TPCK: teacher's reflection

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  • 1. IT for language education: showcase TPCK Applied in Teaching Practice Dr Paula Hodgson
  • 2. Technical pedagogical content knowledge TPCK: EDUC2010
    • Content knowledge
      • IT for language education
    • Pedagogical knowledge
      • Blended approach (classroom teaching and communicating with web platform)
      • Authentic, experiential (Teaching practice)
    • Technological knowledge
      • Wiki: pbWorks
  • 3. Web-mediated activities Web platform Forum Wiki
  • 4. Teacher’s reflection on adopting TPCK for teaching (1)
    • Self-directed learning about technology for language education
      • WebCT versus Moodle
      • Textual versus oral forum posting
      • Traditional references versus web resources
    • Teaching environment
      • Traditional classroom in LG02 versus technology-enriched classroom (computers for individuals in RM101 and groups in RR321)
  • 5. Teacher’s reflection on adopting TPCK for teaching (2)
    • Teaching process (technology)
      • Mini-lecture with web examples
      • In-class group tasks using technology (searching useful web resources; sharing ideas in forum)
    • Learning process (pedagogy)
      • Collaborative learning in group activities
      • Peer group learning
      • Developing critical thinking when adopting TPCK for language education
  • 6. Teacher’s reflection on adopting TPCK for teaching (3)
    • Teaching CONTENT
      • Reading
      • Speaking
      • Listening
      • Writing
  • 7. Teacher’s reflection on adopting TPCK for teaching (4)
    • Design of assessment (pedagogy)
      • Web-enriched authentic assessment tasks:
        • Readings: Gong
        • Teaching practice: wikis
      • Individual versus small-group, practical-based
    • Student support (in-class and online)
      • Responding to enquiries
      • Providing advice
      • Overseeing forum/wiki activities
  • 8. Teaching practice with TPCK
    • Content knowledge
      • Creative writing
      • Paired reading
      • Interactive speaking
      • Authentic listening
    • Pedagogical knowledge
      • L2 interviews
      • Multimodality-assisted listening
    • Technological knowledge
      • YouTube
      • Slide
  • 9. Showcases
  • 10. Conclusion
    • TPCK for language education can provide an enriched teaching and learning environment.
    • Teacher and students learn not only what technology can do but also how it can reshape the process and outcome of language education.