pygmy Rattlesnake3. Copperhead4. Timber Rattlesnake
    38. 38. That is incorrect. Poisonoussnakes found in Kentucky are1. Western Cottonmouth2. Western Pygmy Rattlesnake3. Copperhead4. Timber Rattlesnake
    39. 39. Eastern SkunkSquirt the Skunk livesat the Wolf CreekNational Fish Hatcheryand he invites you tocome visit.